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Top 5 Business Card Design Trends That Will Dominate The Scene In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Cards Design

Business Card Design

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

A business card is a key marketing tool if it is used perfectly. A well-thought out business card design has the power to influence potential customers in many ways. The card design has colors, symbols, and other elements that are strategically incorporated to speak favorably about the company and brand. So, your business card is more than a way to convey contact information of company. But impact of the card depends on its compelling and trendy design.

If you want to make a lasting impression on your clients through your business card, then keep these statistics in mind. There are 27,397,260 business cards printed daily in the U.S. This shows that your card is just one of the huge amount of cards out there in circulation.

This means using the card to hold your potential customers’ attention is going to be even more difficult. What is more worrying is that according to a survey, 88.8% of the business cards received by the clients are thrown in less than a week. This should prompt you to create a card design using a card maker that your clients can appreciate.

Business cards are primarily used for providing all the contact details of an enterprise. These details include a company’s name, physical address, email, website address, phone number, fax number, and other information.

There is a company logo also printed on the card and some cards also include a tagline of the company. All the information is usually kept on the front side of the card. Most of the cards have nothing printed on the back side.

But more than being a card to give out your contact numbers and website addresses to the recipients, modern business cards have become an incredible tool for conveying a strong business message to potential clients and customers.

Business owners don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of making a first memorable impression on the mind of the recipients. For that, they rely heavily on business cards that contains perfect elements of colors, space, fonts, etc. with the purpose of getting a specific message and business attributes of a company to the target customers.

When designing your business card, ask the designer to keep it simple. The clients are expecting only the information from the card. So, they want to see your company details quickly at first glance. Any complex design will distract their eyes. Many clients may get frustrated if they do not notice your company’s information instantly.

So, do not use many colors, typefaces, and images in the card. Make sure that the colors you use come from your company’s logo colors. Even fonts used in the cards should not be different from the fonts of your logo and other marketing materials. You can also take the help of free business card templates available online to design your business cards.

However, keeping a design simple does not mean that it should be a boring work. It would be good if the card is a trendy design with the right business card dimensions.

Design trends reflect the mood of the modern people in terms of colors, fonts, images and other elements. Once a card reflects the current design trends, chances are that it will be liked by the people even more.

As most businesses look for impressive business card designs, many new and innovative trends keep emerging each year. In 2023, we’ll experience many more impressive design trends in the world of business cards. Many of these trends have evolved over the past years’ concepts, while others are new entrants.

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Here Are Top 5 Impressive Business Card Design Trends For 2023

01. Classical White

In 2023, business cards may use classic white as a major and dominating color. They may choose white mainly to stand out from other business card design that has overused colorful backgrounds.

Classical White

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Chances are that bold lettering will go against the total white background. Cards will also become thicker and heavier so that they can be quickly identified amongst the crowd.

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02. Use Of Card’s Flip Side

Business cards had a blank surface on the flip side with no information whatsoever. This trend is going to take a U-turn in 2023, with designers filling the backspace with brand’s color and even its logo.

business card design

A backspace with multiple features printed will go well with a white space on the front side of the card. The use of white-space in the cards will be in line with the use of this element in other graphic designs such as website design.

03. Multiple Shapes

So far, rectangular shape dominated the business card shapes. This shape is ideal to provide more information about a company. However, the designers now look for shapes that stand out. They will experiment with all shapes including rounded edges, squares and diamonds.

Multiple Shapes

Moreover, a new shape also is a way to give upscale look to the card and also to the business. The designers are experimenting with shapes when it comes to creating merchandise design and even logos.

professional logo

04. Adding Visual Punch

In previous years, the designers used colors to add a visual punch to business cards. They will now experiment with other elements such as engraving and texture to make the cards look different and catchy.

Visual Punch

Therefore, you can expect more business card design ideas with a textured image and stamped lettering. They may also go for embossing the card to create a raised image.

They may also provide color and texture by using foil stamping. Many graphic designers have already experimented with a lot of texture when creating brochure design to give a real feel of the product to the clients.

05. Focus On Quality

Marketers so much talk about targeting only specific set of customers that matter to the business; business cards designers will lay emphasis more on quality of printing than producing thousands of cheap looking cards.

This means that even if a business produces only 50-100 cards, high quality of the business cards designs will help in converting more recipients into customers.

Focus On Quality

Therefore, instead of cheaper printing techniques, the designers will use sophisticated printing and greater thickness of cards as a tool to impress the clients of a business.

Your business card design must take into account these new design trends to impress clients with your business message and unique selling proposition. Remember that you should use the card to make a good first impression on the clients.

Often, when a business owner uses business card maker tools, there is little focus on quality. But even with the tool, maintaining a good quality of design is possible if every element is well taken care of.

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Business card designs come in different shapes and sizes which can be customized according to your requirement in custom business card size. The flip side of the cards will also be used to impart some additional information. There will be clever use of the white space elements to create the impression of sophistication and quality. The emphasis will continue to be on keeping the design simple with the limited use of fonts and colors.

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