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Top 10 Best Crowdsourcing Sites of 2017 for Your Business

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design

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Most startups are known for their zero-hierarchy work culture, their passionate approach to customer service and an exceptionally high level of energy. Change seems to be the name of the game for such new businesses and startups. But there’s one thing that most startups and small businesses are obsessed with. That’s cost-reduction.

But for a startup, cost reduction is easier said than done. This is where crowdsourcing comes to the rescue of startups and small businesses. This model allows businesses to drive growth and success at low to zero costs. Quite obviously, a large number of small businesses and startups turn to crowdsourcing when looking for affordable and quick solutions to their problems.

Right from naming the brand to low cost graphic design solutions to software and usability testing and data cleansing and entry to business innovations, crowdsourcing is spread over a wide spectrum. Given the staggering popularity of crowdsourcing model, the world of web is now replete with hundreds and thousands of such platforms. In fact, almost every field of business today can find out a site entirely dedicated to the cause of providing solutions to them.

But the sheer multiplicity of such platforms can create a problem of plenty for anyone. Just as you google for an opinion or solution to issues relevant to your organization, dozens of crowdsourcing sites line up. This creates confusion, especially for those who look for the best amongst the lot.

So, to avoid any such confusion, We give you a select list of crowdsourcing sites known for their credibility. Here is our compilation.

1. Logo design = Designhill

Designhill - crowdsourcing website


Is your organization looking for cost-effective graphic designs? Well, Designhill has established itself as creditable marketplace place for creating cost-effective design solutions in varied categories. This platform is popular with small businesses and startups that depend on design crowdsourcing sites to cut their design related costs. Seen as the best alternative to 99 designs, businesses can benefit from a wide range of features from Designhill when they seek customized design solutions.

At Designhill, you access dozens of new design ideas from as a wide pool of talented and skilled designers, both professionals and amateurs from across the world. And creative design concepts are available to you at just $129, which is the lowest offered by any crowdsourcing sites, till date. So, if you’re looking for a creative logo design, all you need to do is to launch a contest at the site and fill in your requirements. And then you start receiving dozens of design concepts in response to your project offering you a chance to take your pick.


But it’s not just logos, you may choose from 40+ different design categories including business cards, stationary design, leaflets, websites, etc. Every aspect of designing as per your design brief with the site is so smooth that you would love to come back to the site next time too.

2. Images = Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr is your destination of choice

There is absolutely no need for you to spend through your nose to access pictures relevant to your business. Flickr is a crowdsourcing platform that allows you access to millions of high-quality images. So, if you’re looking for pictures of celebrities, historical figures, places, footballers, symbols, icons, etc., Flickr is your destination of choice. However, it makes sense to ensure that the images you’re sourcing are not copyright protected otherwise you may end up getting caught in legal troubles over copyright infringements.

3. Product redesign – RedesignMe


RedesignMe - Crowdsourcing Sites

Is redesigning of your existing products or services is the need of the hour? Then, take services of Redesignme, a platform dedicated to revamping web design experiences for consumers. Ranking alongside the best design crowdsourcing sites, RedesignMe boasts of creative thinkers who can offer their inputs and suggestions. For a small fee, you can get expert views about your product or services that you think needs to be presented in a new style for modern users.

Once the Design Critique section of the platform lists bad designs, the community is free to give their views. If you find a particular concept of redesigning interesting, you can actively launch a redesign challenge.

4. Software & usability testing – uTest

uTest Crowdsourcing Site

Every business, small or big, usability testing is vital. But usability testing isn’t an easy task. This is where uTest comes to your rescue. It lets you perform online testing. This crowdsourcing site has a community of “18,000 QA professionals from 150 countries”, making it an ideal place to get your project tested.

So, be it your website, gaming, mobile, desktop apps or services, this site will help you perform usability testing that its developers will conduct for you in a professional way.

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5. Business innovation = Chaordix

Chaordix Marketplace

Businesses seeking different solutions for a problem from people can rely on Chaordix. This enterprise marketplace is ideal for the organizations or people who love to engage professionals or armatures alike with projects inviting their opinions. This site is surely a one-stop solution for small and big businesses when they seek ideas from contributors.

6. Advertising = Poptent

best crowdsourcing sites for freelancer videographers

Are you a budding videographer looking to make a mark in the industry? Well, you can start your career on a positive note with Poptent. This is widely considered by experts as one of the best crowdsourcing sites for freelancer videographers. They usually want to build nice and convincing portfolios. Besides the portfolio, they also want to build up connections with companies and big brands in the hope of getting regular work.

From the business owners’ angel, Poptent is their source of accessing of freelancers who can do the job of expensive media agencies at half the prices. Usefulness of the site for businesses is very much evident from the fact that even global brands like Harley Davidson and Proctor & Gamble have used it for new concepts.

7. Brand names – namethis


Namethis is useful site to source a new name for your small business or startup. This site allows you to launch a naming contest for 48 hours. A vast community with the site suggests names. Then, the site lets other’s votes on those names, allowing you to see which names people like the most. You can thus arrive at a nice name for your company that you know is already loved by people. You will need to pay a nominal fee to the best three name ideas you select.

8. Brainstorming / Feedback – kluster

Kluster Design

Do you believe in brainstorming? Surely, it is an effective way to have get many ideas on a topic of discussion. All you need to do is to have gather some experts around a table and make them discuss an issue. But you know that isn’t possible? Fortunately, you have Kluster.

The site is an ideal platform for brainstorming ideas from experts from around the globe. You can select experts from the site’s online community. You will need to pay $27 a month to access the platform’s brainstorming service.

9. Product Design and Manufacturing = Ponoko

Ponoko for product designers

Ponoko allows you access to dozens of product designers. You can use this site to generate new ideas for your product design. This means that you don’t have to hire expensive and expert designers to manufacture your product design as this site can do the job for you. All you need to do is to simply upload a picture and ask Ponoko’s designer community for suggestions. You can also find out as to how much it would cost to create this picture in real.

10. Data Cleansing & Entry/Content Creation – Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk


If you think that humans are still better performers than computers, then Mechanical Turk is your site. This platform has more than 50,000 ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ readily available for freelancers who look for work.

So, if are looking to write a review on anything or make a video, you can get the job listed on the site. The site has more than 100,000 freelancers readily available to jump into action round the clock and do the hard work for you.

These are the top 10 crowdsourcing sites that are sure to make waves in the business circuit in the year 2017. So, if you’re at the helm of a business and are looking for everything right from a suitable name to a brilliant logo design, simply take a pick from the list and stay ahead of the curve.

Have you used any of these sites? How has your experience been? Do leave your comments and let us know.

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