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15 Must Dos For Creating An Engaging Web Design

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Website Design

Engaging Web Design

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

Websites are key tools for business owners to reach out to millions of online customers. But only a perfectly carved-out web design can retain its visitors and convert them into loyal customers. There are many significant aspects of designing a website that functions well for businesses and customers alike.

In a survey, when people were asked why they mistrusted health websites, 94% of them held website design elements responsible. Only 6% of people thought that website content was the reason behind their mistrust. The survey also revealed the elements that people thought were the reasons for their lack of trust in the sites. They thought that complex layouts of the sites were a chief reason that created confusion.

Many of them thought that flamboyant ads and pop-up advertisements made them suspicious about the sites’ genuineness. Some opined that the sites having small print were hard to read. Others thought the websites were designed in a boring fashion and lacked colors. Other reasons for mistrust in the websites included slow load time and slow website intros.

While a designer wants to adopt a creative approach, still there are some time-tested rules about design that should be adhered to. One of the changes seen in the modern graphic design is that simplicity has become a basic principle. Modern websites do not have unwanted elements that used to make old websites complex and cluttersome designs. In these days, users have a better experience while navigating web pages, which has dramatically improved over the years.

Here Are The 15 Must Dos For Creating An Engaging Web Design

01.Keep The Design Simple

Your website design must be a simple concept. This means that the users should get your brand message instantly by taking a quick look at your website. If that does not happen, then redesign your site by removing unnecessary clutter.

Simple Design

[Source:Designhill’s Gallery]

A clean and functional layout of the website will ensure that it is easily loadable. It can also be navigated quickly. Such a simple site can also be used on different devices and platforms.

02. Ensure Quick And Easy Navigational Features

Your visitors should not be wasting their time on finding out the navigational buttons. If they have to spend more time on getting information from different pages, then redesign your navigational features.

Easy Navigational Features

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Do not over try and get tempted to create something unique for the sake of it. Your navigational button menus must be instantly visible to the users and keep it standard so that users feel comfortable.

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03. Make Call To Action Clean And Clear

Call to action buttons are important as they invite users to take a buying decision or any other action that you want. For example, your call to action may be about asking users to buy products or, asking to sign up for your email newsletter.

Call To Action

It may be simply a request for donating to a cause. Design these buttons in such a way that they stand out from rest of your design elements. For example, you can make the buttons pop up to your visitor who is scanning your web pages. Also, keep the text on the call to action direct and short.

04. Keep The Content In The Limit

People do not like to visit a website mostly if they have to go through a lot of text-based content. They look for visual elements that can educate them on an issue. So, your web pages should have a good mix of visual and text content.


[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Remember that there will also be ads and product displays on your site pages. But if they are undesirable, remove them. Keep visual and text elements only for a clutter-free web page.

Website design

05. Make Good Use Of White Space

Whitespace is a crucial design element for creating aesthetically beautiful websites. In this method, an experienced designer lets a lot of space remain empty on web pages. This space contains no text and image. An intention behind it is to ensure better readability of text. White space is also a good way to relieve the eyes of the stress when reading a web page. With a lot of space left blank, users can quickly scan the information through the page. This helps in retaining the users on the website and reduces bounce rate.

White Space

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Google is a great example of the best use of whitespace. The search engine’s page is mostly devoid of text and images. Only a search box and Google name and few texts on the upper right side of the page make the overall content on the page. So, there are no distractions on the Google page and people can type their search queries or sign in, which is the main purpose of the page.

06. Use Colours Wisely

Make sure that your website has the right colors that catch the eyes of users. But the colors should be strategically picked to convey your company’s brand message. There will be many interface elements and important buttons on your website. Pick contrasting colors for them to catch the users’ attention. Choosing the right color palette is important.

Colours Wisely

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

07. Use Clean Fonts

Use a typeface that is clean and helps in reading the information. Such a typeface should be visually balanced and unique. This will help in reading website text clearly. Find out which fonts are trending and see if they are matched with your brand personality. But do not forget to find out fonts that your client is already using in business card design and other materials to ensure brand consistency.


[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

08. Incorporate Images And Videos

Another useful feature of an engaging website design is that it has relevant images and videos. These two visual elements are, today, the most sought-after to keep visitors busy with a website. It also helps in reducing the bounce rate. But make sure that there is a good mix of text and visual content. Both of them should complement each other. In many cases, there has been a 100 percent increase in a website’s unique users.

Incorporate Images

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

While incorporating videos, avoid making your website heavy as it can have an adverse impact on load-time. So, place one or two relevant videos only on your key web pages.

09. Make It A Responsive Website

A majority of web searches are made on smartphones. So, chances are that most of your target customers are looking for your products or services using mobile devices. This means that your website design should be responsive to the small mobile phone screens. Your mobile app design should be such that it helps users search your business conveniently.

Responsive Website

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

10. Use Section Headers

If there are content-heavy areas on your website pages, it becomes boring and less encouraging for users and they leave the page. So it is advisable to break such content. You can put content with headers, which will give your content a structure.

Use Section

[Source: Designhiil’s Gallery]

Users can easily scan such content. Always try to put a header, even if it is a product description. Break down your text content into small chunks so that visitors can scan and read it quickly. It will engage your visitors.

11. Talk In A Friendly Tone

Some websites speak in a formal and technical language. When visitors find such terminology, they immediately leave such website and migrate to the friendlier site of competitors. To engage your visitors, speak in a friendly tone. Write your web pages in a conversational tone just like you speak to your friends.

web design

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Treat your visitors as your valued friends. Talk to them on a day to day language when providing some solutions. Make sure that your visitors understand your services and offerings easily. Create an easy brand voice using your website design.

12. Display A Confirmation Screen

When your visitors make a purchase from your website or they subscribe to your newsletter, they should be able to confirm the deal. So, display some kind of a confirmation screen that gives thanks to the visitors for making the purpose or taking the call to action. Or, simply tell that their action was successful. Just after a visitor has signed up for your newsletter, put up a screen that congratulates and welcome for using the service.

Confirmation Screen

13. Test Your Website

To find out if your website design inspiration is good enough to engage your visitors, test it thoroughly. Mostly, there are some errors that go unnoticed in website designs.


[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

You find out them only when you put your website design to some rigorous tests. Take the time to test your website to find out the kinks. Then, work out those errors before launching the site.

14. Do A Quality Assurance Test

There are professional quality assurance test people whom you should hire to test every aspects of your website. But if your small business cannot hire them, let your in-house team do the testing by clicking all links to find out if there are bugs. Many of these issues can be fixed by your own people in the company.

Quality Assurance

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

15. Pay Attention To User Feedback

Making sure that your website design continues to engage visitors, pay attention to what they have to say about your website and services. Create some features and space on your site where people can give their feedbacks and share their customer experiences. Your beta testers can be useful in this regard.


You can ask a select group of people to provide you with their feedbacks regarding your navigational features, customer experience, and design. Keep those suggestions in mind, though it is not necessary to follow them always.

So, these are the key points to consider when you want to create an engaging website design. It would be advisable to hire a trained website designer so that you get a customized site as per your specific graphic design services needs. But if you find such a designer expensive for your startup, a better option is to crowdsource the work to Designhill.

This is a leading platform where hundreds of website designers and other graphic designers look for new work. All you need to do is to start your website design contest. You will see that dozens of new and memorable design ideas are coming your way from as many designers. You can then pick one of the website designs that you find user-friendly and attractive. You get the design work done at one affordable price.

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When creating an engaging web design, ensure that it conveys your business message, brand personality, brand colors, fonts, and other elements precisely. Use of white space, videos, and images etc. also help engage visitors with the site.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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