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Basics For Your Impressive Photography Logo Design

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Last updated on May 15th, 2017

Just as other markets, the photography market too has thousands of competitive photographers who need to offer their services in unique way to beat their competition and get work from clients. So if you are a photographer who wishes to do well and make a name, then, besides quality work, you need to adopt a sound marketing strategy as well.

An impressive and effective logo for your photography business could be one of the best strategies for you. A well-designed logo will give your business a professional look. The clients seek services of photographers who carry experience and expertise. They get such an impression by first taking a look at your photography business logo. If the logo is cleverly designed with a message, the clients are most likely to give you work. So, create an effective logo to stand ahead of your competitors in the photography market.


Here are some basic tips for designing your photography logo.

Create A Unique Logo

Your logo design for photography business should be unique piece of work. A unique logo gives identity to your business. People can recognize your business just as they see your logo. Make sure that your logo does not look like your competitors’ logo design as the imitation will leave a bad impression on your prospective clients. So, right from the design elements of typeface, colors and icons or images to overall design, your logo must stand out in the market.

These are good example of unique logos for photography business. Each logo expresses its specialization and message in its own way.

unique photography logo for business

Source: webneel.com

Avoid Abstraction, Use Your Company Name

While some abstract logos look great but avoid such logos for your photography business and instead use your company name. The abstract logo design such as Nike’s swoosh is successful but in photography you should aim to send a clear message with a clear meaning. So, avoid logo that becomes difficult to interpret signals. Instead opt for a simple solution. You should simply go for incorporating your photography company’s name in your logo.

Design your logo with your company name, a bit of text and images. By incorporating your company name, you let the viewers and clients know who you are. This means that the logo becomes a tool to advertise your company name. Secondly, add some icon or picture to the logo for a visual appeal. The image will also help in making the logo memorable for the viewers. So, a combined impact of your company name and an image will make your logo impressive to look at.

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The logo below is an example of a simple design with photography company name and an image. Renowned logo designer, Crisp Sharp in dripple.com says, “Client wanted a combination of rustic/classic, rugged western but not too masculine. The bird is a Scissortail, which is native to the area.’’

Cut The Clutter

A simple and uncomplicated logo is sure to string positive chords with your clients. Ask your designer to keep logo design simple with the use of fewer elements of colors and fonts etc. Choose only one or two colors and they should not be overlapping each other. Similarly, restrict your font use to one or two typefaces. Make sure that the fonts are legible. This is important. A legible font will ensure that viewers can read text on your logo from a good distance. Also, do not unnecessary use shadows as they may end up making your logo look cheap. So, eliminate all the undesirable elements until you have a simple and straightforward design for your logo.

We can cite the following logo as an example of the clutter. Though the design looks simple, but can you describe the image instantly and clearly? The image may be of the earth, but what exactly the earth looks like in this image is not clear and the message is not known to the viewers. So, avoid including such mysteries in your photography logo design.

Badwolf Photography

Source: randytapia.com

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