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15 Great Logos That Aren’t Totally Lame

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on February 12th, 2019

One of the first things customers see when they look at a website, letterhead, business card, or storefront is a company’s logo. Your logo helps to define your brand – having brand power means your business will stick in the minds of your customers.

Professional logos can be produced by graphic design companies like Design Hill and are likely to show you a high return on investment.

Here are 15 great logos that have made their mark on their industries.

Elements of a Great Logo
Designing a good logo is part of effective branding. To design an effective logo, you need several elements. Business Insider explains that it is essential to choose the right color, font, and imagery to tell the story of your business. They say a company’s logo reflects its values, behavior, and impact.

2010 WOLDA Award Winners

For an example of great design, take a look at the list of WOLDA Award winners. WOLDA is an international design award committee that is sponsored by several graphic design organizations and hundreds of the top graphic design companies. Below are a few of their logo design award winners from 2010.

Wolda Award (Great Logos)1. Underwater Productions: Undersea Productions is an aquatic photography and imaging service provider. Their services and products include still frame photographs and prints as well as marine life videos and underwater videography. Their logo reflects the water element of their business while clearlydepicting the company’s name.
2. Easy Pet: Right away, the distinct paw print image lets onlookers know that the Easy Pet logo is for a company that deals with animals. The heart in the middle of the paw evokes thoughts of love while the soft lines and muted colors convey warmth.
3.Electra Cycle: The Electra Cycle logo has a cool tone that looks modern and sleek with an image that combines the “E” for electricity with the front of a bicycle. This logo indicates the company’s industry, electric bicycles, and their modernity.
4.Oak Tree International School: The spherical image used in the Oak Tree International School logo symbolizes the globe, while it’s oak branch design indicates the company’s name. The coloring is vibrant but not bright, helping to emphasize the bright futures of their students.
5. City Post:
Two arrows make up an envelope to indicate that the company transports mail both within the nation and worldwide. The word “post” is both in all caps and underline to distinguish the function of the business. The white-on-red high-contrast coloring is both sleek and professional.

Iconic Logos

Some companies have mastered the art of branding. Their logos are recognizable the world over. What makes them hit the mark? Below are a few descriptions of iconic logos we’re not soon to forget.

  1. Walmart: Business Insider notes the changes made to the iconic Walmart logo with the launch of the new version in 2008. The company wanted to transition from being seen as a big corporation to being seen as a smart place to shop. They kept the blue lettering, but went with a lighter shade to modernize things. The company also chose a less blocky, angular font and added a muted yellow asterisk to symbolize a light bulb moment, indicating that shopping at Walmart is a bright idea.Walmart Logo (Great Logos)2.NBC: NBC’s multi-colored peacock is one of the most recognizable logos of all time. The network was the first to adopt color television in the 1950’s and used the colorful logo to highlight their technological advancement, explains Big13.
    3.Ebay: Business Insider notes that ebay’s logo is simple, yet effective. The lowercase lettering takes the “big company” feel away while the rounded letters are inviting. The multicolor scheme indicates the variety of products sold on the well known site.Ebay Logo (Great Logos)4.Target: Target’s logo is simple, but effective. A bright red target, suggesting both the name of the store and that you’ve hit the target in sensible shopping.
    5. Disney: Disney’s logo contains their own, branded, whimsical font that captures the dreamy nature of the company’s appeal to children and the young at heart. The Disney castle image included in the logo makes a sleek, geometric contrast to the font and the light blue and white color scheme reminds one of Cinderella’s dress.Disney’s logo (Great Logos)6. American Red Cross: The American Red Cross logo does a good job of expressing what the organization is about while inspiring a call to action and American spirit. The red white and blue coloring signifies the USA, while the blue circle behind the cross shows that they operate worldwide. The bright red cross is an international symbol for emergency aid.

Best Logo Changes of 2014

paypal logo (Great Logos)Some companies have to change things up from time to time to stay current and revamp their image. Business Insider chose a few brands that made successful logo changes in 2014.
1. Pizza Hut: The Pizza Hut brand changed their logo in 2014 from the old red rooftop to a red semi-circle that looks like pizza sauce on dough. The new image is fresher and more modern.
2.PayPal: In an effort to stay current PayPal changed their logo in 2014. The company brightened up their color scheme and their new logo doubles as a sharp looking smartphone app icon, notes Business Insider.
3.Equinox Fitness Club: The logo for Equinox Fitness Club was simplified, taking the oval image away and leaving bold, all caps lettering. The new style is more upscale than the company’s old logo, according to Business Insider.
4. Panda Express: Panda Express shows how small changes can make a big difference in a logo. The logo tag line changed from “Gourmet Chinese Food” to “Chinese Kitchen”, simplifying the wording and the red changed from bold and bright to more muted, warmer, and more inviting. The rounding of the panda also helped to increase the inviting nature of the logo.

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