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Which Logo Design Type Suits To Your Business?

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Last updated on February 9th, 2015

Graphic designers create logos after considering many aspects of the design and also a client’s business. They make it certain that a logo is capable of communicating with the targeted customers and helps in reaching them with business message. So, selection of right type of logo is crucial to create a brand identity for your business. Here are some major logo types that you must keep in mind as a graphic designer and also as a business owner so that a suitable logo is in place to communicate with the customers.

Illustrative Logo Designs
An illustrative logo is choice of many businesses and graphic designers for making the emblem more visible and exciting. Many clients see these logos as effectively conveying their business message. Such logos has some text content along with a descriptive image that represents the company or organization.

Illustrative Logo Designs(Source www.modny73.com)

Corporate Logo Designs
Corporate logos are the ones that depict big financial institutions or corporate houses. Since these institutions or big companies have already established their business in the market and do not usually have a tough competition, logos created for them are generally have a classic design. Such logos are conventional.

Web 2.0 Logo Designs
Web 2.0 logos are the result of innovative techniques by graphic designers. These logos are new trends using many colors and reflection in order to create a spectacular logo. The designer uses color contrast in a skillful way so that use of multiple colors does make the logo overcrowded.

Hi-Tech Logo Designs
Hi-tech logos are the product of new technology. The contemporary technology ensures that the graphic designer can incorporate abstract images and creative use of light etc. in the logo design. An abstract imagery helps in adding some excitement in the logo for the viewers so that they can explore the business.

Hi-Tech Logo Designs(Source 3d-pictures.picphotos.net)

You should discuss these types of logo design with your logo designer. A detailed information provided to an experience graphic designer about your business, company background and targeted audience will surely help the designer in selecting the right type of logo for your business.

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