10 Useful Tips for Designing Professional HTML Email Templates

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Last updated on October 1st, 2018

Emails are perhaps one of the most effective means of marketing. No wonder, almost all popular companies send out emails and email newsletters to promote their business. So it makes sense to understand the basic tenets of professional HTML email design to make your newsletters more effective and impressive. Skim through this blog for 10 useful tips that will help you in designing professional HTML emails.

10 useful tips for designing professional HTML email templates

1. Place Your Calls-To-Action On Top

In this busy world, where everyone is running short of time, why not offer your clients the privilege of viewing and acting fast? By allocating the top region of your email design to your call- to-action areas, you will be able to ensure that your customer act swiftly which in turn is going to positively affect you only.
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2. Stick To HTML Text And Fonts

This tip essentially emanates from the common norm followed in design circuit worldwide that strictly prohibit people from incorporating the use of web-embedded fonts. Therefore, it makes sense to use normal fonts such as Arial, Calibri, Bookman Old Style, Georgia etc.

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3. Effective Use Of Big Typography

Whenever you run short of high quality images or pictures and find it difficult to convey your message effectively, remember typography is there for your rescue! Get an engaging and big typographical arrangement and couple it with an average image. However, if you feel that your typography is competent enough to deliver an impact then you can skip adding the image.
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4. Ensure You Clearly Establish Your Identity

People have a tendency to ignore emails that lack details and information about the sender. Therefore, do ensure that your email defines your company or brand in a nutshell. With the company logo appearing on top, you can infuse other business essentials too so that your email serves the intended purpose, rightfully.
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5. Quick Yet Effective Approach

Considering your email marketing equally important as your business website’s home page will help you in adopting a meaningful approach towards its design. And this is what your viewers’ want, a simple and straightforward approach that directs them straight to the message.

6. Restrict Yourself To Maximum Of 3 Columns

It is always a nice idea to create maximum of 2 to 3 columns in your email design because the increased number of columns hamper the overall look of your email design making the content look visually ineffective and cluttered.
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7. Place Text Towards The Right And Images Onto The Left

Several researches have revealed that visitors’ are tempted more strongly to wonderful pictures over text – even if the text is vital. With this in mind, put the image on the left, so it’s the first thing your readers see – once they’ve satisfied their visual curiosity, they can continue reading your important headline.
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8. Refrain From Using Images In The Background

No one appreciates background images in professional emails, so it’s a complete no! Refrain from using any photos, geometric patterns etc. as background images. The idea is to keep things simple and score high on professional quotient. Indeed, there’s nothing better than a plain background.
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9. Never Miss The “View In Browser” Link

In worst case scenario, assume that your users aren’t able to your email or the attached images, then what? This is the link that allows them to see the content of the email at least in the browser.
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10. Testing Device Compatibility

After incorporating all the valuable tips, it’s now time to see how your email signature appears. Test your emails on smartphones, tablets and ipads to analyse how your email is working on different platforms. Forward your emails only when you are satisfied with the test results.

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