Do Fonts In Your Logo Design Match With Your Business

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Last updated on October 4th, 2018

In designing a logo, role of fonts is much more complex than it may appear to the viewers. Importance of fonts is so high that a wrong choice of font has the potential to break a logo design. A perfect selection of fonts, out of hundreds of them available from different sources, will create an excellent design. Designer should select fonts to convey a message about the business.

baskin robbinsInstead of making a brisk font choice, as a logo designer, you should first compare many fonts. When comparing them, your focus should be to study personality of fonts since each one of them conveys some message to the viewers. For example, a hand-drawn font generally conveys light moods, whereas modern typefaces express style and strength. Similarly, a wise selection from sarif and sans sarif fonts is advisable. While designers generally use sarif fonts to communicate less serious messages, they use sans sarif to put some hard messages across.

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Similarly, some fonts look exceptionally hard and lack in energy and enthusiasm. On the other hand, a clear and easy-to-read font like Arial fills the reader with energy and enthusiasm. At the same time, there are some fonts that have geometrical clean shape and look modern. Such fonts are also known for their cold and impersonal looks. Futurea, Helvetica, and Gotham are some of the examples of fonts having geometrical shapes. A font such as Rockwell, that has boxy serif in its letters end, is useful to convey authority.

Since each font type has been designed to evoke certain feelings from the viewers or readers, logo designers make this quality of fonts to send a message of the business to the customers. Selection of fonts is really a serious matter for professional graphic designers.

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