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50 Great Animated Logos That Will Inspire Your Brand To Get Moving

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Animated Logos

Last updated on February 4th, 2023

Logos have always been an essential part of any brand-building exercise. Besides being an omnipresent visual of a company, a professionally drawn logo helps drive customers in many ways. Considering that, the next evolutionary stage of logos known as animated logos has already become a trend.

Over the last few years, visuals such as logos are increasingly shown in animated form. This is because people’s attention span is fast decreasing, which is now merely a few seconds. Since static logos are everywhere, consumers’ emotional response to them is not the same high anymore. Keeping that in mind, more and more business owners are creating an animated version of their old static logos.

The rise in animated logos is mainly thanks to modern technologies. People already can create a logo on their own using a logo maker software. Now, new technologies are available for the designers to create logos in animated form in a variety of formats.

So, they can create logos in formats like CSS, SVG, GIF, etc. Not only that, the designers can ensure that the animated visuals can be shown on all platforms like websites, mobile apps, video clips, and in any dynamic content.

Why are animated logos so popular?

There are, in fact, various reasons why businesses have ensured an animated form of their existing logos. The first and foremost reason is that animation is a powerful tool to catch people’s attention. After people are used to seeing static visuals, animated versions can grab their attention instantly.

Then, you can insert more information in an animated logo. Such a logo can tell your brand story and the advantages of your products. This is an entertaining way to take your brand to the masses.

Animated logos are organic. They can be presented in different contests, including video clips and mobile apps. These types of logos are known for their bold and impactful images that help in building brand recognition. Since animated logos tell a story, your brand can establish an emotional bond with your audience.

With these benefits in mind, it is no surprise that the animation industry is growing fast. According to reports, the size of the global animation market in 2018 was 259 billion US dollars. It is likely to grow to 270 billion dollars by 2020

Are you also thinking of having an animated version of your logo? If so, then, we can help.

Here Are 50 Animated Logos For Your Inspiration

01. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola animation logo has a static red disc logo and the famous white-ribbon logotype. Then, inside it, there is the animation of two bottles spinning and making the disc spin. The two bottles represent Coca-Cola Classic and Diet Coke.

Coca Cola Logo

02. Disney

Disney’s animated logo shows a shooting star across the arc above the castle in the logo. You can see this logo animation at the start of every Disney movie, and the animation enlivens up the static logo.

Walt Disney

But before you look at those animated logos, make sure that you have a static logo. You can even use an online logo maker to create your business logo all by yourself in a few quick steps.

03. Snapchat

The animated Snapchat logo morphs rapidly with yellow, black, and white colors that ultimately shape the brand’s mascot, Ghostface Chillah. The rapid and random animation represents the core ‘phantom’ policy of Snapchat that the pictures will be deleted automatically after a set time limit. This surely is amongst the inspirational animated logos.

animated Snapchat logo

04. Reddit

Reddit’s logo today is an orange-red flat circle that holds the alien character Snoo’s face. But the animation logo pays homage to its 2005 logo. The animation shows Snoo bouncing up, and it’s all parts floating, then assembling while dropping down into the brand name ‘reddit’.

Reddit Animated Logo

05. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts animation logo tosses up Dunkin donuts and coffee to show the audience. The designer first shows up the shite donut hole, then a glazed donut, and next to Dunkin’s iconic stylized coffee cup. It then settles for the full Donuts wordmark. This is amongst those animated logos that tells a story by quickly displaying various products.

Dunkin’ Donuts animation logo

To create an animated form of your logo, you need to have a static logo first. Do not worry if your small business cannot afford an expensive professional designer. You can still design your logo on your own without experience when using a logo generator software.

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06. Paypal

The animation logo of Paypal tells a story quickly in a few animated steps. It first shows a globe representing the brand’s global payments business, a coin, and a smartphone for cryptocurrency and mobile transactions. Then, in the end, there is a shield to convey the purchase protection policy.

PayPal Logo

07. Sello

The logo animation of Sello, an e-commerce management platform, has the logo’s first four letters static. In contrast, the last O letter animates into a ring, headphones, and a bouncing baseball. This animation represents the wide range of products sold through this marketplace.

Sello Logo Animation

08. Conversable

Conversable delivers an AI-powered digital space to ensure brand-to-consumer conversations. So, its animation logo shows a slight chromatic aberration effect and some glitch effect, which stands for digital distortion. The speech bubble is for the brand’s messaging channels.

Conversable Animation Logo

09. Cub Studio

Cub Studio is an animation studio, so no surprise that it is one of the finest animated logos, which is such an excellent creation. It transforms an abstract cub into a cute and lively animated figure.

Cub Studio

10. Ikea

Ikea logo in animation is a simple one with not much creative thought going into it. But it is a funky and eye-catching animation. There is a bouncing ball that creates the brand’s letters with each bounce.

Ikea Logo

11. 500px

500px is a photography studio having one of the coolest animated photography logos. It depicts its static logo first and then evolves into a symbol 5 number in a way that gives the impression of a camera.

Animated Photography Logo

12. Zoom

Zoom offers video calls and conferences services. Its animation logo has three of the name’s letters static while the O letter animates. It has an airplane figure circling which hints at diverse travel locations where people access the brand’s services.

Zoom Logo

13. Rocketgraph

Animated logos such as that of the Rocketgraph animation logo are inspirational designs. It first shows the static rocket-shaped logo. Then, it shoots up like a rocket leaving behind the bubbles and ends up being a static logo again with a blue background.

Rocketgraph logo

To create an animation logo, first have your static logo of the business. Small business owners can easily design a logo with the help of a free logo generator, which is a DIY tool.


14. Frameline

This Frameline animation logo was for a film festival. It starts with a camera focus and then reveals the brand name in a straight line minimally and creatively.

Frameline Animation Logo

15. Sidecar

This animation logo illustrates the name ‘Sidecar’ as a man’s head Zooms head, and then a helmet drops over it. The head icon then speeds away and leaves behind the company’s name.

Sidecar Logo

16. Judo Chop

This is amongst the finest animated logos that illustrates a hand moving in a fast judo action. The watch has a human hand animation instead of a needle, and all this action represents the slogan “A performance testing framework.”

Judo Chop

17. Sunrise App

Sunrise App’s animation logo is a beautifully created design that shows the Sun revealing itself gradually while rising on the horizon. The static Sunrise logo gets transformed into an awesome animation of the rising sun.

Sunrise App Logo

18. Tyba

Tyba is a website for job seekers. Its logo animation first shows the static logo of the brand, forming a T. Then, it comes up with different figures one by one.


19. Rain Wine

Some animated logos are high-end creativity, and the Rain Wine animation logo is one of them.

Rain Wine

It shows the static brand name on the one side and the animating wine bottle made out of the falling water and an umbrella.

20. Tangles

Tangles animation logo is one of the simplest designs that shows a rope straightened and then let loose to transform into the brand’s logo.


21. The University Of The Arts, Helsinki

The University of the Arts, Helsinki logo animation may look like the university brand name is randomly moving here and there. But actually, it hints at the artists’ creative activities.

The University of the Arts

The hint is that the artists are in a building, breaking away from the walls of taboos. This is surely amongst the most straightforward animated logos that inspire.

22. Google

We often see the Google logo’s animated version among all animated logos since we use the search engine regularly. This logo has ‘Google’ taking the shape of bounding dots, a pulsating wavelength, a microphone, and a shorthand ‘G’.

Google Logo

23. Eat

This Eat logo shows how animation can impressively tell a story using visuals. The thin letters of the word ‘EAT’ become fatter gradually as more doses of ‘food’ are fed. At the last stage, the letters become extremely fat. The message and story of the logo animation are clear to the audience.

EAT Logo

24. Advance Auto Parts

You can notice speed in this animated logo. It shows the expanding motor racing flag, and it evokes speed and progress from the audience. When you design a logo with animation, make sure that it looks unique and simple just like this logo.

Advance Auto Parts

25. Giant Owl

The Giant Owl logo has two rotating wheels that represent the eyes of an owl. The circular forms rotate like a film reel but appear as the owl’s eyes when blink.

Giant Owl Logo

26. Hotel Koster

The Hotel Koster logo animation shows us three parts of the hotel: the dining room, bar, and terrace. This is one of the finest examples of logos that use animation with simplicity. This logo increases brand awareness, which is one of the reasons to use animated logos for business.

Hotel Koster logo

27. The Burger King

The Burger King logo first shows us the outer blue half-circle, then the yellow burger, and the company’s name. It impresses us with a 3D effect, and it is an inspiration for giving direction to your logo when animating.

Burger King Logo

28. FedEx

This well-known logo was so far an iconic design for its use of the arrow in white space. But it’s animated version is an even greater illustration as it tells a story.


Arrows are moving in all directions and shaping the logo. In the end, the legendary arrow in the white space rushes in the space and completes the process of logo animation.

29. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social channel used by professionals to let the world know their skills. The animation illustrates a bouncy man who looks like some professional, and the man boxes himself into LinkedIn. With such a unique animation, a business can build its brand identity.

LinkedIn Animated Logo

30. Nike

The Nike Swoosh logo is an iconic symbol for its simple and unique design. Its animated illustration is equally impressive as it shows bright, vivid paint, highlighting the nature of the swoosh.

Nike Swoosh Logo

31. Flickr

Flickr is a significant platform for sharing videos and photos. The animation depicts that two colorful dots can result in a world of creativity. After you use an animated logo maker to create your logo, make sure that you have its animated form to tell your business story to an audience.

Flickr Logo Animation

32. Pinterest

The Pinterest logo is already a great logo for its unique design that reflects the business. But it’s animated illustration is also one of the great examples of logos in animation too. It depicts a pin that is bounding up around to form the letters of the company’s name.

Pinterest Logo

33. Dell

Dell’s makes high-performance laptops and PCS. Its animated logo has four icons representing security, handling documents, analytics, and cloud storage coming together to form the logo.


When you hire graphic design services of a professional, ask for depicting effective characteristics of your products.

34. Mastercard

Mastercard’s animation of the logo uses different experiences such as food, travel, and food to tell the brand story related to the use of the card.

Master Card Animated Logo

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, ensure that the designer illustrates various elements of your business.

35. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform. Its logo is one of the simplest animated logos that depict play and pause features to illustrate the company’s service.

Vimeo Animation Logo

36. Instagram

This photo-sharing app owned by Facebook has a beautifully created animated version of its logo. The animation shows combined elements of the traditional camera and polaroid.

Instagram logo

37. Uber

The Uber logo is another great example of animated logos that depict what a business does. The company offers taxi services.


So, the animation illustrates various route points on a map. A lesson here is that you should use only the elements of your brand while creating the animation.

38. Fanta

This logo brings to life the bubbly, fun nature of the orange circle shape. The animation also depicts the slogan ‘More Fanta Less Serious’ as the smaller can rush it with energy and put the bigger bottle a little away.


39. Pixate

Pixate is in the business of mobile app prototypes. It has four colored leaves that stand for creativity, and the animated logo is all about speed.

Pixate Animation Logo

40. Hype Film

Hype film is a production company whose camera film revolves around a loudspeaker that then spells HYPE.

Hype Film Logo

41. Intel

Intel is a global microprocessor chip manufacturer company. Its branding slogan is ‘Look Inside.’ The company’s logo conveys this message by illustrating tablets, computers, and mobile phones to make microprocessors. The animation shows the company’s unique selling points.


42. Mozilla Fox

Mozilla Fox is a well-known browser. Its animation logo shows a fiery fox encircling the earth. This idea conveys the global audience and reach of the browser company. The fox stands for the blazing speed of the browser.

Mozilla Fox

43 Amazon

The Amazon logo has a yellow arrow that connects the letters ‘a’ to ‘z’ that conveys that the company sells everything. The arrow stands for the satisfied customer, and the animation depicts two dots representing the wide coverage of products it sells and the arrow.

Amazon Logo

When looking for logo design ideas, pay attention to the ideas that define your services or products.

44. Echo

You can notice how an echo is gradually forward from each letter of the company’s name and shows the name Echo Capital Group.


45. Spotify

Spotify gives you quick access to millions of songs. The animation features some randomly encircling dots that stand for electronic medium and then shows up the logo with the sound waves designed. The logo gives motion to a feature of the company’s service.

Spotify Logo

46. Pawpulous

Pawpulous is the company dealing with the care, nutrition, and other aspects of pet dogs. It is one of the interesting animated logos that catch out attention quickly. First, there appear some paws of a dog one after the other. Then the company’s logo appears in black.


47. Discord

Discord was once gaming-centric, but it later moved to be a VoIP phone system and instant messaging and digital distribution platform. Its logo is still the gaming console character named ‘Clyde’ shown in the animation as a winking, friendlier, and fun-loving character.

Discord Gaming logo

While creating PFP for Discord, keep in mind the size around 128 x 128 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1. Ideally, JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats are used for animated Discord profile pictures with maximum file size of 8 MB.

48. Netflix

The Netflix animation logo starts with the ‘N’ ribbon, and then it turns into a barcode visual that displays several colors. This color spectrum and the illusion of depth convey that the company is a big player in cinema on the web. It also shows that the company is now aspiring to enter a production studio.

Netflix Animation Logo

49. Fiverr

Fiverr’s static logo has a circle as a period at the end of the wordmark. Now, in its animated logo, the same circle is tossed up playfully, emphasizing how quickly businesses can get their projects done by hiring freelancers registered at Fiverr.

Fiverr Logo Animation

50. Facebook

Facebook’s new animated logo displays the colors of all its apps of the parent company. So, the animation shows blue for Facebook, pink for Instagram, green for WhatsApp, etc.


We hope that your motivational level after seeing these animated logos is higher. Do not try to copy them. And instead, you should come out with your creative way of designing these visuals to build your brand recognition.

If you need logos, you can outsource the work to Designhill, a prominent marketplace. You need to launch your design contest along with a brief. Within a short period of a week or so, you can get a winning logo for your business.

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Wrapping Up

Animated logos are popular with businesses for a variety of reasons. They can catch an audience’s attention instantly and that helps in building relationships with potential customers. But you need to create a unique version of your static logos to look different from competitors. These inspirational animated versions of famous logos are inspirational. Want to leap to success with videos that mark excellence? Animated video production in Dubai gives you a chance to transform your idea into beautiful videos that are created by the animated experts.

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