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Attractive Logo Design For Kate Flowers & Petals Shop

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read

Kate's Flowers & Petals Logo

Last updated on September 6th, 2017

Kate’s Flowers & Petals received an engaging logo design for their flowers and petal shop through Designhill crowdsourcing platform. As the name of the firm signifies, they are into flower selling business and their retail shops are in Houston, Texas and United States.
They specialize in organizing fresh flower and special flower decorations for weddings and parties. They wanted their logo design to bearsymbol of fresh flowers and leaves in vibrant and refreshing colors with notion of love and affection. Since, they deal with exotic flowers like orchids and bougainvillea; they wanted the logo designer to create a logo that had some symbolic representation for these flowers.

For acquiring a creative logo design they launched a contest on Designhill. After the contest launch, within a span of only few days, the client received numerous responses from logo designers with designs flooding in from nearly every place. With more than 91 design entries, Kate’s Flowers & Petals had ample choice to decide on a logo that best described their business type. However, they liked the logo design by H90 designer and declared him the winner of their contest. The designer received a cash prize of $599 upon winning the contest.

Kate's Flowers & Petals LogoWinning logo bears the image of a flower and a petal in green and light mauve color that typically gives an impression about the client’s florist business. By simply looking at the logo, viewers can make out that Kate’s are into the flowers and petals supplying and decoration business.

The logo conveys a clear message that clients now-a-days prefer an ingenuous yet simple design that spells out their business in the true sense. In fact, the client’s logo was as per their design specifications provided as part of the design contest. They had specified that they deal in flowers like orchids and bougainvillea flower so it was implicit for the logo designer to make it an essential element of the design part.

Therefore, the logo is a perfect blend of orchid and bougainvillea flower in terms of color and design and this is what was liked by the client as they had not specified any specific color scheme or combination, rather wanted love and affection to gush through the design of their logo. The name of the company ‘Kate’s Flowers & Petals’ that finds its place at the bottom of the logo too bears a flowery effect. The black outline around the flower and petal defines it very elegantly.All in all, the logo has the elements required to communicate the business type and nature of the client.

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The contest received an overwhelming response from around 22 designers who had sent in 91 different entries. The client was constantly providing feedback on the design submitted by the designers and thus was able to acquire a good logo design.

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