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Best 25 Couple T-Shirt Ideas

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Couple T Shirt

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Couple t shirts are gaining a lot of popularity these days. It shows unity and love between the couples. These types of t-shirts are widely used for photo shoots, couple parties, vacations, etc. If you are a couple and are looking for great t-shirt ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Matching couples’ funny t shirts are a great way to show how much you guys love each other. It has become a new fashion trend for those who are married or are in a committed relationship.

In Asian countries like South Korea, China, Japan, wearing couple shirts is a way of announcing relationship status just like people make things ‘official’ on Facebook. These t-shirts can be printed with some funny slogans or graphics or anything that can relate them as a couple.

T-shirts are one of the trends that have continued to rule the fashion industry for years. Every year brands come up with unique designs to make people look stylish. Whether you are a married couple or girlfriend and boyfriend and need a design that can show much deeply you are in love, we have rounded up 25 best couple t-shirt ideas for you. Apart from showing how much you guys love each other, we hope that these t-shirt ideas will set you apart from other couples as well.

Check Out The Best 25 Couple T-Shirt Ideas

01. Boss Couple T Shirts

In every relationship, everyone knows who is the actual boss. But it is one of the things that cannot be said loudly. And that is why these funny couple shirts is a must-have in your wardrobe. These t shirts can actually be a great conversation starter.

Boss Couple T-Shirt

Make Your Couple T-shirt Design

02. He’s Mine And She’s Mine Couple T Shirts

Have you really found your Mickey Minnie’s? What’s the better way to let the world knows that than with these whimsical couple tshirts? If you want to have some other design in place of pointing fingers, then you can create custom t shirts using our t shirt maker tool. The easy-to-use tool has thousands of designs to choose from.

Mine Couple T Shirts

03. Pizza Slice Couple T Shirts

These funny couple shirts are a great way to melt down all the tensions in your relationship. You can also wear these shirts when you are going to a friend’s place for a pizza party. Or if your loved one is fond of pizza, you can also gift them. The t-shirt will surely put a smile on their faces.

Pizza Slice Couple T Shirt

Looking For a Couple T-Shirt Design?

It’s very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
Create Your Own Couple T-Shirt DesignHire a Designer

04. King And Queen Couple T Shirts

It is another one of the famous and best couple t shirt ideas. Whether you guys are planning for a photo shoot, first trip or it’s your first anniversary, these couple t shirts are perfect for every occasion.

King And Queen Couple T Shirt

05. Lost And Return Couple T Shirts

If you are looking for a sweet and romantic gift for your loved one, then this can be the perfect gift for you. These couple shirts are great to show your better half that whenever you get lost, you will always liked to return to your beloved one. These t-shirts are also best to spread good cheer to everyone around you or wherever you go.

Lost And Return Couple T Shirt

06. His And Her Couple T Shirts

His and her shirts are another great t-shirt ideas to show love and respect for each other. The design is simple and cute. You can create endless possibilities with this tshirt design such as ‘His Beauty, Her Beast’, ‘His Bonnie, Her Clyde’, ‘His Jessie, Her Woody’, etc.

His And Her Couple T Shirt

07. Bow And Arrow Couple T-Shirts

Soulmates can never be separated because their love holds them together. These couple tshirts make a perfect gift for your special one, especially during Valentine’s week. Even if you guys do not plan to wear these couple t-shirts together, you can wear it solely as well. The t-shirt will surely make you look stylish.

Bow And Arrow Couple T Shirt


Though you can create these t shirts in any color, but the design will look best in white t-shirt.

08. New Management Couple T Shirts

Happiness is a newly wedded couple who are intensely in love and are willing to get on a new life journey. These t-shirt ideas are for those couples who want to celebrate their relationship and love in style. You can customize these t shirts by putting the name of your spouse. Or if you are planning to give them as a gift, then customize it by putting a small picture of the couples under their funny quotes.

New Management Couple T Shirt


Get these funny quotes printed on black and white t-shirts. This evergreen contrast will not only look best but will catch the attention of people around you.

09. GF/BF, Fiancé, Wife/Husband Couple T Shirts

Celebrate the beautiful journey of your relationship with these couple t shirts. These t-shirts are perfect for a honeymoon. You can also gift these adorable shirts to a newly married couple. These t-shirts will not only make you stand out in the crowd but also communicates how deeply you guys are in love with.

Wife/Husband Couple T Shirt

10. Catwoman And Batman Couple T Shirts

There are very few couples who have the same likings. That’s is why it is said ‘Opposite attracts.’ But if you are a couple who are a big fan of superheroes, then these couple shirts are perfect for you. The t-shirt idea is great for a pre-wedding shoot. You can also wear it on a casual day just for fun.

Catwoman And Batman Couple T Shirt

11. Together Since Couple T Shirts

Get open about your relationship for how long you have been together with your partner with these couple tshirts. These t-shirts also make a great gift for an anniversary or honeymoon vacation. Want to get these t-shirts with a personalized year? Design your own t-shirt with Designhill.

Together Since Couple T Shirt

12. Sorry He/She Is Taken Couple T Shirts

If you are little possessive about your girlfriend/boyfriend and doesn’t want anyone to flirt with them, then gift these funny couple shirts to them. You can wear them whenever you guys are going out for parties.

Taken Couple T Shirt

13. Better Half Avocado Couple T Shirts

It is another one of the great t-shirt ideas to show your love and spread good cheer. By looking at this couple t-shirt, people around you cannot stop themselves laughing. Moreover, these his and her shirts express your harmonious relationship better than words. So go and get them created now!

Half Avacado Couple T Shirt

14. Plug And Play Couple T Shirts

It is said that music helps people in creating friendships, deepens love and makes them fall in love. Express your love for your loved one with a pair of this matching couple tshirt. These t-shirts will show how playful your relationship is and how beautifully you guys complement each other.

Plug And Play Couple T Shirt

15. Mr And Mrs. Couple T Shirts

You must have seen this design trend in home decor items or personal stationery. The trend has been ruling in the clothing industry as well. You can either get these t shirts created for yourself or for another favorite couple. Although a Moustache and Red Lips are the common design with this t-shirt type, you can create these t-shirts with endless possible designs. How? Hire a freelance graphic designer and get it created according to your style.

Mr And Mrs. Couple T Shirt

16. Connected To Him/ Her Couple T Shirts

The strongest connection in the world is love. No bond can beat this unambiguous love. These couple shirts are perfect to convey each other that no matter where we are, we will always be connected.

Him/ Her Couple T Shirt

17. Peanut Butter And Jelly Couple T Shirts

Just like peanut butter and jelly are a perfect combination, and both cannot be separated once they stick together, announce to the world that you guys are also made for each other. Let the world know that you have given your hearts to each other, and you can never have that back. These funny couple shirts are perfect for a honeymoon, birthdays or any other casual occasion.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Couple T Shirt

18. Missing Puzzle Piece Couple T Shirts

Once you discover the missing piece to the puzzle of your life, things are never be the same. These ‘incomplete without you’ his and her shirts beautifully illustrates how special your bond is. Gift these couple tshirts to your loved one and show them what special place you guy’s holds in each other’s life.

Missing Puzzle Piece Couple T Shirt

19. Soul Mate Couple T Shirts

Is he the one for you? Is she the one you were looking for all your life? Express your love by gifting these couple tshirts to that special one. If you really liked this one of the t-shirt ideas but don’t know where to get this t shirt printing done. Don’t worry. Use our t-shirt maker tool and get your t-shirt design within minutes. You can either choose the design either from in-built design library or even upload your own designs as well.

Soul Mate Couple T Shirt

20. I’m Stuck With Him/ Her Forever Couple T Shirts

If you are someone who is happily bonded with someone forever and want to say this to the world, then this can be one of the perfect couple t-shirt ideas for you. You can wear these t-shirts for pre-wedding shoots. Or if you are planning to go out on your first official date, these t-shirts are perfect not only to grab the attention but also spread cheer around you.

Him/ Her Forever Couple T Shirt

21. Locked Hear, Found Key Couple T Shirts

If you had locked your heart for a long time and someone has found the key to it, then celebrate your love by matching these t-shirts with that special person. These couple t shirts make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Though you can create these t-shirts in any color, the combination of red (t-shirt) and yellow color (images) will look best with this design.

Locked Hear, Found Key Couple T Shirt

22. Pregnancy Announcement Couple T Shirts

Are you expecting your little bundle of joy? Express your happiness with these super cute pregnancy announcement couple tshirts. Although there are a lot of other ways to announce the pregnancy, announcing it with couple shirts is a funny, creative and unique way to share the good news.

Pregnancy Announcement Couple T Shirt

You can definitely customize these t shirts with your own graphics and sayings. All you need to do is just take the graphic design services from the most trustable platform like Designhill.

23. One-Love Couple T Shirts

If you think that he/she is the one and the last love of the lifetime, then there is no better way to express it than in Bob Marley’s words. These t-shirts will look great in almost all the colors. You can pair these simple yet attractive t-shirts with almost anything. Get it designed now!

One Love Couple T Shirt

24. Her Prince Charming His Cinderella Couple T Shirts

The story of Prince Charming and Cinderella has been passed on from generation to generation since ages. Although this prince may be just a mythical character, even today, he is the man of every girl’s dream. If you have found your prince charming, get these cool couple tshirts for yourselves and let the world knows who your real prince charming is.

Cinderella Couple T Shirt

25. Partners In Crime Couple T Shirts

Good friends don’t let to do stupid things alone. If you think that criminal partnership describes your relationship better than any other thing, then these are the perfect couple shirts for you. You can customize the figure with Mickey hands or thousands of other available options. If you want to create that perfect couple t-shirt, then Designhill should be the single stop for you. Here you will get to meet professional graphic designers from all around the world.

Crime Couple T Shirt

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Wrapping Up…

These cute and funny couple shirts offer a distinctive way to celebrate true love. They are not only stylish but can also bring a smile to your partner’s face. They also make a great gift as they have a perfect meaning. Take advantage of their full potential by getting them either for yourself or for the couples you love. Don’t forget to tell us which one you liked the most in the comment section below.

Create Your Own Couple T-Shirt

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