Design A Logo For Your Client And Not For Yourself

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Last updated on January 13th, 2018

It is a fact that clients rule supreme in a logo design work. After all they are the ones who order and pay for the design. So, their wishes and requirements should be given a thought even by professional logo designers having a vast experience. Clearly, you should create a logo for a client’s business and not as per your preferences.

Many designers think that they can ignore a client’s preferences. But to do so, a designer must be highly experienced in order to keep a balance between the client’s requirements and what is good for the logo design. If you do not have the requisite experience, it is better to design as per the guidance, if any, from the client. Moreover, approval of the logo design will depend on how much the client is satisfied.

When you are thinking what and how to design a logo, you should not pick the elements just because you like them. Instead, analyze them for your client’s business requirements. For example, if you have found a great modern typographic font that you like so much. But do not use it in a client’s logo if it does not fit in the scheme of the logo. Ask yourself if the font can help in conveying the business message of your client.

Another point to consider is that if ignore your client’s brief and insist on continuing with what you think is best for the logo design, then you must efficiently explain the design to the client. However, you must be very experienced and confident of what you are doing in the design in order to convince the client about usefulness of the logo.

It would be better if you stick to the design brief provided by the client. Do some more research work about the client’s business, products or services, targeted customers and their different backgrounds etc. This will help in in selecting right design elements that can represent a brand and can help its identity.

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