Principles Of Effective Logo Design

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design - 1 min read

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Last updated on February 28th, 2018

Each business of any repute has a logo. But logos are there for a specific purpose of carrying a business message to the customers. Logos also create an identity for the companies and their businesses. However, logo designers must judge their works on some basic principles.

A logo should be simple in its design and looks. Any complications due to incorporation of many images, texts and other design elements will confuse the viewers. Complexity of a logo design implies that it will not be communicating with the people. A simple design with select font choice, image, shape, colors and size etc instantly conveys a business desired message. But the logo design should be such that people can remember it all the time. This quality is also known as timelessness of the logo. Since businesses depend on loyalty of the customers, a memorable logo that lasts for many decades helps in building a strong customer base.

Another principle that designers take into account is versatility. A logo represents business and so it should be printable on all surfaces without much additional costs to the company. Moreover, logo should be compatible to different media such as desktop, mobile, laptop, laptop, TV, billboards and so on. Design a logo by keeping these principles in mind so that your clients can attract customers to their businesses.

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