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Top 15 Freelance Logo Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Designers

Last updated on March 31st, 2023

Every business needs a logo as a visual mark to identify its products or services in a market. Consumers check a product’s genuineness by first seeing its manufacturer company’s logo, which consumers take seriously. This brings us to the usefulness of logo designers to create an identity of a brand.

A logo design is worth its value for a business in many ways. First, and most importantly, it helps businesses to build their brand identity. When the business symbol is repeatedly visible on products or services, advertisements, signages, leaflets, business cards, and in the marketing campaign, people start recognizing the brand. Once they identify a company and its business through a logo, then it can expect robust growth in sales.

Logo – Face Of A Company

Any business logo is also a useful symbol that represents a company. Consumers first have a look at a company’s logo on products before making a buying decision. This is because any logo is an important symbol of a company’s authenticity. One of the reasons why logos are registered as a trademark is that they represent a business and company.

Another reason why your business must have an attractive logo design is that it is your way to target your audience. Every business has a niche market. With a nicely designed logo, a company can make an impression on the target consumers. In addition to that, it also helps a business stand out in a competitive market. So, a business needs to have the best logo design.

But it is equally significant to hire a freelance graphic design services provider. They are the professionals who know the tactics and strategies to create logos as per the branding needs of clients.

Considering that, we thought it fit to arrange a select list of logo designers whom you can confidently hire to work on your logo work. Take a look at these designers and compare their skills and services to find out which one of them is more suitable to give your brand a personality and identity.

Here Are The Logo Designers Who Can Be An Excellent Pick For Your Logo Work

01. Carol Young

Carol Young seems to love playing with colors when creating logos and many other graphic designs. This US-based also carries expertise in creating drawings, doodles, and illustrations. Many clients look for these additional skills to design logos that can stand out.

Carol Young

The designer also has worked for many years as a creative director. With outstanding skills and ability to read a brief perfectly, Carol has so far won 78 design contests.

02. Kevin Benson

Kevin Benson is amongst the logo designers who have extensive experience of working on different projects to create visual identities of brands. The designer from Brazil carries more than 20 years of experience in this field and has won 42 design contests in different design categories, including logos.

Kevin Benson

03. Karthick

Karthick has an enormous 20+ years of experience in working on a wide range of graphic design projects including logos. The designer holds many design skills that you can take advantage of in creating your unique logo. The designer has 73 design contests win registered in his name.


04. Lejon

Lejon is the UAE-based designer who has mastered many design skills. He has worked as a drawing artist, typography, calligraphy, and caricature artist, illustration designer, and character designer, besides being amongst experienced logo designers. The designer has 33 contest wins to his name.


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05. Studio 1 Hub

Studio 1 Hub carries a team of graphic designers who also works to create your own logo designs. The studio has worked for a wide range of industries and clients and has won 29 design contests.

Studio 1 Hub

06. Artonea

Artonea is a highly-skilled professional graphic designer from Indonesia. The designer has been working since 2013 as a freelancer and has rich experience in logo designing, label designing, illustration designing, packaging designing, etc.

So far, the designer has won 157 Design Contests and accomplished 42 jobs with the admiration of clients on the Designhill platform to rank 4th.


07. Strezout7z

Strezout7z is amongst the freelance logo designers you can depend on creating an outstanding logo that reflects your brand personality. The designer’s portfolio has many unique minimalist graphic design concepts. The minimalist style is considered as the best to convey a brand message clearly and directly to the audience. The designer has won 116 contests in different categories, including logo designs for several clients from various industries.


08. Madein

Madein is from Italy, and she has worked with numerous clients to give them unique design solutions as per their brief. With her minimalist style and pleasing concepts, she emerged winner of 46 design contests so far, speaking high about her skills and understanding of clients’ requirements.


09. Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru comes from Romania with extensive experience of working for many brands and provided them unique design solutions, including logos. Elena possesses a whole range of skills expected from a professional graphic designer. She has won 54 design contests in different design categories for a host of clients.

Elena Dumitru

10. Blue Day Graphics

Blue Day Graphics is a Philippines-based prolific graphic designer who has created many unique logos for clients from different industries. A glance at the designer’s portfolio shows the range of skills and styles that are so crucial to design logos that stand out. The designer has so far won a whopping 289 design contests in various categories, including freelance logo design.

Logo Designer

11. Designnext

Designnext is a professional logo & branding designer with 5 years of rich experience. This India-based designer is an illustration expert, which is the skill that many clients want to use in logos for the desired impact on viewers. The creative professional’ portfolio has logos that use illustrations as a dominant element. There are 141 contest wins against the designer’s name to date.

Logo Design Services

12. Art-fj

Art-fj carries many years of experience in working for clients and has won their hearts by offering them pleasing design solutions as per their brand requirements. Working also as a drawing artist and character designer, the logo designer has used these skills to create amazing designs to promote the client’s brands. You can confidently pick this Indonesia based designer to design a logo.

Freelance Logo Designers

13. Logoattack

Logoattack is one of the logo designers who are worthy of being in your team of professional designers to work on your logo and brand identity project. This professional from the Philippines typically likes to center design around a big image, and then the brand name accompanies by the side of it. The big image element draws the viewers’ attention immediately to the brand. With this style, the skillful designer has won 95 design contests and admiration from clients.


14. Aarif Chanchal

Aarif Chanchal is amongst the freelance logo designers you can hire to work on a one-to-one basis specifically to create your brand’s logo. Coming from Bangladesh, Arif has worked with a plethora of clients and has won 77 design contests to this date in different design categories.

Aarif Chanchal

15. Graptive Design

Graptive Design is an India-based graphic designer who has a special interest in designing unique logos. Going by the portfolio, the designer seems to love creating prominent elements of typography and images as a way to draw the viewer’s attention. With this skill, the professional has won 65 contests and won appreciations from many satisfied clients.

Graptive Design

These are 15 of the major freelance logo designers who have made a place for themselves on the Designhill marketplace. They are reliable professionals who have worked to the satisfaction of clients and gave the design solutions they were looking for.

Designhill is not just a marketplace to find out designers to work with on a one-to-one basis, but it is also a place to launch design contests. You can create your logo design contest on the site to get dozens of new concepts from as many designers from various backgrounds.

To Wrap Up

Freelance logo designers are essential to any business when it wishes to build trustworthy brand recognition. A logo is advantageous to a business or company in many ways. These top designers are professionals who know how to create these visuals to draw potential customers’attention. You can rely on their services to get logos as per your specifications.

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