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Top 7 Inspirational Packaging Design Trends For 2024

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Packaging

Packaging Design Trends

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024

Packaging matters a lot when it comes to selling your products. This is because people gauge the quality of a product by taking a good look at its packaging. If packaging design makes a good first impression on them, they are likely to buy the product. So, a label on the product is not just for providing some details and legal information. It’s more than that! It helps people take a buying decision.

Marketers now believe that a good packaging design has a ripple effect on people. Once a person has found a packaging beautiful, he or she is likely to take its photo and share it with friends on social media.

This triggers a sharing chain and thousands of people are able to have a look at the packaging. In this way, a packaging becomes a tool to take a product to increasing number of people.

Businesses depend a lot on packaging design to make a lasting impression on customer about the quality of their product.

Customers are first attracted by the packaging design of a product even though customers’ loyalty towards a brand is largely determined by its usefulness and quality. This brings us to the importance of packaging design and the design trends.

Like other trends, packaging design trends too are constantly changing and we should be aware of what colors, shapes, symbols, lines, etc. are in circulation at present. As a creative designer, you would like to follow your own style.

Still, trends give you an indication of what is currently being used in the industry and which design elements will be useful to follow in your personal designs.

Here Are Top 7 Inspirational Packaging Design Trends For 2024

01. Simple, Clear And Bold Designs

Packaging designers have been emphasizing on creating simple and clean designs, which people can understand instantly. Such uncluttered designs are useful in sending out a brand message successfully to target audience.

Bold Designs

The designers understand that using minimal elements in a package design will elevate product. Shoppers do not have much time in a fast-paced world.

So, you have only a few seconds to make an impact on their minds with the help of an attractive packaging design that they see first while choosing a product. A clean-cut design will surely convey a clear brand message.

02. Custom Lettering

Designers are creative people. They love to say things in their own unique way. In 2024, they are most likely to go for custom lettering to give a feeling of warmth and raw energy. Custom lettering includes elements like irregular lines and natural texture.

Custom Lettering

This type of unique lettering helps in making a product stand out and breaks the traditional trend of using digital designs.

Since the hand lettering creates a feeling of wholesomeness and that of a handmade product which creates a feeling of nostalgia. We believe that the hand-lettering trends are here to stay for a long time in creating nice label designs.

03. Splashing Colors Around

Another fast developing trend for packaging design is the wild use of colors. We know that colors evoke emotions and are responsible to an extent for purchasing decisions.

Lately, packaging designers have been using colors in exciting ways. They are incorporating bright colors with vibrant shades to make packaging attractive for customers.

The designers are also using colors to show the difference between variants of a product. This way, customers can immediately identify a particular variant of a product without going through all the range.

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04. Repetition

Repetition has its own place in creating amazing graphic designs. You can notice this pattern everywhere in many designs from the past and present. In product packaging design, repetition of beautiful patterns has become a fad.

Repetition of a visual motif has a purpose of creating a strong brand message. So, for building a strong brand identity, the designers create bold or playful pattern depending on the personality of brand.


05. Build Narrative

Packaging design should not be a dry use of colors or elements. Instead, it must convey some story/message about the brand so that the customers can instantly connect with a brand. For this purpose, graphic designers have started to incorporate illustrations to build a narrative.

Packaging design

Some designers use a storytelling technique of illustration for telling a brand’s story. The illustration is content-rich & gives the customer a taste of forgotten stories.

06. Pastel Colors

Calming colors have already made a comeback and they are likely to continue to be used in 2024 for packaging design.

Famine and calming design of packages is the new trend, which means that pastel colors will see a resurgence. Such soft colors give the impression of being neutral and are just the other side of the explosive and bright colors.

Pastel Colors

So far, packaging designers continue with the use of bold and bright colors. They now want to look different by giving a pale effect to the product packaging.

This also helps in giving a warm and candid aura to the product. Such a design is able to convey a message of warmth to the potential customers.

07. Unique Shapes

The designers are experimenting with the packaging shapes as well. They want that a product should catch the eye of the potential customers immediately. So, they are creating unique shape of packaging that looks different in a shop.

For example, a juice product has a packaging in the shape of standing bamboo. Or, a birdseed product can have a packaging design that depicts feature of a bird face such as a beak and eyes.

packaging design

Such a packaging design may look extreme but it is a new trend to draw people’s attention. These types of designs speak for the product loudly and clearly. All you need to do is to stick your company logo on it. Customers will quickly come to know about the brand and what it is selling.

So, these are the key packaging design trends that are most likely to rule in 2024. Many of these trends come from the past years and they continue to hold their place. It may be that an entirely new trend may emerge. We will keep you informed about that.

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Here Are Two Of The Amazing Packaging Design That Our Designers Have Made

01. Milk Packaging

A packaging design that attracts kids and their mom’s alike is quite a tough task to achieve. However, the designers at Designhill, undertook this task and successfully accomplished it.

The winning design had used dark color so as to catch the attention of youngsters while the mention of the health effects is something that would catch every mother’s attention.

Milk Packaging

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

02. Packaging Design For eFutureshops

It’s a simple and elegant packaging design. Being made for an ecommerce company, it beautifully represents the company and the sector it serves. A cart and the company name represented in two colors would easily catch viewers attention.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

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Packaging design undergoes rapid changes with the designers experimenting with colors, typefaces, shapes and other elements. In 2024, certain colors and shapes will dominate the design preferences. Metallic colors and actual shapes inspired by nature are likely to be the major design features.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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