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22 Wellness Logo Ideas Perfect For 2023

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Wellness Logos

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023

Wellness brands inspire and empower people to take steps to optimize their physical and mental health. While, many companies are active in this field with products like day spas, health food stores, gyms, yoga centers, and treatment centers. A new entrant in this market has to compete with the major players to survive and then grow. In their endeavor to make it big in their niche markets, they need perfect wellness logo ideas.

  • Logos are the visuals present everywhere. They are present on the products or services of a wellness company. Being the face of a company, logos are right at the topmost space on advertisements. So, the first thing a customer sees about a business is its logo.
  • This should prompt a new wellness startup to ensure that a unique logo represents it. Often, people build a perception of a new company based on the quality of its logo design. With such a business symbol, you can even hope to establish a distinct identity.
  • But most wellness brands use conventional symbols in their logos. These symbols are leaves and trees for growth, apples for nutrition, hands for safety and connection, and lotus flower for a yoga studio. Similarly, fitness brand logos have mountains for an adventure.

However, these clichéd symbols and images are not advisable to use. People do not respond to the images they see so often. Therefore, if you want to have a generic logo, then ensure that it is based on a unique idea.

Even when using conventional symbols, try to give a modern twist to them. This way, you can make the logos unique and stand out. You can also take the help of logo templates available online to create an outstanding logo for your wellness business.

Now, since new logo trends emerge every year, you must be curious about the current year. To help you get an insight into the design trends making round, we have assembled a list.

Take A Look At The Top Wellness Logo Ideas For 2023

01. Eksir Health

The Eksir Health deals in psychiatric issues and helps people in their sound mental well being. Its logo has two elements. One is the brand shape, and the other is the ECG signs.

Eksir Health Wellness Logo Idea

The combination of these brains and heart symbols gives a clear message of keeping your good emotional health. Blue and green colors stand for health and socialization. This wellness logo is unique because of the liner art it uses to design both the elements.

02. Higher State

The Higher State logo is an excellent example of how modern wellness logo ideas are evolving quickly. This logo does not rest on conventional symbols. Instead, it uses the new symbols of brain and connectivity lines.

The designer shows two parts of the brain with one responsible for arts and creativity, and the other for calculation.

Higher State

Since the company helps people train their mind, the logo shows the two vital functions of the brain. To design a logo, you can experiment with unique elements to give it a remarkable fresh look.

Remember that when designing your company logo, you need to do some market research. You should ask some vital questions before you set out to create your logo.

03. Bondzest

Bondzest is an online marketplace for clients who want to resolve their issues related to family relationships. The marketplace works as a place for therapists.

Here, in the company logo, you can notice the use of two conventional heart symbols. But the designer turned the symbol to make it look like family people.

Bondzest Wellness Logo Ideas

This logo is also a great example of line art as one line is twisted to make two hearts. This gives the feeling of a connected family. We can say that it is undoubtedly one of the most appealing wellness brand’s logos.

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04. Hot Box

HotBox provides saunas facility to people who want to detox their bodies by taking a sauna bath. You can see the logo having a fire symbol, representing the sauna technique.

Hot Box

The square shape well represents the box part of the company name. To make the design look unique, the square size is big. The grey, yellow, and orange colors give the logo a touch of sophistication.


GLDNHRT is a new brand that deals with the issues related to anxiety and panic attacks. People suffering from this disease are under severe pressure to keep a balance of mind.


To express this issue, its wellness logo idea has a golden heart. This represents a strong body and mind. The designer successfully conveys the message of caring. Such health and wellness logos make a great first impression on viewers.

06. Botnee

The company Botnee sells CBD products. Cannabidiol [CBD] has potential therapeutic advantages. It is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and has seizure-suppressant properties.


To illustrate such benefits, the company’s logo simply has the cannabis plant as a visual element. The letter ‘O’ is shaped in the leaf shape and the plant leaf rests inside of it. It looks like a simple design, but it conveys its message clearly.

Such health and wellness logo ideas are fully capable of conveying a message of elegance and sophistication of a company’s services.

07. Heal Like A Mother

‘Heal Like a Mother’ is a community for women who are going through postpartum depression and other related complications.

The community lends support and access to healing therapies such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition, etc. It projects a caring mother having her baby. The logo reflects peace, calmness, and hope.

Heal Like A Mother

If you want to create such logos on your own, use an online logo maker. Such software comes equipped with several symbols, colors, and typefaces with drag and drop features. You can also use some alternative software to design your logo.

08. Veronica Whetsel

Veronica Whetsel is in the business of providing services regarding physical therapy and therapeutic yoga. It helps people in getting relief from back pain, arthritis, neck pain, and other injuries.

Veronica Whetsel

Its logo uses a conventional yoga asana surrounded by green leaves. The asana looks like a flame, which expresses hope and light. Green and maroon colors used in the logo stand for passion and health. It surely is one of the exciting yoga logos.

09. Daly Wellness

You can notice a clean text with two fonts in this Daly Wellness company logo. The logo expresses the company’s business of personal training life coaching and nutrition consulting.

It evokes the feelings of a healthy lifestyle. Also, it shows us to reflect unique physical fitness logo ideas.

Daly Wellness

As you can notice, every element in this design demonstrates the robustness of a healthy male body. The conventional leaves, chains, round shape, muscular body of a trained professional and bold text, all convey the message very well.

10. CBD Demand

This company is in the business of selling CBD products for health and wellness. The CBD is part of the medical marijuana industry. The company wants to target people in the upper 20’s to the elderly.

CBD Demand

Therefore, the logo has some seriousness to the design. There is black color dominating the logo while shades of greens are also present. These colors represent the power and health of different health and wellness logo ideas.

11. Thrive

Thrive is a chiropractic and wellness center. The company has all caps lettering style logo with no cursive type font. It is one of those wellness logo ideas that prefer a thicker font to a thin font.


At the same time, the font is not too modern. There is nothing playful about this clean looking logo. A circle with many dots is for giving the business symbol a visual identity.

One of the wellness symbol logo design tips that you can get from this design is the use of minimalistic principles. It uses the minimum number of features to create a design.

12. Doctoryu

Doctoryu is in the interventional pain management industry. Its logo looks simple and beautiful. You can also notice that there is some fun element added to the design.


This is because the medicine is usually a strict and serious sector. So, the fun element gives a message of some playfulness and assurance of painless treatment.

13. Twin Flames

Twin Flames provides Reiki and Shamanic services, which is about energy healing. The company also delivers spiritual classes and psychic readings. Its logo is amongst those wellness logo ideas which rely on a tree symbol to convey a message.

Twin Flames

The company name finds representation in the flame like branches of the tree. The red color evokes the passion of the company in providing healing services while the green evokes good health.

Remember that when you start a company with unique health and wellness business ideas, you need different logos. This is an excellent example with a logo matching with its unique business idea.

14. Mineral Life

Mineral Life is a firm in the business of providing health and wellness consulting services. The blue color evokes intelligence and friendliness.

Mineral Life

These feelings are associated with our health and wellbeing. Shades of blue provide the essential contrast that gives the logo a visual contrast. This logo looks clean, crisp, fresh, and professional.

15. Functional

Functional is an evidence-based supplement company. The company’s logo looks a professional yet natural design. We can say that the success of this design is in portraying the best of nature and science. You can find out a yoga studio logo using elements from nature to express its core message.


16. BTO Wellness

The company name BTO stands for Beat the Odds. This wellness company intends to target overweight or obese Americans. These are the people who try hard for weight reduction by dieting but gain back weight within three years.

BTO Wellness

To express this, the designer used a lion head figure as a symbol for the strong will to reduce the weight. The lion is also a symbol of dominance and fight.

You can see a crown on the lion’s head in the logo which represents the ultimate victory over the weight-related issues. The logo is also an excellent example of representing health and wellness business ideas correctly.

17. Pwer

Pwer wishes to create a community of supporters for females. The company wants every female to succeed in life. So, it targets female entrepreneurs and helps them reach their professional goals by helping them to be physically fit.


The company also helps women in their issues related to beauty and motherhood. This workout logo uses pink as a dominant color. The letters are thin but not too thin to express feminine elegance and a strong will to succeed.

18. Sankofa

Sankofa is a holistic consulting services provider company. Its logo is one of those wellness logo ideas that use conventional symbols to convey a brand message. Sankofa is a word in the Twi language. It means ‘’Go back and get it”.


But it also refers to a symbol that is represented by a bird whose head is turned backwards and feet forward. It also carries an egg. The logo thus plays with some cultural and conventional element to catch the audience’s attention.

19. TruRelief CBD

Tru Relief CBD aims at giving the patients relief from pain naturally. To express this brand message, the designer created a figure of a happy customer who is ecstatic with joy.

TruRelief CBD

The medical aid sign and a drop symbol stand for the value of caring. This logo, like many other wellness logo ideas, uses blue and green.

20. Arise CBD

Arise CBD sells CBD supplements in the US. The company intends to sell four products namely Tincture, Tablets, Drink Mix, Vaporizers. The company’s logo is a single color that looks good. The overall look of the logo is that of a marijuana leaf. The ascending lines in the design express the company name Arise.

Arise CBD

21. The Well

The Well is a company with a growing team of business owners whom the company owner coaches. This health and wellness company offers products to make life better. The company was rebranding and needed a modern logo that is an impressive design.

The Well

We can say that this is one of the unique logo ideas. It is in the shape of a drop that reflects the purity of the team spirit. The letter ‘W’ in its name is beautifully carved out in the middle of the design.

22. Integration

The owner of Integration is a psychologist doing private practice. This logo is a simple design which relies on bold fonts to convey its message. The green color in the logo represents the element of nature and spirituality.


This fitness logo design is a straightforward piece of work with no symbols with stylish design involved. Such logos give the message of high-quality expert services from a business owner.

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Wrapping Up

Wellness logo ideas should reflect all those values that a brand in this field represents. These new logo ideas for 2023 are unique in many ways. They use new symbols to express elegance and caring associated with physical and mental wellbeing.

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