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How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Presentation

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.”— Milton Glaser

Designing a logo is perhaps the first step in building a brand. A logo is not just a combination of graphics, symbols, or fonts. But it signifies and represents a brand to the point that it becomes even more identifiable than the name of the business itself. That is why a lot of time and efforts are put in designing a perfect logo. But the logo designer gets success only when their designs get approved on the first go. So how do designers make sure that their designs get approved in the first meeting? Through effective logo presentation!

Logo presentation is one of the vital parts of the logo design process. As a logo designer, you first start your work by sketching out your ideas for hours. After that, you finally come up with the design which you think would get appreciated by the client.

The work of a graphic designer requires more than just coming up with creative ideas and technical skills. It induces a lot of graphic designers to be a showman, strategist, salesperson, marketer, and project manager simultaneously. It is no doubt a daunting task but at the same time an exciting one.

Usually, clients don’t have many ideas about graphic design. They don’t know all the nuances of the design. That is why they hire professional graphic designers. But clients are part of the logo design process because, in the end, they are the ones who are the customers and give final approval. It is, therefore, essential to coming up with a presentation outline so that you can justify why the particular logo is appropriate for the company.

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Here Are The Few Tips On How To Structure Your Logo Presentation

01. Explain The Story Behind Your Logo

Logos are designed after analyzing the brand thoroughly. The main objective is to give a visual identity to the brand and communicate the brand’s message effectively. Therefore, before starting with your logo presentation using presentation maker, it is essential to brief the client about the thoughts and ideas you had while creating the logo.

Explain The Story Behind Your Logo

For instance, you may want to say to the client that you have used bright colors to reflect the brand personality. It will help the client understand the reason behind choosing a particular color, font, shapes, strokes, and other aspects. Explaining the whole story behind your logo design will also make the client think that you care for the brand.

02. Present Different Variations Of Logo

Every designer wants their designs to get approved in the first meeting itself. They want that the client should appreciate their work. Therefore, to increase the chances of getting your designs approved, it’s advisable to present different variations of the logo.

Present Different Variations Of Logo

Multiple options will not only help you in making a good impression but also gives you a chance to take forward the conversation. Want to create a professional quality logo within minutes? Use our logo maker tool for free! The tool lets its users create as many logos as they want.

03. Talk About The Features

While showing the logo design presentation to a client, do not ask them what they think. It may confuse the client. Since you are the designer, the client may expect you to explain what makes the particular logo useful for their business or company. So, to increase the chances of getting the design approved on the first go, it is always advisable to talk about the features of the logo.

Talk About The Features

For example, Amazon has a wordmark logotype with a smiling arrow starting from ‘A’ and ending at ‘Z’. It successfully conveys a message that customers can find everything that they want from its website. Similar to this, you can also explain to the client how your design is communicating the brand’s objective. This way, you give the client a base to put their opinion on the design.

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04. Present Logos In Practical Situations

After looking at your designs, the client may doubt whether the design would work for their business or not. Therefore, another great tip is to add one of slide in your logo presentation where you can present the logo in practical situations. Make your client see how the design will look on their product packaging, brochures, business cards, or website design.

Present Logos In Practical Situations

To do so, you don’t have to print the logo. All you need to do is get some computer-generated images of these materials and the logo. You can also use Photoshop mock-ups. This way, the clients can see the logo in real life situations.

05. Make It Look Professional

Whenever you are pitching a prospect, it is essential to create a professional and engaging presentation.

Make It Look Professional

Here Are A Few Tips For Creating A Presentation:

a. Start With The Intro Slide That Generates Interest:

Instead of starting directly with the design, make a single slide explaining the nature of the business. Although the client knows everything about your client’s business but adding this slide in your logo presentation will make the client think that you know thoroughly about the brand.

b. Stick To The Simplicity:

To make the presentation looks more beautiful and colorful, people create slides with fancy designs. But in logo design presentation, it is advisable to keep the designs simple and clean. Your ultimate goal is to get the attention of the client towards your logo designs and not on other designs.

c. Highlight One Point In Each Slide:

If you have different variations of the logo, then explain them one by one. Don’t put all the designs in a single slide. It may confuse the client in absorbing all the information. Under every design, add content that explains the unique feature of every design. But make sure you keep the volume of text minimum in each slide.

06. Stay Calm And Confident

At the end of the presentation, clients may ask you a few questions. They may test your confidence and patience. So during your logo presentation, stay calm and confident. Try to listen to the feedback carefully. Keep in mind that they are the one who knows their business and target audience better than you do.

Stay Calm And Confident

Every time they ask you a question, draw their attention to the business goals that you both agreed on. Do not allow the client to emphasize personal opinion. Make the client recognize the professional qualities of the design.

So, these were the few things that every designer should know while structuring logo presentation.


Your logo presentation is the story of your work. It is the opportunity to win the hearts of clients. If you can spend hours creating amazing designs, then it makes sense to spend one more hour in making logo presentation. After all, you want your hard work to be appreciated and approved. If you are looking for PowerPoint presentation designs, the Designhill should be the single stop for you.

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