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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Artist Shop On Designhill

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Design

Starting Your Artist Shop

Last updated on September 13th, 2021

Graphic designers create a lot of art. They love to churn out new ideas and work on them tirelessly to come out with appealing pieces of art. But most artists, especially those whose name is little known, struggle to find buyers. After all, the artists are not salespeople. A majority of them do not know how to find clients and make them buy art products. If you are an artist, then that issue can be resolved by starting your artist shop.

When starting your artist shop, you should look for a dependable place. Here, you have two options to choose from — either open a physical store of your own or sell your artwork from an online store.

A physical store is expensive to open and run. The brick and mortar shop requires you to have excellent financial support. Moreover, you will incur a lot of overhead expenses. So, not every artist can successfully run a physical art store. An online store, however, is much more affordable for new designers and artists.

When it comes to selling your art online, Designhill is amongst the best reliable platforms. At this leading marketplace, starting your online shop is reasonably easy. This is because the user-friendly site is equipped with many features to make the selling of artworks an easy task.

Know that Designhill is already a prominent marketplace for different businesses and industries from across the globe. They visit this site to look for designers who can create logos, business cards, websites, and such other design products. These business owners are also the potential buyers, besides others, of your artwork.

Benefits Of Your Art Shop At Designhill

Designhill is the easiest way to sell your artwork online. This site lets you customize your online store for free. It is a fully functional ecommerce store with no hassles. Just create your art, promote it, and sell. Some of the benefits include:

a. Create as many art pieces of your choice as you want. You can create print-on-demand apparel, home decor, and accessory quickly. Or, create and display your mastery over logo design.

b. You can turn your Artist Shop into a fully customizable storefront.

c. The shop has an easy-to-use pricing tool that lets you set your own prices.

d. When you order samples for yourself, the site is also a useful platform for saving money.

e. You also have access to customer contact information. You can use it for sending email messages to your potential buyers of art pieces.

f. The site will handle the crucial sales aspects such as inventory, manufacturing, shipping, and customer care.

g. Use this platform and the online store to sell your art to anyone in the world.

h. You can sign up for free, and there are no minimums regarding the number of art pieces you can sell.

Easy Setting Up Your Shop And Selling

Starting your Art Shop on Designhill is a quick and hassle-free process. All you need to do is to sign up to your Designhill account. Once you have finished creating your art and signing up, just select your product and set your price for the art. That is all.

Just as you have uploaded the artwork, it will be displayed to the potential buyers on the site. You can also make extra efforts on your own to bring customers directly to your online store at the site.

Another thing to note here is that Designhill manages the entire transaction between you the seller and your buyer of the works. After you have sealed the deal with the buyer, this site will take the responsibility of processing the payment on your behalf.

Not only that, but Designhill also takes responsibility to deliver the products. This means that you need not worry about delivering the products to the buyers’ destinations. The site arranges for delivery. It takes care of every step right from tracking the shipment to delivering the product safely on time.

Just by starting your artist shop on Designhill you are not going to sell more of your works. You still have to make additional efforts. Most importantly, you should avoid some errors that other artists make.

5 Mistakes That Others Generally Make When Starting An Artist Shop On Designhill

01. Including All Of Your Work

This is the mistake that most artists make. Their portfolio has too many of their works. As a result, many inferior creations also find a place in it. But it leaves a significant adverse impact on the viewers or clients. A client sees both good quality and poorly designed art pieces. That leaves the potential client confused about the actual ability and skills of the designer or artist. As a consequence, sales from your artist shop drop.

Remember that more is not necessarily better. If you put a considerable number of artworks, you make buyers sift through the entire collection. Mostly, buyers have not much time, and they just want to take a look at the pieces. There is, thus, no point in putting your entire gamut of work on the shop.

Including All Of Your Work

Moreover, it also increases the chances of bad quality works going online. For example, if you create a T-shirt design, then put only the best designs to make a good impression on buyers.

So, put your best work only to send the message across right away. This way, you can hook collectors of art pieces immediately just with few of your best works. Then, if buyers show interest, you can always show them more of your work later. Know that selling online is both an art and science in modern times. You should explore the marketing side of your art very well.

02. Not Categorizing Your Work

When starting your Artist Shop, make it user-friendly in many ways. One of these ways is to categorize your works. If you haphazardly put your art pieces on the online shop, they only confuse buyers. They fail to quickly draw a conclusion about the direction your art takes. They do not know what theme is your favorite or what skills you have mastered.

Not Categorizing Your Work

You should correct this mistake by adopting a better approach for marketing your art. You should categorize your art pieces. They can be put together under various categories based on style, theme, and others. Try to create a style around your artworks. In this way, you are giving a memorable shopping experience to the buyers. This will also help them understand you as an artist.

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03. Your Shop Is Disorganized

If your art shop looks disorganized, it will create hassles for the users and clients. They may become upset with the way you manage the shop. Many of them even get the wrong impression of your professional abilities and skills.

The clients or potential buyers will also conclude that you possibly do not have quality images of your art pieces. High-quality images of your art-pieces matter a lot. The images work just like an enticing packaging that people first see before buying a product.

Your Shop Is Disorganized

So, if the images on your Artist Shop are less attractive, it may send wrong message to the buyers and selling your art becomes difficult. This is because it all boils down to making an impression.

It is a fact that the internet is full of artists who lose opportunities for more sales just because their shops are not organized enough. To deal with this problem, you should look for some programs that give you access to the tools to organize your art business.

04. You Are Not Visible To Buyers

After starting your artist shop on Designhill, if you experience a sluggish sale, then think of making the shop and your name visible. After all, the internet has many thousands of artists and graphic designers selling their works. They have their shops set up on different platforms. This implies that if a buyer is not personally familiar with your name, you will remain undiscovered.

When a potential customer searches for artworks on the web, your name and link of your art shop must come up on the search results. If that does not happen, the buyers will neither locate you nor your shop.

You Are Not Visible To Buyers

One of the easiest ways buyers can find you is to be active on social media. To do that, create your dedicated social pages on different channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.

But you should post details of your shop, art, and skill on the media regularly. That will help in more people knowing about you and what you do. In that way, you allow people to share your art with others online.

05. Not Reaching Out To The Interested Buyers

Since you are setting up a business in the form of your Art Shop on Designhill, marketing is the key to sell more. As you already know, companies do aggressive marketing to sell their products and services. Even if a high-quality product needs an effective marketing campaign to sell. The same is true for your art as well. Reaching out to the potential buyers is crucial to selling designs.

You can experience that many buyers show interest in your art, but they do not purchase. This is a common phenomenon felt across all ecommerce platforms. An artist is not supposed to be a marketer.

Not Reaching Out To The Interested Buyers

But what you can ensure to marketing your art is to follow the interested buyer through your emails. Then, send them more emails about enticing discounts. For instance, if you make your own T-shirt, send emails to people about your services. This is the right way to reaching out to the buyers. Do not wait for them to visit your shop.

Overall, turn the internet into your tool to gain more fans for your art to increase sales. While you are focusing on creating art, make sure to put some effort into its marketing as well.

Designhill is not just about selling your art pieces through the shop. It is also a great marketplace to create a wide range of graphic designs. These include logos, business cards, websites, mobile app designs, and a lot more. If you need one, then you can launch a contest for designers at this site. Soon, you get dozens of unique design ideas at an affordable price.

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Wrapping Up

When starting your Artist Shop on Designhill, you need to market your art well to increase sales. But avoid some basic mistakes. Do not put all of your work on the shop; instead, put only the best work. Make sure to categorize the art to help buyers make a quick choice. Also, your name and shop should be visible to the buyer on social media and other platforms.

Sell Your Art

I'm a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head for Designhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the years. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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