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Top 10 Education Logo Trends In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Education Logo

Last updated on December 13th, 2022

There are many educational institutions in a city. They have to compete hard to get the attention of students to have their names enrolled with the institutions. Here, marketing tactics come to the fore. Education logo design, therefore, becomes a marketing tool for these schools, colleges, universities and others such institutions and businesses. But the logo must be a unique and trendy design to convey its message effectively.

A logo is the face of an organization. People see a logo in order to find out if a service or product is genuine or not. This is the reason that a logo is also a trademark of companies. They have copyrights over their logos. This shows the importance of logo for businesses. But that is not the only solid reason to have a logo for your educational institution.

Another quality of a logo is that it can help deliver a brand message of an institution or organization to the audience. So, if you want to convey that your business is conducted in a professional way or it cares about its customers, your logo can send these signals to people.

Logo design trends come and go every year. Some of the old trends are able to prove their usefulness and continue to be a favorite of the designers. Others fade away for the time being. But some of the elements of old trends that have vanished away remains still in use.

So, a design trend is all about the new things graphic designers are doing currently. The logos created from the new trends using a free logo maker are generally fresh, clean, and relevant.

Here Are Top 10 Education Logo Trends In 2023

01. Responsive Logo Designs

In the modern era, mobiles have changed our habits when it comes to searching for information and shopping. Most of the people use smartphones to search the web for information. They use mobile phones also for shopping. Social media is also has brought a lot of changes in our ways of interacting with the world. This has compelled the graphic design services designers to create responsive logo designs including education logos.

Responsive Logo Designs

An education logo design appearing on a mobile app or social media must respond to the small screen of smartphones. So, far logos were created only for traditional platforms such as promotional items, stationery, websites, newspaper ads, etc.

Now, there is a need for logos that look impressive on every platform. This means that a logo should be capable of moving from one platform to another such as from smartphones to social media to browser icons and so on. Such education logos are easily adaptable to multiple platforms.

02. Minimalistic Designs

Minimalistic design trend is one of the most sought-after trends for its usefulness in creating simple graphic designs including logos. Your education logo design should consider minimalist design principles. Under this trend, the designers convey a brand message just by using only a few lines, one or two colors and fonts or simply using a symbol.

graphic designs

Most of the logo designers are expected to continue with minimalistic design trend. Your education logo should be created with the minimum amount of design elements to convey your brand message.

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03. Bright Colors

Another trend in 2023 will be the use of bright colors. This is because bright colors are the surefire ways to catch viewers’ eye quickly. So, a simple logo design having eye-catching colors is being considered to be a way to create education logos to convey a message. So, consult your logo designer and see if bright colors can be used.

logo design

04. Grid-Based Logos

More and more graphic designers will be using grids as a base to create education logo design. Grids have always been the basis for designing different graphic design products such as logos and even website design.

Website Design

Grids are highly useful for having a good control over the design you are creating. In fact, the grid has always been in the trend but sometimes it fades away. Then, it comes back due to its usefulness for designing logos that have elements in the right proportion.


05. Handwritten Letters

We can expect the use of handwritten letters in some education logo design. Especially, the letters will find a place in the logos for most of the primary level schools. These letters send out a friendly brand message to the audience. The designers may also use handwritten fonts even for college logos.

Handwritten Letters

06. Unique Layouts

The logo designers will pay attention to symmetrical designs. So, they will create education logo designs with the help of unique layouts of their own. These layouts will be useful in creating asymmetric designs that can use neutral space creatively.


07. Typography Combined With Monograms

Another trend that we can see is the return of the classics. We have already seen some logos that have creative use of typefaces that are combined with monograms. The popularity of monogram and single letter logos is going to increase in the existing year.

So, if you run a coaching business, you can think of creating a coach logo that looks like a monogram and has the brand name in a unique typeface. Such a logo will evoke trust for your business among your target students.

However, the designers will have to work harder to create a logo that combines monogram and typography. But what is a monogram? A monogram has at least two alphabetic letters that are designed in such a way that they look like interlaced or combined.

graphic designer

They give the impression of being the company’s or any individual’s initials. Educational institutions may opt for having one such logo that has initials of the institution. Later on, the target audience will see the initials as an identity of your education business brand.

08. Geometric Shapes

It would not be a surprise if you come across some education logo designs that are in different geometric shapes. There is already an emphasis on minimal geometry, which is created with minimal geometric elements.

There are many advantages of geometrical shapes. Your logo can make an instant impact on viewers. The logo becomes more versatile. The company name or any other slogan in the logo is easily readable. Geometrical logos are favored for their timelessness, elegant lines, and clean design.

education logos

But make sure that such a logo is distinct so that it can help visually identify your specific education brand. So, be prepared to see education logos in shapes like circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, and even in octagons.

09. Social Media Optimized Logo Design

Social media platforms are increasingly being used by educational entrepreneurs. They post content regularly on their social media page of Facebook, Twitter, and others. The designers are therefore creating logos that can be optimized for social media. What it means that your logo should fit well in a square field of social media. So, your logo should be visually balanced so that it can fit well into a square.

social media

When creating a social media-optimized logo, it would be better to avoid long vertical or horizontal designs. Instead, pick a logo that has a good balance between its vertical and horizontal axis. Such logos will look nice on a square and circular profile fields of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

10. Negative Space

Negative space is a design element to create unique logos. The designers use empty space in a graphic design such as a logo to create some figure in it that contains some brand message. To create such unique and memorable education logos, the use of negative space may increase. We can see more text logos that have enough spaces having hidden images inside.

Negative Space

These are the important education logo design trends that will continue to rule. But that does not mean that you should stop to seek other ways to be creative. These trends only remind you of what your fellow logo designers’ favorite design tactics are currently. You can still adopt a different creative route.

If your institution is looking for an innovative and creative education logo design, you can crowdsource the work to Designhill. This is a prominent crowdsourcing platform where hundreds of small to medium business come to get a wide range of graphic design works done to their satisfaction.

All you need to do is to launch your logo design contest at the site. In response to the contest, you will receive many unique designs. You can pick one of the logos as a winning design for your educational institution. The logo cost is entirely affordable for your small budget.

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New education logo design trends are emerging up and many continue their march from the previous years. These trends include the use of bright colors, geometric shapes, handwritten letters, unique layouts, and minimalistic designs. The designers will use these elements to come out with innovative logos.

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