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Top 11 Reasons That Make Business Cards A Lethal Marketing Element

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Business Cards Design

Last updated on March 16th, 2022

Business cards are generally known as small pieces of thick paper having a company’s or an individual’s contact details. But they are no more a customary presentation of the contact information for a visitor or customer. More than that, the modern cards have become a part of marketing strategies.

A business card typically has information such as a company name, its logo, email address, phone number, website address, etc. The exchange of business cards is still considered as one of the effective marketing tactics if used wisely. The cards are still a way to connect people with businesses on a personal level.

Several studies have highlighted the importance of business cards. According to a survey, 72% of clients make an opinion about a business based on its card design. Therefore, in today’s competitive business world, marketers have turned business cards into tools to drive customers.

In fact, they choose the business card dimensions and create the cards in such designs that the clients have a good first impression about a company and its business.

Businesses can use the cards in so many ways to drive the attention of potential customers. They are using the cards even to advertise their essential services.

Here Are Key Tips To Make Your Business Card A Potent Marketing Weapon

01. Create A Powerful First Impression

Creating a great first impression is essential for many companies due to people’s wavering attention span. You have only a few seconds to impress people when they visit your website or see your company’s advertisements. Business cards can be used to tell the recipient of the card that you run a business professionally.

Create A Powerful First Impression

You can impress the clients by using thick paper for the card, excellent printing quality, and unique business card design. Use colors, typeface, images, logo, and contact details strategically. All these measures hint about your company’s approach to doing business.

Studies reveal that clients hold a colored business card for 10X longer duration than a white card. It is now proven through studies that the majority of people judge a brand or a person based on their business card.

02. Represent Your Brand Nicely

A carefully designed business card can help in building the desired brand personality. It gives the clients a sense of credibility and trust about your products or services. The card acts like a representative of your company.

Represent Your Brand Nicely

If you can use the card wisely as a marketing strategy, it will carry your brand amid your target audience professionally. Therefore, your business card maker should also be aware of your brand message and personality.

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03. Convey Your Brand Message

Unique Business cards design ideas can capture the spirit of your business. The very design of the card tells the clients about the type of business you run. For instance, if you are an architect, you can convey your brand message by keeping your card design simple, clean, unique, and modern. In case your brand needs to project a friendly and informal image, then your card design may have some fun elements.

Convey Your Brand Message

But make sure you precisely know your brand message. Only a professional graphic designer will incorporate colors, typefaces, images, and such elements accordingly to express that message for target clients.

04. Stand Out From Competitors

With unique business cards, you can make your brand look different from your competitors’ in the same market. Businesses must stand out if they want to grow fast in highly competitive markets. A memorable and eye-catching card design will make your brand recognizable amid clients.

Stand Out From Competitors

However, to stand out, create a unique card design. It should be simple, to the point, and should have necessary details and contact information like email, mobile, website, addresses, etc.

05. Call To Action

Modern business cards have Call-to-Action or CTA for the clients. The CTA is a powerful marketing tool as it encourages the clients to take the desired action of buying the products or subscribing to services. Many cards even offer a discount to the customers. Others have a QR Code to a website page.

Call To Action

When you hire graphic design services, ask them to incorporate the CTA on the card. Write the call-to-action text carefully as it should be short and crispy.

06. Use The Card As A Referral Tool

You can find plenty of blank space on the back of most business cards. This space can be utilized for advertising purposes. Many businesses are now providing all types of information on the back side.

The information is about the things buyers or sellers are interested in. But one of the best utilization of the blank side is to create a referral program.

Use The Card As A Referral Tool

Smart marketers have turned this space into a potent referral tool. All you need to do is to write on the back side that you accept referrals. Then, write something that encourages them to give you the emails, etc contact details of other people who might be your potential loyal customers. This way you can expect to make a few more deals.

07. Give The Cards With Gifts

Another marketing idea using business cards is to just paste them with the birthday gifts or festival gifts you give to your clients. Everyone loves to get gifts. When a business card is attached or stuck with the present, the card is noticed even more due to the happy moments.

Give The Cards With Gifts

Since you are giving the cards to clients along with gifts, the card helps in building your brand identity. They remember your card and business more due to the present. They can thus recall your brand easily.

You can also stick the cards on bulletin boards of grocery stores and banks. Other places to leave the cards include schools, craft shows, hospitals, beauty salons, and street fairs.

08. Use Past Clients

You have many satisfied clients. You can use them to bring more customers. Just request them to let you display your business cards at their sites. They can then refer your business to other people.

Use Past Clients

On the back of the card, you can write how you helped the client with your services or products. Anyone visiting the client’s site may pick such a card to find that the client already has used your services.

09. Include Your Card With Correspondence

All of your business correspondences are opportunities to drive customers. Whenever you send invoices or any other mail to your clients, insert your business cards.

Include Your Card With Correspondence

Enclose at least two to three cards and request the clients to pass the cards on. Make sure that you slip in the cards in every type of correspondence you make.

10. Bring Customers To Your Website

In this digital age, your business website is of significant value to doing business. People come to a site first to have a glimpse of a company’s business and know more about its products before making a buying decision. To bring clients to your website, give your website address prominently on the card.

Bring Customers To Your Website

But make sure that your logo design appears prominently on the front side of your business card. This is important as the logo is the face of your company and business. Moreover, when they visit your website, they first look for the logo to ensure that they are on the right site.

11. Reach Out To Complementary Businesses

Most businesses depend on other complementary businesses to drive customers. For example, if you are in a mortgage broker, then a realtor is the person who can fetch you more clients.

Reach Out To Complementary Businesses

Form some alliance with complementary businesses in your field so that they have your business cards at their sites regularly. This way, the a great design that is a business card inspiration becomes a business marketing tool.

These are the key reasons for including your business cards in your marketing plans. You can explore numerous other marketing methods to promote your business using the card.

Your card design will matter the most when it comes to making a lasting impression on your clients. Designhill can help in creating unique cards for your organization. All you need to do is to launch your business card design contest on the site to get dozens of new design ideas at one affordable price.

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Business cards have the potential to represent your company nicely amid your target audience. The cards can be used to generate referrals. It can also be used to promote your brand image amid target clients. Give the cards to clients with gifts. You can drive customers to your website with the help of the cards.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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