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How To Proceed With Sketching Of Logo Design

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Sketch logo design

Last updated on February 21st, 2018

Process of logo design goes through different steps and takes time. This is because the designer looks for new ideas and inspiration. Though use of software is very common for modern designers but they seldom start the design process right on the computer and instead prefer to use pencil and paper.

Lets See That How To Proceed With Sketching Of Logo Design

Conceive an idea

Sketching is the first step that majority of the designers like to start the process with. Main aim behind drawing the sketches is to conceive ideas and to see how a logo will take shape. Use of pencil lets the designer draw a sketch freely without interruption.

Draw as many sketches as you can

Make sure that you draw plenty of sketches. This is important to have as many ideas. Often, one drawing leads to another as the ideas invade the brain. So, the key to getting many logo ideas is to draw the sketches rapidly, may be dozens of them in quick time. If you look at the sketch book of the designers, you will find many pages of rough drawings.

Bring sketches to the client

Once you have finished drawing many sketches, review them after sometime. You will find that some logo design  ideas are unique and appealing. You should select three to four designs to take them to the client. The client is likely to select one of them on which you can proceed for its development.

logo Design

Take the selected sketch to the software.

Role of software is crucial in developing the rough sketch into an elegant design. Software lets you play with the design and allows for a proper shape.

Select fonts and colors

After you have shaped up the logo, it is time to select right colors and fonts. These two elements will be based on the personality of the client’s business so that right message can be conveyed to the customers.

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