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Simplicity, A Huge Contributing Factor To Logo Design

Henna Ray by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design - 1 min read

Last updated on August 9th, 2017

Logo is primarily meant for the people who are the customers of the products or services that a company is selling. Since people or targeted audience do not have time to have a closure and analytical look at a logo design, it is wise move to keep the design simple. A simple logo is memorable and people can instantly recall the business it represent. Quick recalling of business is important if it has to survive the tough competitive environment in the market.

It is simplicity that keeps clutter and complexity away from logo design. A design aware of the importance of simple design will surely remove complex design elements. Moreover, simplicity itself is an attraction. Simple design makes brand symbol effective and communicating.

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Simplicity also is helpful in creating a hidden business message in a logo design. Wise designers and business carefully use negative spaces to explain hidden depth, which once found by the viewers remains with them due to aesthetic value of the design. FedEx logo uses negative space to create an arrow that symbolizes progress and forward looking approach of the company.


But simplicity of a logo design should not mean that it is boring and dull. Instead, a simple design should essentially be interesting because that is the aim behind cutting all those complex elements from the design.

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Do not forget that a simple design is self-explanatory and it directly communicates with the audience without any explanation from someone.

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