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Revamp Your Style This Easter: Craft Your Perfect Outfit

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Custom Easter Outfits

Last updated on April 6th, 2023

Easter is an important religious holiday for Christians that is observed annually to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although the day holds deep spiritual meaning, it is celebrated with joy and merriment. Traditionally, people dress up in attractive outfits that capture the spirit of the occasion. Some revamp their style by incorporating Easter-themed custom t-shirts into their wardrobes.

Easter means different things to different individuals. It’s a significant religious event for Christians, representing hope, rebirth, and fresh beginnings. Others look forward to spending time with family and friends or finding and eating as many chocolate eggs as possible!

Easter is here to help us enjoy lighter moments, family love, going outside in the gentle spring air, and falling head over heels for the riot of brightness that comes from the fragile buds that are starting to bloom.

For brands, it’s a chance to interact with customers, advertise special deals and incentives, and provide limited-edition Easter items.

This is also the day when most people relook at their wardrobe and refresh it with a few more stylish clothes. The winter season is behind, and spring has approached. So, all those woolen clothes are now out of sight, and light clothes are the norm of the day. That is why people look for colorful, bright, and lively custom apparel that expresses the joy of Easter.

Note that Easter is also a big day for people to spend primarily shopping for clothes and other items. Some surveys have revealed that Americans spend $ 179.70 per person on shopping on Easter, which was $118 in 2010. The overall spending is around $20.8 billion.

Easter Outfits

Easter outfits symbolize the transition from winter to a new season of optimism and prosperity. A winter wardrobe might contain thick knitwear, dense patterns, and covered skin.

Whether you attend an Easter church service or have a festive brunch with your boys and girls, here are all the ways to include spring-like motifs and lovely things that make an Easter outfit so memorable.

T-shirts are the most popular clothes as casual wear you can carry at home and outside. The arrival of spring is also associated with the fun character of an Easter egg hunt. It is an age-old custom dating back to the 15th century that you should wear new outfits for Easter. This is a traditional way to welcome the sweetness of a new season and to bring a stroke of good luck into your life.

Easter is a fantastic time to have fun with your Easter Sunday clothes designs because it is popular with children and adults, allowing you to explore various ideas.

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How to give your Easter craft a style?

Easter has limitless artistic possibilities – beautiful bunnies, colorful flowers, lush foliage, and egg hunts. Whatever sector you like, modern design possibilities are many. Depending on your objectives, Easter shirts may offer both smiles and profit.

We’ll look at some of the most incredible Easter design ideas, a few shirts ideal for printing, and how anyone can quickly produce custom shirts and dress in style for the occasion.

Use Humor

This wonderful day is a celebration day when everyone looks forward to having happy moments. So, people are in a lighter mood and want to make the day memorable. That is crucial to remember while creating your craft to mark the occasion.

It would be good if you could create something filled with humor. Though subjective, humor always clicks with people, and you can win their hearts with such an art.

Therefore, ensure that your Easter artwork is light-hearted and that people can enjoy looking at it. One such art piece should be playful and relatable as well. So, pick humor from day-to-day life. Use popular idioms and simple words that viewers can understand instantly at a glance while you make your own sweatshirt, t-shirts, and other outfits.

You should also make sure that people can relate to what you make. Avoid giving surprises that will ruin their moments. Instead, pick humor from their daily lives so they can relate to it.

What are the design elements for Easter?

When designing items for the Easter celebrations, ensure you incorporate some traditional elements associated with the festivities. You can then use your creativity to twist the pieces to give a design or artwork a unique look.

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is the most visible and secular symbol on the Christian holiday. It was brought to America by German immigrants. They brought it as an egg-laying hare. So, the bunny is everywhere in Easter artwork. This symbol is found on almost every custom cloth, including custom T-shirts for men and women.

In fact, the Easter bunny is a popular symbol that even food items characterize. According to a survey, the US people buy nearly 91 million chocolate bunnies for Easter annually.


There are three primary Easter colors – purple, white, and gold. Purple is typically in use during the Lenten season ahead of Easter. But white and gold are used on Easter Sunday as prominent colors to represent the holiness and triumph of the resurrection of Jesus.

Yellow is also a color that you find used everywhere during Easter. So, you can see yellow chicks, eggs, and flowers. Yellow flowers stand for friendship, so there are yellow heart emojis.

So, you can combine these design elements, such as floral patterns, cute bunny ears, and bright egg colors, to create your unique Easter artwork to print on different outfits.

But if you intend to promote your brand by designing Easter outfits, print your logo as well. When designing a logo, note that you can do that yourself. Just explore a logo maker, a software that automatically delivers unique ideas based on your brief.

Why choose T-shirts for your Easter craft style?

T-shirts are casual outfits that people like to wear for comfort. It is an informal dress to help you confidently move around in the house or outside. T-shirts are also commonly worn clothes that look stylish and help give you a personality with a modern outlook.

No surprise that most people wear T-shirts while celebrating Easter. That is a good enough reason to print your Easter art on tees. A cute Easter shirt design goes a long way in winning people’s hearts. But, then, there are children’s or infants’ tees you can put your attention-grabbing art on to drive attention and engagement.

Here Are Some Inspirational Easter Shirt Ideas

01. Happy Easter Floral Long Sleeves T-Shirts

This 100% combined and ring-spun long cotton sleeves T-shirt is an attractive option to buy during Easter. You can also include it in your wardrobe for its impressive Easter artwork and high-quality print. Its features include a cover-stitched collar, crew neck, and ribbed cuffs. Such custom ¾ sleeve shirts are stylish outfits that you can confidently wear on Easter.

Happy Easter

02. Happy Women’s Fashion Fit T-Shirts

This is the typical cotton T-shirt you want to wear during Easter. With excellent fabric quality, such women’s custom tshirts come with shoulder-to-shoulder taping, double-needle stitched sleeves, and a bottom hem.

women’s custom tshirts

Custom T-Shirt

03. Yoga Easter Baby Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Are you shopping for an Easter T-shirt for your toddler? Then, this baby outfit is your perfect choice. You can buy this tee for its high-quality cotton fabric. It also has side-seam construction and is durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to wear for your baby.

Easter T-shirt

04. Easter Block Print Organic Cotton T-Shirt Dress

Have this tee in your wardrobe for its bunny artwork in multiple colors. You will love to have this tee design for its adorable bunny artwork. This is a double-needle top stitch on the sleeve and bottom hem. It’s a medium-fit organic ring-spun cotton shirt.

Easter Block Print Organic Cotton T-Shirt Dress

05. Happy Easter Egg Design Women’s Crop Top

Easter egg is a widely used symbol while celebrating the festive occasion. This T-shirt depicts an Easter egg with a baby’s face peeing out. In addition, a burning candle, fruits, and other elements make this tee a unique artwork.

So, with these Easter T-shirt design ideas in mind, you can create your unique design and outfit style.

You can visit PrintShop by Designhill for hundreds of new Easter outfit style ideas. This print-on-demand (POD) platform lets you design your own hoodie, t-shirts, kidswear, and accessories effortlessly. Then, it takes care of the rest — from printing to doorstep delivery.

So, create custom clothes on your own and order for gifting purposes or your fashion style overhaul this Easter. You can also open your shop and sell your Easter artwork on this creative marketplace. It lets you set your artwork price and get attractive profit whenever someone buys a t-shirt or other outfit printed with your Easter work.

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Wrapping Up

Easter is a day of religious importance for Christians and others. But the day also comes with its festivities as people dress in unique styles. They wear T-shirts and other outfits with colorful elements such as Easter bunny, Easter colors, etc., to represent the spirit of the occasion. Therefore, you should have some outfit ideas to rethink your style this spring.

Create Your Own Custom Design

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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