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Enhance Your Brand Image With Logo Design

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Logo Design

Brand Image

Last updated on October 26th, 2021

Every serious business owner tries hard to sell products or services in a competitive market. But if the perception of an audience about the company is good, doing business becomes a lot easier. Remarkable logo design helps in building a brand image of a business for its rapid growth.

Many people think that a logo is a brand or they take logo as an identity of a business and organization. But make sure that you do not mix logo design, branding, and identity design as they have different meanings. But they all make a desired perception and image of a product or business.

Here Are The Key Points On How To Enhance Your Brand Image With Logo Design

01. What Do We Mean By Branding?

Branding is not something that you can describe easily. Hundreds of books and publications deliver information on this topic. But it can also be put in a nutshell. We can say that branding is when an organization, product or services is given a ‘personality’ so that people or target audience can build a perception about it. So, branding is essentially what people think of a company, products or services.

It is now clear that it is the people who make a perception, and therefore, they make a brand. A designer cannot create a brand. However, the role of a designer is to lay down the foundation of the brand when it is in the making. Some people mistakenly think that few colors, fonts, a slogan, and a logo is what you need to build a brand. But the fact is that many elements play a role in forming a corporate image and brand.


When we talk of corporate image, it implies that all the things related to a company including its products or services must reflect the values it believes in. When the business values are consistently projected across all online and offline platforms, we can say that the company is engaged in a brand-building exercise. So, branding is not just the use of some colors, typefaces, slogan, and a logo.

Take for example the Apple company, which is in the IT sector. The company projects the values such as support a good cause, volunteerism, and humanistic corporate culture. When consumers buy an Apple product, they feel like being the part of the brand, and they are emotionally connected with the company. For any company that intends to be a big brand, it should establish an emotional connection with people. A logo and products or services alone cannot build a brand.

A logo design is undoubtedly a part of branding, but it also includes customer service, user experience, content, storytelling, messaging, and a good reputation of the company. It can be said that, overall, a brand is about how you want to promote and project it and how your target audience views it.

02. What Is A Brand Image?

A brand image is how people or customers build a perception of what a company has to offer in the market. So, when we talk about the image, it is all about how the target audience or customers think of a company and what do they have in mind about the brand. It takes many years before customers have an individual perception of the brand.

Brand Image

Since a brand image is the result of what a set of customers think of it, the customer is at the center of it. This means that a company tries hard to build a solid image in the customers’ mind as it helps in meeting business objectives.

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03. Advantages Of A Strong Brand Image

One of the key reasons why businesses care so much about their brand image is that it helps in attracting new customers and it then results in more profits. But more than that, a good brand image makes the launching of new products under the same brand name much easier.

Strong Brand Image

The brand image also is a way for a business to build a solid customer base. It also helps a lot in creating a business-customer relationship.

04. How Is The Brand Image Formed?

Businesses make extra efforts to build a brand image. They devote efforts, time, money, and other resources to create an identity that customers believe in. When building the image, businesses focus on how the brand will look and how the target customers will feel about it.

They also make sure that the brand positioning is absolutely right. All such efforts create a brand personality. It is this personality that eventually leads to building a brand image when people and target audience interacts with the brand.

Brand Image Formed

For example, Coca-Cola is marketed and advertised by the company as ‘original cola,’ and it has a ‘unique taste.’ This is the brand image of the company. Similarly, Woodland Shoes are projected as an ideal option for the people who love outdoors.

So, when you hire a freelance graphic designer, make it clear that you need a logo that can project the company as a nice brand.


05. How Would You Define Brand Identity Design?

A brand identity design is about creating visual identities of a company. Generally, a company has its own set of guidelines regarding the visuals it uses. We can say that these guidelines not only make the identity but also set the rules for applying the visuals on different platforms. These guidelines help in using the approved colors, layouts, fonts, and measurements. This helps in preserving a company’s identity so that people can recognize the brand.

Brand Identity Design

So, which are the key visuals that make a company’s image or identity?. In fact, there are many such visual devices. These include a logo, which is a company’s symbol for everything it owns. Besides the logo, there are stationery products and packaging design, marketing items like brochures, flyers, website, etc., signage, and many others that make up an identity of a company and brand.

06. Identity vs. Image

So, brand image is the total impression that a customer has of a brand’s personality. But the image is developed gradually over the years. But brand identity is different from the brand image.

Identity vs. Image

Brand identity is something that comes from the company’s own source while the brand image is the perception a customer has about the company and its offerings.

When it comes to messaging, the identity is closely tied together with the company’s message. The consumer gets the message through the image. So, the identity is all about who you are, while the image of a brand is about how customers see the company.

07. How Do You Define A Logo?

A logo is a graphic symbol and a visual device that identifies an organization or product or service using a mark, symbol, etc. The function of a company’s logo is not to directly sell a company’s offerings in a market. It also does not describe what a business is all about.

Define A Logo

A good logo design is a symbol for what a company stands and is known for. We can say that a logo identifies merely a business. Just as we all like to be identified by our names and not by how we look, logos also recognize their companies and do not explain what the companies do.

So, a logo does not explain what a particular business or company does. An ideal logo design, therefore, is the one that successfully identifies a business and people can recognize it. This is the reason that a logo should be a memorable design.

08. How Logo Design Gives Boost To Your Brand Image?

The business logo is a significant tool in giving a nice brand image to your company. It is a primary visual that represents your company. So, when buying your products or services, your customers will first take a look at your logo. They will even make an opinion about your business by the impression your logo makes on them.

Logo Design Gives Boost To Your Brand Image

When you create a logo that is unique and memorable, it surely helps in making brands competitive and making them go ahead of others. As most markets are now saturated with competitors, the businesses look for some memorable images such as a logo to draw the customers’ attention and be ahead of competitors.

After a brand has worked hard to achieve stature in a market, its logo makes it easier for the company to convey business values to the customers. This means that the elements used in a logo design will reinforce the customers’ perception.

09. Color

The use of colors in a logo is vital for customers making a buying decision. It is now a well-documented fact that colors can evoke feelings. This power of colors makes them essential for expressing business values and conveying a message in the form of messages to the customers.


If you use appropriate colors in your logo design, it can surely influence your potential customers’ buying decision. Various studies have shown that more than 84% of consumers base their decision on colors when it comes to buying products.

When choosing the colors, ensure brand consistency as well. This means that the logo should have more or less the same colors as used in the client’s other marketing platforms such as social media page and websites.

10. Typeface

The typeface is another critical element that creates a unique visual image of the brand. In fact, a professional graphic designer uses typography to give a logo a charming personality. We can identify a logo from its typeface as well. For example, the Coca-Cola logo has a classic handwritten typeface that builds an image of the brand in its own way. The very classic lettering of the logo gives the brand a personality and an image.


So, when selecting a typeface, first evaluate your brand for its business message and values. Then, pick typography accordingly. Remember that there are many high-quality typefaces available free to modern designers. This means that enhancing your brand’s image through typefaces is much easier and affordable today.

11. Presentation

In this digital age, a logo designer makes sure that the logo is aligned with the brand’s message. Now the majority of marketers believe that a brand image is what this image says and how it says it to the potential customers. In the modern age, no business can keep its secrets from its clients. Social media can bring disrepute to any business anyday.


This is the reason that businesses should make their logos a tool to create a strong brand image that no one can dent. If the logo design is capable of projecting the strength of a company, that helps in keeping the company’s reputation and image.

12. Other Elements

Besides the use of colors, typefaces, other design elements also contribute toward creating an image of your brand. For example, white space or negative space is the space vacant between the two design elements. But this space is used to create a hidden image that you can see by observing it closely.

For example, the FedEx logo has an arrow hidden between the letters E and x. The arrow symbolizes the courier company’s speedy and timely services. This arrow enhances the company’s image as a reliable service for speedily delivering the currier items.

Remember that your logo will appear on all of your marketing strategies including emails. When you put your email signature in your email message, the logo will be the first thing that your subscriber will see to ensure that the message and signature are genuine.

So, it is now clear that your logo design is the way forward to shine up your brand. You can cultivate an image of the brand in whichever way you want, but the logo is the face of your company.

Therefore, it must be a creative design that stands out with its use of colors, typography, and other elements. People will see it all the time on your products or services, which should prompt you to create a memorable logo.

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Your logo design matters a lot when you want to use it for shining up your brand image. A logo speaks about your business through creative use of colors, typography, space, shape, and even lines. People have confidence and faith in your business if they find your logo a piece of creative work.

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