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10 Best Attorney And Law Firm Logo Designs

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Law firm logo design

Last updated on September 4th, 2017

A vast majority of attorney & legal firms in the USA feature poorly-conceived logos that are usually entirely text-based and created using common fonts. Resultantly, people may associate such poorly quality logo with the brand itself, thus doing further damage to the attorney & law company.

Your company’s logo is not just a gaudy Photoshop mock-up to fancify your business stationeries or your website. It is the symbolization of your attorney and law firm’s philosophy, expertise and attitude towards clients and customers. Remember, many surveys have revealed that most people make decisions on the basis of visual cues. Quite expectedly, many believe that professional logo designs are integral part of the overall brand building for a law firm.

Here’s a list of top 10 best attorney and law firm logo designs.

1. Harvest Legacy Center

Harvest Legacy Center Logo Designs

Harvest Legacy Center

The logo for Harvest Legacy Center is a great example of simple color and great font use, with a graphic that is memorable. The logo stand outs with the name of the company featured in bold, clean and simple typeface.

2. Frankwel Law Firm

Frankel Law Firm Logo

Frankel Law Firm

The logo of Frankwel Law Firm is yet another classic example of a professional law firm logo designs that never fails to leave a lasting impression on the mind of onlookers due to the contemporary font and brilliant use of negative spacing technique. In fact, the off-the-rack look and feel of the logo makes it stand out from the crowd of the typical boring law firm logos.

3. Fashion Law Institute

Fashion Law Institute

Fashion Law Institute

Yet another memorable attorney and legal  firm logo design, Fashion Law Institute’s unique logo conveys the business message of the company quite well. The symbol of a hammer and classic yet simple font makes it easy to understand why this logo is so memorable and easily recalled by most fans, patrons and admirers of the institute.

4. Dean Law Firm

Dean Law Firm Logo

Dean Law Firm

It is difficult not to talk about Dean Law Firm’s logo when talking about top 10 attorney and law firm logo designs. This logo is a great example of a professionally-designed text only logo. The subtle color and brilliant spacing between the letters makes this logo classic and unique.

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5. Law Offices of Richard U. Cooper



Law Offices of Miami’s popular Criminal Defense Lawyer, Richard U. Copper uses a brilliant logo design to convey its message to the target audience. The symbol of the bridge pops eye-soothing colors and the simple and unique font adds extra ounce of glitters to this amazing logo design.

6. Hacker Law Firm

Hacker Law Firm Logo

Hacker Law Firm

Based in San Antonio, Texas, The Hacker Law Firm is yet another law firm that impresses with its clean and professional logo designs. The company’s logo inspires with its subtle color scheme and brilliantly integrated symbol of justice. Done in blue color and set against the backdrop of white, the logo is memorable and eye-catching in equal measures.

7. Stein & Ward LLP

Stein @ Ward

Stein @ Ward

Specialists in labor certification matters, Stein & Ward LLP is not only popular for its exceptional services but also for its brilliant logo. This logo is well done in its choice of font, amazing graphic, and simple but professional use of subtle color scheme.

8. The Jacob Law Firm

Jacob Law Firm Logo

Jacob Law Firm

Operating out of Austin, Texas, Jacob Law Firm not only boasts of a staggering clientele and personalized client-centered legal assistance but also a brilliant logo. This logo ranks alongside top 10 attorney and law firm logos as it stays within the safe confines of looking like a law firm, but at the same time uses a contemporary font, brilliant graphic and vibrant colors.

9. Deborah Chen

Deborah Chen

Deborah Chen

Popular attorney, Deborah Chen is known for her expertise in US immigration laws, civil rights, and Underutilized Business (HUB) State programs. Her brand logotype is also well done in serif font typeface with “Statue of Liberty” icon brilliantly snuggled within. The capitalized fonts convey the message of professionalism and punctuality, while the “Statue of Liberty” icon instills firm’s mission of prevailing justice.

10. LGBT Law Center

LGBT Law Center

LGBT Law Center

The LGBT Law Center at Las Vegas, Nevada deserves a special mention in the list of top 10 logos for attorney and law firms in the USA. This logo features ‘LGBT Law Center’ in fancy typeface in order to reinforce that the firm aims to transcend and nurture justice across time, societies, and sex orientation. The brilliant use of polygons filled-in with different colors aligned into the logotype challenges the typical boring law firm logos.


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