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Top 15 Freelance Logo Designers For Hire In 2019

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Logo Designers

Last updated on August 23rd, 2019

Every business needs a logo as a visual mark to identify its products or services in a market. Consumers check a product’s genuineness by first seeing it’s manufacturer company’s logo, which consumers take seriously. This brings us to the usefulness of logo designers to give a brand identity.

A logo is worth its value for a business in many ways. First, and most importantly, it helps businesses to build their brand identity. When the business symbol is repeatedly visible on products or services, advertisements, signages, leaflets, business cards, and in the marketing campaign, people start recognizing the brand. Then, a brand can expect more sales and steady growth.

A logo is also a useful symbol to represent a company. Consumers first look at a logo on products before making a buying decision. This is because this is an important symbol of a company’s authentic products. One of the reasons why logos are registered as a trademark is that they represent a business and company.

Another reason why your business must have an attractive logo design is that it is your tool to target audience. Every business has its niche market. With a nicely-created logo, a company can make an impression on the target consumers. In addition to that, it also helps a business stand out in a competitive market.

Now that we know how important it is for businesses to have the best logos, it is equally significant to hire a freelance graphic design services provider. They are the professionals who know the tactics and strategies to create logos especially as per the branding needs of clients.

Considering that, we thought it fit to arrange a select list of logo designers whom you can confidently hire to work on your logo project. Take a look at these designers.

Here Are The Top 15 Freelance Logo Designers For Hire In 2019

01. Avitn

Avitn is a prolific logo designer from Indonesia. She has so far won 27 design contest which speaks volumes about her ability to read a design brief well and create something unique for clients.


02. Yahya.fsun

Yahya.fsun is amongst the freelance logo designers, who has won 15 contests with a majority of them in logo and branding categories. The designer possesses more than seven years of experience in this field.


03. Black Spider

Black Spider is a team of professional creative graphic designers, who design high-quality design concepts. This team has won 15 design contest because of its hard work and understanding of clients’ design requirements. You can design a logo as per your specification with this team.

Black Spider

04. Graphic Dragonn

Graphic Dragonn is one of the best choices when hiring logo designers for your branding project. The designer has already won 8 design contests, which are evidence of his skills and understanding of clients’ requirements.

Graphic Dragonn

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05. Jidat

Jidat is an Indonesian logo designer who has created some impressive logos for different clients and has won contests as well. You can depend on the designer’s ability to read and understand the soul of a design brief and create a logo and brand recognition.


06. Adi Winarmo

Adi Wnarmo is interested in creating designs in multiple categories. But he is basically a logo designer who has won an impressive number of 29 design contests so far. You can confidently hire this professional for your one-to-one project to create visuals like a logo.

Adi Wnarmo

07. Borobudar Art

Borobudar Art is one of the freelance logo designers you can trust to create your unique logo to enhance your brand presence. With 10 contest wins to this date, the designer is your perfect pick to work on your logo project.

Borobudar Art

08. Creative Thinker ™

Creative Thinker ™ is your dependable for the skills set and experience. The designer has won 33 design contests, which reflects the professional’s ability to satisfy clients by offering them the design solutions they look for.

Creative Thinker ™

09. Greenappledesign

If you want to create a minimalistic brand logo, then Greenappledesign is your right choice. This designer has already won 6 contests which shows the skills and professional approach involved in creating different types of design solutions.


10. Bhumit Bhatt

Bhumit Bhatt is a creative logo designer whose work has been appreciated by various clients. The designer has won 4 contests but has shown promise through his unique logos and other designs.

Bhumit Bhatt

11. B Design

B Design is another reliable professional logo designer who can create a distinctive identity of your brand through a unique logo. The designer’s style is a mix of bold and smaller elements to draw attention.

B Design

12. Murufashan 622

Murufashan 622 is a logo designer with a lot of experience in the field. The designer has won 8 contests. You can rely on him for uniquely designing your company logo.

Murufashan 622

13. Silangpeng

Silangpeng is one of the best creative professionals when you wish to hire a freelance graphic designer. You can depend on this designer to work on your logo project. With 3 design contest wins, the designer has shown promise in creating the right design solutions for clients.


14. Raihan

Raihan is another promising designer who can work on your freelance logo design project efficiently. The designer is well versed in all the software to create logos and other designs. You can depend on him for great graphic design jobs to create your visual identities.


15. Ananyo Saurav Biswas

Ananyo Saurav Biswas is an architect who loves to create logos. So far, the designer has 3 contest wins to his name and has shown a wide range of skills.

Ananyo Saurav Biswas

These are 15 of the major freelance logo designers who have made a place for themselves on Designhill marketplace. They are reliable professionals who have worked to the satisfaction of clients and gave the design solutions they were looking for.

Designhill is not just a marketplace to find out designers to work with on a one-to-one basis, but it is also a place to launch design contests. You can create your logo design contest on the site to get dozens of new concepts from as many designers from various backgrounds.

To Wrap Up

Freelance logo designers are important to any business when it wishes to build trustworthy brand recognition. A logo is advantageous to a business or company in many ways. These top designers are professionals who know how to create these visuals to draw potential customers’ attention. You can rely on their services to get logos as per your specifications.

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