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5 Stupid Simple Online Businesses You Can Start Right Away

5 Stupid Simple Online Businesses You Can Start Right Away

There are umpteen perks of launching your own business – you own your hours, work at your own pace and own your success. But the sad reality a large number of job goers are really hesitant when it comes to leaving their jobs to start their own businesses. Why? This is because most people believe … Continue reading

Get the Most from Your Design Contest

Looking To Get the Most from Your Design Contest? Remember These Tips

If you are thinking of designing a custom logo design or website for your company, then one of the best options you should explore is to crowdsource the work. You will not only own the design at low costs but also a competitive design that is worthy of representing your company.However, you must adhere to … Continue reading

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5 Power Tips to Secure Your Business’ Linkedin Account This 2016

LinkedIn is one of the most ideal social platforms for professionals from all industries. They all put efforts on this channel to promote their business interests. But, like any other online platform, LinkedIn has its share of security concerns. Since you share crucial personal and business information with others on the channel, first make it … Continue reading

Construction logos

20 Construction Logos With Hidden Meanings

Construction and tools business is booming across the world. At the same time, competition too is becoming intense with entry of each new player in the market. This prompts business owners to create an identity in the field so that clients recognize the company and offer them new contracts. All marketing strategies in the field … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Jewellery Logo Designs

Top 10 Best Jewellery Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Since times immemorial, jewellery has long been an important part of human life. In almost all parts of the world, no auspicious occasion is considered complete without beautiful jewelries. It has become synonymous with prestige and honour. It is considered as a valuable sign of affection and upward mobility. Therefore, jewelers put maximum efforts to … Continue reading


[Infographic] Small Business Branding Trends 2015

In the world of small business where every mistake counts and every penny pinches, branding remains crucial. As we’ve come half way in the year 2015, it’s important to understand what trends have been ruling the roost in the world of small business branding. Reports reveal that around 28,443,856 small businesses brands are trying to … Continue reading

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Google’s New Logo Has Just Gone Viral! Why You Love to Hate It?

Rebranding is essentially the process of changing a significant element of a brand to give it a new look and feel. In the recent times, many top brands including Starbucks, Apple and Facebook rebranded themselves in order to inspires customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light. Google is the newest … Continue reading

Easy Hacks to Help Startups Increase Email Open Rates and Acquire New Leads

Easy Hacks to Help Startups Increase Email Open Rates and Acquire New Leads

Running a startup is a true labor of love. Sustaining a business is no easy task in today’s fragile economy, which is why startups need to make moves with the highest return on investment. Email marketing has proven to be an incredibly efficient method of maintaining customer loyalty while promoting both your standard and promotional … Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Social Media

7 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make In Social Media

Your small company’s efforts to establish itself in the ever so competitive market will go down the drain if its presence on the social media turf is unimpressive. After all, a vast majority of your potential customers is on social sites and you would definitely like to take your business to them. But, unfortunately, small … Continue reading

top 10 LinkedIn groups that every small business must follow

Top 10 Linkedin Groups for Small Businesses to Follow

LinkedIn is a key networking tool for small businesses. In fact, there are around 396 million active users subscribed to the platform and an average user devotes around 17 minutes every month on the LinkedIn. No wonder, nowadays, most small businesses are seen in a lookout for effective LinkedIn groups to connect with small business professionals, … Continue reading

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