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17 Emerging Graphic Brand Identity Trends For 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Graphic Design

Brand Identity Trends

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

Life is changing rapidly, and the new world desires innovations everywhere than ever before. People desire to consume new advertising that pushes designers to look for new approaches. Companies want creative methods to visualize their brands that have created a need for the new brand identity trends. Let’s consider each of them.

Next year will definitely be an exciting year for graphic design trends. The revival of past visual trends, development of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and the emergence of new tools change the industry.

Moreover, nowadays, designers have accessible tools to develop impressive visuals. On the other hand, when the design is opened and available to everyone, it becomes harder to compete and make the output surprising and engaging.

Designers all over the world look for the ways to engage the audience and make them love their graphic design services. These trends allow graphic and web designers to take advantage of the new technologies and customers’ desire to get surprising design and products. Mixing various techniques allows bringing new digital experience base on the old methods and approaches.

Here Are The 17 Emerging Graphic Brand Identity Trends For 2023

01. Open Compositions

Earlier, designers put frames on everything to convey the feeling of a finished design. Nowadays, airy and open design that shows only a part of the whole picture is a popular trend.

Open Compositions

Such open composition helps to grab the viewer’s attention in order to establish a brand identity that stand out among the competitors by their tricky design. It helps to touch the viewer’s imagination, making them wonder what is going to be there.

02. Smashing Stereotypes

Today, people try to play with stereotypes in order to surprise the viewers more than ever before. Modern illustrators feel free to break down traditional stereotypes and discover new ways of visualization that confront the usual beliefs.

Smashing Stereotypes

From that point, varying perspectives run the industry for the designers, not only ‘nice to have’. Customers, as well as viewers, want fresh ideas that will surprise them and make them think.

03. Simplicity

Professional graphic designers know that a push for the minimalism and simplicity is the best way to present the customers’ ideas. The famous brands like Google and Nike know this secret. Even though this tendency exists for many years, it doesn’t slow down.


The number of similar companies only grows, and the ability to say more by using less is a valuable trend. The whole branding can mean uncluttered and clean design, starting from the logo design to the complex apps and websites.

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04. Super-Functional Logos

Many brands, including Airbnb, Uber, and Spotify use lowercase sans serif model with a one-color symbol. This trend means a return to a classic design to create a logo with only essential elements to express the idea.

Super-Functional Logos

The super-functional logo means a responsive logo that adapts to the user’s device. Many businesses have been refreshing their logos into simplified and modern versions in order to meet customers’ demands.

05. Motion Graphics

Nico Vargas, head of motion graphics at Digital Media Services, shares his experience that their creative agency has seen a 60% increase in this area. Motion graphic helps to engage the audience quicker. For example, a five-second teaser with dynamic subtitles motivates the audience to view the promotional content.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics allows designing for social media pages like Instagram and Twitter. Nowadays, the video is part of the brand, and the length of this video can be from 30 seconds to five minutes.

06. 3D: Depth Of A New Generation

Today, 3D is already a stable and persistent trend; and the graphic designers are well equipped to develop 3D masterpieces. This concept brings interesting representation for product placements and visualizing how something might look like in real life.

3D: Depth Of A New Generation

One color 3D design is popular as well. Today, more and more product presentations apply the same background color. The main reason for using this technique is its eye-pleasing look. On the other hand, colorful 3D substance helps to brighten the whole design composition.


07. Complementary Reality

Tech giants like Adobe and Microsoft prefer complementary reality in graphic design. This is the exposition involving two objects, where one is a digital metaphor, and the other object depicted in the style of skeuomorphism — the simplest way to present it through graphics.

Complementary Reality

Designers believe that complementary reality design will be trendy in 2023, not only in the graphic but web design as well.

08. Wave Effect

This is a great visual effect that became popular last year. It includes “damaged” pictures that will keep capturing the world of design, appearing in the most surprising modifications and versions.

Wave Effect

09. Holographic Design

The holographic design is one of the brand identity trends that help to attract the audience. A hologram is a photograph of light that is displayed in a three-dimensional way.

Holographic Design

The holographic design is an exciting way to present new information to the audience and promote the company’s services and products. It offers various features involving patches, holograms or stripes for laminates and polycarbonate.

10. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations look very attractive on the screen. That’s why quality illustrations can never go out of style. They bring a unique look, especially when they’re mixed with 3D structures, negative space, the “double” trend, etc.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

11. Papercut Illustrations

This trend was inspired by paper cutting art, and papercut illustrations change compositions made of various layers of paper with necessary elements of depth and specific textures.

Papercut Illustrations


12. Metallic Elements

As we discussed earlier, bright colors are needed to achieve a greater effect. Together with metallic elements, they may create a “Wow” effect. Moreover, they can be combined with other trends involving creative typography, 3D compositions to bring the impact of a real-life composition.

Metallic Elements

13. Negative Space Typography

Experts predict that a mixture of Typography and Negative space will be a popular brand identity trend next year. It was quite famous earlier and is coming back to the popularity.

Negative Space Typography

14. The Corrupt Image Effect

It can also be called the glitch effect, and this trend has been gaining popularity for the recent past in the digital world. Usually, it is applied to the horror movie, but now corrupt images serve as graphic design as well.

The Corrupt Image Effect


15. Activist Design

The Pew Research Institute figured out that millennials are more politically active and diverse. They try to leverage design to promote social influence. Thoughtfully designed political, feminist, and environmental posters are evidence of this trend.

Activist Design

16. Eco Packaging

Nowadays, more and more people think about climate change and want to save the planet. This push motivates them to look for eco products.

Eco Packaging

Clients search for more sustainable and conscious ways to carry, use, and dispose of their stuff. This has motivated businesses to find biodegradable packaging materials that mean new possibilities in the world of packaging design. Eco packaging is must have in 2023 as the global audience is against single-use plastics.


17. Brand Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a valuable trend because many consumers still miss old approaches and retro design. For example, Adobe recently presented this idea while developing illustrations based on the brand’s 2001 physical packaging.

Brand Nostalgia

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As we see, graphic trends are aimed to surprise the audience and catch their attention. Designers now can play with viewers’ imagination and offer short, engaging videos to motivate people to view the promotional content. If you would like to get high-quality design or software development Ukraine, feel free to order it from the experts. Diceus knows how to deal with challenging IT solutions and satisfy customer’s needs.

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I’m a graphic designer by profession. I love writing on various topics, including graphic designing, social media marketing, SEO practices, Startup strategies, and e-commerce marketing. My love for storytelling about brands inspires me to write more. When I’m not writing, I design and read about design.



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