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Decoding The Burger King Logo Design & Its History

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design


Last updated on July 20th, 2023

Burger King is amongst the world’s leading fast food brands. Its logo is an impressive and unique design that targets primarily young audiences and conveys their happiness. But the logo has its evolutionary history. Starting with a simple wordmark, it is now a colorful iconic logo.

The iconic Burger King logo saw several modifications during its long history that dates back to 1953. Along with redesigning and tweaking its logos, the company also gave a new look to its staff uniform and product packaging as part of its branding strategies. An intention to redesign the logo was to refresh the brand visuals for the new generation of consumers. 

It’s nearly difficult not to have heard of Burger King (BK), the second-largest burger chain with a global network of more than 17,800 locations in more than 100 countries (till 2020), whether you enjoy burgers or not.

What Does The Burger King Logo Represent?

The Burger King logo symbolically expresses a hidden meaning, which the viewers can instantly get. The logo is the company’s badge, representing a burger that the company sells. Burger usually has a meat layer, which the company name represents. The symbol of a burger between the buns represents the company’s essence.

So, the logo conveys the happiness of satisfied consumers who regularly buy Burger King’s fast food. The emblem expresses their joy and becomes a cultural symbol of fast food consumption.

The Burger King Logo History

Based in Miami-Dade County, Florida, this burger chain was first introduced as Insta-Burger King in 1953. Insta Burger King was taken over by its two Miami-based franchisees, David Edgerton and James McLamore, who renamed it “Burger King” in 1954 as it struggled financially.

In the ensuing fifty years, the ownership of the brand changed hands four times, with the third group of owners, a joint venture between Bain Capital, TPG Capital, and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, going public with their business in 2002.

In the latter half of 2010, 3G Capital (Brazil) acquired a considerable stake in the business through a US$3.26 billion contract. The corporation started a reorganization effort to improve growth and marketing. Burger King and Tim Hortons, a Canadian doughnut company, were combined by 3G and Berkshire Hathaway under a single-parent name.

The corporation started a reorganization effort to improve growth and marketing. Burger King and Tim Hortons, a Canadian doughnut company, were combined by 3G in partnership with Berkshire Hathaway under the new parent company Restaurant Brands International. As exciting as Burger King’s ownership history is, so is the logo’s journey.

Decoding The Burger King Logo Design & Its History

Here is how one of the most prominent fast-food restaurants in the world modified its visual identity to keep up with the changes.

professional logo

1953 – 1954: The Rising Sun Logo

When the company started in 1953, it was known as Insta Burger King. It got its logo in the same year. Then, the logo was a rising sun with the sunrays stylized as triangles around the half disk. The brand name Burger King was in all caps and bold letters. It was a black-and-white logo back then. Despite being a friendly emblem, the company lasted only for a year. So, the first step toward the later Burger King logo evolution was creating a simple black-and-white combination logo.

Rising Sun Logo

1954 – 1957: Just The Wordmark

The company acquired the restaurants from David Edgerton and James McLamore in 1954. To show its authority, the logo also had a new design. This time it had no rising sun; instead, the brand name made the logo.

Just The Wordmark

The old Burger King logo was a minimalist bold wordmark in a sans-serif typeface with uneven letter edges. It was a simple logo with no other details. The company kept this logo for three years as its brand identity

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1957 – 1969: Colorful, Engaging Logo

The company introduced a multicolor yellow, red, blue, and brown logo in 1957. At that time, it was an exciting and engaging logo due to the use of colors. A bolder and neater font further made the logo look impressive. It also had a tagline, ‘’Home of the Whopper.’’

Colorful Engaging Logo

This time, the designer made radical changes in the logo by incorporating a happy clown sitting on the burger with a huge soft drink glass. A good range of colors and the clown gave the logo a distinctive look.

1969 – 1994: The First Bun Logo

The iconic Bun logo we are familiar with today was designed in 1969. Its bold red lettering was the chief attraction and a key feature. The bold red sans-serif lettering with smooth lines caught the eye instantly.

First Bun Logo

While the color palette for this design came from the previous versions of the logo, the composition, shape, and style were still new. The wordmark sandwiched between the two layers of buns made the logo unique. This design also visually conveyed that the company sells fast food.

1994 – 1999: The Tweaked Bun Logo

In 1994, the company tweaked the logo slightly to give it a traditional and solid look and feel. The buns’ color was a little brighter this time to convey the happiness of a satisfied customer. Also, the wordmark was in all capitals with the letters in rounded sans-serif. Many restaurants use this logo even today.

Tweaked Bun Logo

This logo is an example of how simply changing the letter style can dramatically alter the look of the emblem. The change of letters from a little stylish in the previous version to the straight letters in this one gave it a new look and feel.

1999 – Today: Round-Shaped Version Introduced

The company redesigned the logo again in 1999 to give it a round shape and a distinctive look. This time, the enlarged wordmark was placed diagonally between the bun halves. The bright yellow buns had some white strokes to give it a refreshing look.

Round-Shaped Version Introduced

Also, a blue C-shaped arc around the wordmark became the attraction of the design. It further gave the logo a distinctive look. This design is today’s core identity of the brand. 

2021 – Today: The Vertical Logo

In 2021, the company again redesigned the logo in bold red lettering, placed between the two buns. The color of the buns also was changed to orange. Additionally, the background was in light cream, which makes the emblem’s framing. The color scheme gives the logo a warmer and friendlier look.

Vertical Logo

This design looked compact to make a different impression on the viewers. The upper bun was larger this time than the lower one. This gave the impression that the buns were larger and had more stuff inside.  

Burger King Logo Elements

The Burger King logo has its fonts and colors, giving it an identity amongst target consumers and markets. Most of the Burger King logos letters are in uppercase to express its authority in the market. The heavy sans-serif typeface helps the design stand out.

The logo’s color scheme is also crucial to make it a distinctive visual identity. It has red and orange as the primary colors. While the background is in a light cream-beige shade, the prominent colors are bright and eye-catching. These colors evoke energy and happiness.

Overall, these are the evolutionary phases of the iconic Burger King logo. The logo versions met those times’ requirements to convey a brand message.

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Wrapping Up

Burger King is the world’s leading fast-food brand. Its iconic logo is a well-known emblem that people can recognize instantly. But the logo design has gone through its evolutionary phase. It was a black and white simple work mark initially. Then, it became a colored logo with buns and a wordmark in between. The company made the necessary changes regularly to make it look refreshing to the new consumers.

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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