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Top 70 Eye-Catching Product Packaging Designs

by Designhill Tweet - in Packaging

Product Packaging Designs

Last updated on February 9th, 2023

Some designs stand out and leave an imprint in your minds. Such designs even remain fresh in your mind for years. Innovative and creative packaging designs can be refreshing to look in crowded supermarket shelves. With so much competition consuming the space, a unique, eye-catching packaging can help with the home stretch. Often companies devote a significant amount of time in the Research and Development of the product, with a special focus on quality. While this is necessary and makes a substantial impact in the long run, it is imperative that a consumer gives the product a chance. It has become an aspect of product design and marketing that just can’t be ignored or foregone. According to Statista, “The global smart packaging market is projected to be sized at just under 20 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.” Packaging design that attracts the consumer helps achieve this great feat, in other words, helps give a product its “Big Break”.

Consumers today don’t have the luxury of time to pick and browse through the plethora of products available in the market. Products with the most exciting packaging can stand out and be considered over the others.

This is why the packaging is key in making a brand noticeable, especially in the retail market. Social media page design, web page design, logo design, and a creative packaging design all contribute to establishing a strong brand identity.

Therefore, just as a company pays attention to detail and the market trends while hiring a logo designer to create a logo, similarly exhaustive research must be done for creative packaging design.

There are a few factors that are considered as key in product packaging design can be listed as:

  • Shape
  • Printed Images or Graphics
  • Packaging Material
  • Practicality
  • Environmental Impact
  • Printed Information

There have been numerous studies and surveys on the impact of packaging on consumer behavior. A study was conducted on “The Role and Impact of the Packaging Effect on Consumer Buying Behaviour” and published in ECOFORUM.

The research focused on the relationship between a consumer’s buying process and certain packaging factors such as the packaging material, design of wrapper, color, printed information, innovation and so on.

The study included various age groups, occupations, and demographics of the respondents and found the following results.

Each day professional graphic designers across the globe strive to create innovative packaging designs and concepts which can grab the consumers and make them remember the product.

Here Are 70 Eye-Catching And Creative Packaging Designs That Stand Out From The Crowd

01. Thelma’s Treats

With this design, the Iowa based studio Saturday MFG has beautifully captured the heritage associated with the brand Thelma’s Treats. The design attempts to create a visual for cookies coming straight out of the oven.

The creative detailing on the oven shaped box packaging design, right down to the knobs helps the whole design come to life, making it one of the unique cookie packaging designs.

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02. Glossier

Some packaging designs show us that at times it pays to think “inside the box”. Glossier focuses on the interiors of their packages, the interior is painted pink unlike the exterior of the box. Well thought out phrases such as the company’s mantra “Skin Firs, Makeup Second, Smile Always” is printed inside.

Today, many YouTube channels are focusing on unboxings, and a creative surprise like this can create a huge impact. Even if it is a first time customer or a follower of the brand, this sure will leave them smiling as the package is opened.


03. The Low Carb Co

Low Carb Co’s packaging design depicts their commitment to creating low carb snacks. The simple product package shows the product ingredients, and a simple, transparent window gives a view of the actual product to attract the customer.

however, when designing your packaging, make sure that it is consistent with your other marketing materials such as websites, logos, and even social media page design. such design consistency is essential to boost customers’confidence in your products.

04. Fortnum & Mason Florentines

Design Bridge designed a playful clash of prints and textures on a combination of vibrant colors Design Bridge.

The complete packaging design for the new flavor of cookies was a celebration of the brands’ Italian roots. Even the barcode was given a designer twist as if a bite had been taken to depict the irresistible treats.

05. deals in all kinds of nuts and the design showcase their product beautifully. The use of bright and vivid colors makes the package easy to spot, recognize and recall.

At the same time, the playful caricature of the nuts along with the creative yet simple font breathes life to the design created by Pentagram.

06. Modern Kanine

Pet parents across the globe can attest to the fact that picking up the poo part is probably the most unglamorous job of living with a pet. Studio Wulf created a packaging design for Modern Kanine with an aim to make this activity more fun and positive.

The use of bold colors makes the packages pop out of the crowd and competition while showcasing the vibrancy each pet brings to the world.

07. Naked Marshmallow Co

Whenever we talk about Marshmallows, the thought of sophomores, bonfires, and camps follow through. The new package design for Naked Marshmallow was created by Design Happy which features a Teepee image.

The teepee in the image is created using two marshmallows on a stick, reaffirming the nostalgia. The use of bright colors and simple typography works well on all their products.

08. CS Light Bulbs

A daily-use product such as a light bulb was made interesting using this packaging design by Angelina Pischikova. The various shapes of the lamps were morphed brilliantly into the anatomical shapes of the insects.

The inspiration behind this design was the inspiration Thomas Alva Edison took from fireflies for the light bulb.

But when designing a package, choose the elements that the client is already using in its web page design as the potential customer will visit the website to get more information.

If the design elements on the website pages and packages are mostly the same, that will give the customer confidence in the company’s business.

09. Paper Doritos Packaging With Easy Open And Close

When it comes to food packaging design, keeping the packaged goods fresh is as crucial as creating an eye-catching design.

Often, companies focus on one while the other aspect is overlooked. Graphic designers are nowadays focusing on creative packaging concepts that are good for the environment and can be used for storage as well.

Graphic designer Petar Pavlov created this unique and alluring package designPetar Pavlov for Doritos. The inspiration behind this packaging design was the triangular shaped chips themselves.

The innovative 3D design stands out. The key feature of the packaging is that the user can keep the chips closed and fresh even after opening the package.

10. Tou Prevezanou

Tou Prevezanou deals in frozen and pre-cooked fish and crustaceans. The design created by 2Yolk presents the same simplicity and delicate freshness of a fresh delicacy.

11. Happily Unmarried

The use of mischievous and unabashed phrases makes it a crowd pleaser in the targeted segment of young and happily single customers. The simple text is the star of the show and attracts the customer while browsing the products.

12. Raw Cold-Pressed Juices

Raw Cold-pressed juices are known for being 100% natural and preservative free. The clear bottles that the beverages come in, showcase the juices inside.

The label on the bottle is simple with an image of the main ingredient with the list of other components. The un-crowded bottle packaging design is a breath of fresh air and works perfectly with the Company’s vision.

13. Sleepy Owl Coffee Kit

Sleepy Owl Coffee is a Delhi based company that offers specially brewed gourmet coffee in the Indian market. Their key product is the cold brew coffee which is easy to make. The innovative packaging of the cold brew kit consists of a pouch, container, or cardboard boxes with a tap-dispenser.

The unique reusable pouch makes the entire process of preparing your cold brew hassle-free and economical.

14. Public Goods

The reusable plastic used in the packaging of these products shows the company’s core values of sustainability. The no-frills packaging with a clean look reinforces the concept that the products are made free from toxins and all natural ingredients.

15. Verizon Watches

A simple and minimalistic approach design created by Aruliden showcases the smartwatch and its design spectacularly.

16. Starbucks Christmas Packaging

Each year Starbucks gets into full festive as Christmas approaches. They use limited edition designs which feature gingerbreads, snowflakes, Christmas lighting, ornaments and similar graphics on their packaging.

The classic white Starbucks gets a red avatar so the users can celebrate the festivities with each cup of coffee. Such limited edition is crucial in sharing the festive times with the consumers and also marks the brand celebrating it with the community.

Do not forget to print your company’s logo on the packaging. So, you should first ensure an impressive business logo by hiring a logo designer and brief the designer about your business.

Remember that a nice logo will make your packaging look impressive and you can convey your brand message to the customers.

17. Gnome Bread Packaging

This bread packaging is simple and yet effective. The bread itself acts like the gnome’s hat making it an intelligent and creative packaging design. Instead of packing the loaves of bread in a plain paper bag, the Gnome paper bag adds a little whimsy and fun in the customer’s shopping cart.

18. Teapee Tea

The Teapee Tea packaging designed by Sophie Pépin takes on the literal play of words. With the packaging shaped like a Teepee, it makes it easy to recognize and recall for the customer.

The inspiration behind the packaging design is the native American lifestyle and their herbal teas. The native prints serve as the tab which can be pulled to open the package.

19. Nyc Spaghetti

A packaging concept developed by Alex Creamer, this idea celebrates the product itself. Using the understanding of the product properties, the client came up with the idea of creating building shapes using the spaghetti packed tightly together.

In this instance, the concept uses a block model of the Chrysler building which when pushed under the spaghetti creates a similar shape at the top.

The design concept has been marveled by many and featured in numerous blogs over the years. Not only is it effective and unique but also simple to create. There are only 4 main components of the package: the product (in this case the spaghetti), container, lid, and the building model.

20. The Pizza Box Concept

Pizza is one of the most preferred food, all over the world. A pizza box is a great way to capture someone’s attention, and if you add more functionality to the packaging, it can be the cherry on the top.

Designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee, this pizza box concept called Neat Pizza Fingers has a pizza baseliner with tabs all over the edges.

Such custom boxes provide an easy grip for the user to hold and maneuver the pizza slice. This packaging design is a brilliant take on increasing functionality by adding something simple yet thought out element.

Using this system, the customers can enjoy their pizzas without needing any plates or napkins. A complete hassle free pizza experience!

21. “Bzzz Premium” Armenian Honey

Packaging for the gifting edition of Bzzz Premium honey was designed by Backbone Branding. The smart shape of a hive as the outer packaging makes it easy for the customer to identify and creates a great visual appeal for the product.

22. “Zen” Perfume

An intriguing bottle packaging design by Igor Mitin creates a visual for the word “Zen”.

23. Gortz 17 Shoelace Box

Designed by Kempertrautmann agency, the shoelace box has the shoelace as a carrying string creating a unique carry bag/box design.

24. Note Headphones

Clever use of the earphones to create musical notes and also staying literal to the product’s name, Corinne Pant created this packaging design:

25. Tea Hangers

Fun shaped tea bags with cute little hangers designed by Soon Mo Kang. The tea bags are shaped like t-shirts hung on the hangers.

The hangers in various colors based on their flavor and variety.

26. Honey Made By Bees

This excellent food packaging design concept for the Honey made by Bees brand was created by Maksim Arbuzov a Moscow based designer. He believes that using the natural shapes showcases the freshness and naturalness of the product.

The hexagonal jars are inspired from the hexagonal shapes in a beehive. The honey dipper attached at the lid of the jar makes it easier for the user to pour and consume the product.

27. Mini Oliva Olive Oil

The small travel packets of Oliva Olive Oil are great for outdoor picnics and packed lunches. Now you can drizzle olive oil over your salads and pasta dishes just before you have them with these spill free attractive, safe packages.

28. Butter! Better!

The easy to carry small packages of butter is great for on the go lunch spreads. But one essential thing that you have to carry is a butter knife to cover the condiment better.

The ingenious packaging for Butter! Better! was designed by Yeongkeun, South Korea. The lid is made up of wood and shaped like a knife.

29. Ykm

Shopping bags are a versatile medium for marketing in the retail space. Each shopping bag and therefore each customer becomes an opportunity to create brand recognition and reinforce the brand the message.

While some shopping bags are standard designs, certain brands opt for subtle yet effective designs which make viewers take notice of the packaging.

YKM sports stores based in Istanbul, Turkey deals in products such as jeans, teens’ wear, and sports products. Their fitness inspired shopping bag had a simple yet effective design. This award-winning design titled as the “Jump Rope” was created by Ppr advertising agency.

Note how nicely they display their simple but unique logo on the packaging.  So, make it certain that first you create a logo that stands out and contributes to enhance the design of packaging.

30. Puma Clever Little Bag

The red bags inserted in the cardboard frames are a great way of adding reusability. This environment-friendly package design also proves economical for the company.

31. A Sushi To-Go Box

Packaging is a crucial aspect of the marketing strategy for any product, be it food consumables, electronics or clothes. When it comes to food, the product packaging design must invoke the sense for a consumer to bring the experience together.

Incorporating the essentials such as forks, spoons, napkins or even chopsticks can help companies create an innovative product packaging design. This not only makes the packaging more attractive but also adds to the whole user experience.

Ashley Buerkett designed this packaging concept of Sushi to-go box with chopsticks as a handleAshley Buerkett. The design cleverly makes use of a product essential as a packaging element, making it a unique idea.

32. Ustraa

Ustraa is a brand by Happily Unmarried dealing in an exclusive range of men’s grooming product. As the word “Ustraa” denotes ancient blade used for men’s grooming, the brand has rightly kept the packaging vintage.

33. Pasta La Vista

Great pasta asks for top-notch packaging design. The packaging for Pasta La Vista by Pietro Gala was created by the Russian Fresh Chicken agency. The design consists of a clear window in place of the Italian chef’s body displaying the fresh and attractive pasta.

34. Hangerpak T-shirt Packaging

A marvelous concept thought by Steve Haslip, a graphic designer from England. This custom t-shirt packaging design for apparel checks all the right boxes..

Attractive shape, reusable, easy to handle and most importantly and ingenious design which helps you convert in a hanger. No need to buy plastic hangers separately, the packaging can be repurposed as a hanger and comes with the desired folding instructions as well.

35. Green Berry Tea

Natalia Ponomareva from Russia designed the concept of origami tea bags. The bag takes the desired shape as the tea is infused in hot water.

36. El Buscador Wine

A unique wine label with a simple crossword puzzle:

37. Kleenex Desktop Companion

These cute and fun kleenexes are great for your tissue needs and add a fun element to your desk.

38. Fine Japon Water Bottle

When it comes to creating bottle packaging design, ergonomics play a significant role. Bottles with unique shapes stand out, and the customers are able to recall and even enjoy using the product.

Designer Karim Rashid designed fine Japon’s thermal artesian water-bottle. The sexually ambiguous phallic silhouette made it alluring and ergonomic at the same time. Use of minimalist print has the user’s complete focus drawn to the shape.

39. Sun Basket

The use of eco-friendly materials for manufacturing packaging materials is not just a trend but also a necessity today.

More and more companies are incorporating environmentally friendly practices. For some, it even constitutes as a pillar of their brand, and they prefer showcasing it on their packaging.

Sun Basket is a San Francisco based subscription box service which offers a specially curated box of fresh, organic ingredients for the selected recipe. Kyle Miller Creative Studio created this food packaging design.

What sets apart this design from the rest is the creative use of flaps which are often overlooked while creating a box packaging design. This space can be utilized to share a message or information for the customers.

40. Asarai

While most of the product packaging designs in the cosmetics industry favor whites, pink, black and metallic shades. The packaging design for Asarai designed by Mousegraphics makes quite some noise.

The bright, bold yellow color with the brand’s name splashed using a simple yet uncommon font, leaves a mark on the viewer’s mind.

41. KébecSon

Carry bags are a necessity of the retail market and are often cleverly used space to create a brand identity. Sometimes they may be used to spread the word about promotions, while at times a simple yet brilliant use of shapes or images can create a huge impact.

This packaging design designed by Dentsubos is an excellent illustration of how simple yet creative designs can be critical in shaping a brand identity.

KébecSon, a Canada based high-end electronics store used this design for their packaging, displaying their love for music, sound, and aesthetics.

42. Johnnie Walker Green Label

The renowned designer Tristan Eaton designed this packaging for the Johnnie Walker Green Label limited edition Tristan Eaton. The designer derived his inspiration for this limited edition design from the flora and fauna of Scotland.

43. McDonalds Fifa Edition Packaging For Fries

McDonald’s revamped their fries packaging with designs keeping in mind the Fifa Worlds Cup 2014. This celebration of the sport is done keeping in mind the new age crowd and luring more fans of the game.

To create designs of packaging for the new age customers, hire the services of experienced professional graphic designers who understand how to convey a brand message to potential customers.

44. Burger King Christmas Packaging

The Christmas edition packaging for Burger King featured Santa, reindeer, mistletoe, and other holiday-themed characters. This range of the festive packaging was an invitation for the customers to celebrate the holidays in a Burger King way.

45. Le Parcel

Subscription services have been gaining popularity in the last few years. The key to these services gaining acceptance at a fast rate is the customization towards each month’s issues.

Right from monthly groceries, makeup essentials, stationery supplies and even books all are available in lucrative subscriptions offering something unique each time.

Le Parcel is one such service which offers monthly feminine hygiene products along with some little pick me ups such as lip tints, foot rub lotion boxes and of course chocolates.

These boxes are curated with a motive to celebrate periods and make them more enjoyable. Their box plays a part in the process, and they want to create an anticipation of opening a gift for the subscribers.

Keeping this in mind, they have made the interiors gorgeous pastel pink with the message “We are here for you” printed across.

46. Spark Laundry Detergent

A detergent package shaped like a washing machine. Nothing can get as perfect as this.

47. Churros Or Fries Packaging With A Built-In Dip Container

Finger foods such as fries and churros are great on-the-go snacks. But what if you like your dips as much as the churros or fries?

Using a plat or a container might not be the cleanest or practical method for carrying and eating your finger foods. Therefore arises the need for a packaging solution which is easy to hold and has provision for the food to be safely tucked in along with the dips.

Here below is one such design for La Churreria, Vancouver created by the Great Little Box Company. The ingenuity of the packaging was that it used no glue and was easy to assemble.

The churros remain accessible and visible, with the dipping sauce tucked in that took the whole delectable experience even more spectacular.

Another great yet similar concept is by “E-packing” which has even a small tab to tuck in paper napkins, a must when having finger foods like churros. What a great idea that is bound to leave the customer satisfied!

48. Collectables

Using collectibles such as tin packaging is an excellent way of creating brand recognition. Altoids boxes are found in all household being repurposed and therefore make it easier for everyone to identify the package.

49. Trident Gum

The trident package consists of a clear window showing the gum tablets as clear white teeth.

50. Oven Cupcakes

The cute cupcake packaging shaped like a retro oven stands out of the crowd.

51. Macareux Pasta

The Luminous Design Group has designed the package design for Macareux pasta. Add a little color and fun to your pantry with these colorful pasta boxes.

52. Earbudeez Headphones

The use of earphones as the eyes in these earphone packages is a creative use of the earphones shape.

53. Trata On Ice Product Packaging

The tail of the fish consists of a window from which the product is visible. The unique and bold design makes it identifiable from various angles.

54. 100 Elastic Bands

A vintage look on the package which exhibits the product correctly and stands out from other brands dealing in similar products.

55. Panasonic Note

The packaging is a simple box with a lid with earphones packed in the shape of a musical note. This product package design is a splendid example of utilizing the product as part of the packaging design.

however, you do not have to depend on an expensive designer to create outstanding packaging designs. Leading marketplaces such as Designhill can help you access to dozens of new design ideas at one affordable price.

56. Nike Air

A perfect play of the word, the sneakers from the air range are packed in a bag full of air.

57. Scanwood

The Wooden spatulas made of all natural raw materials and environmentally friendly processes:

58. H&M Gift Package

Designed by Linn Gustafsson, this H&M gift package design serves as a trend breaker when almost all shirt custom kraft boxes follow the same product package design.

The use of cheerful colors while depicting its content makes the box perfect for gifting, especially in the festive season.

59. Paper Boat

Paperboat entered the retail space in August 2013 with their uncarbonated beverage drinks. Since then the brand has become a popular household name across India.

Paperboat beverages are packaged in pear-shaped pouches which stand out amongst their competition which use the traditional bottle packaging design.

The brand conveys a nostalgic theme regarding the summer vacations all enjoyed in their childhood and all the various memories associated with it. The bright colors, unconventional fonts, graphics, and playful content reaffirm the nostalgic theme as well.

Another not to be missed packaging design genius is the use of the base of the pouch for mischievous messages!

60. Little Balena

The concept behind the Little Balena packaging was Whales Love Trees. The packaging designed by Makebardo, Queensland represents these two universes.

The visual union depicted on the packaging reaffirms the ideas using clever use of the shape of a whale with its fins also representing a plant.

Another significant aspect of the packaging was the use of the Kraft Cardboard and a single color in a pleasant combination.

Not only did the use of a single color (white) reduce the cost of production making it an environment-friendly packaging, but the color is also associated with goodness and purity.

The complete imagery created with the die-cut and the color combination reaffirms the brand’s vision to do good to the community. We can say that this packaging is one of the most effective graphic design ideas that successfully take a business to its target customers.

61. Booths Builder Tea

The bold color palette used by Smith & Village while designing Booth’s Tea Range has done wonders for the packaging. The eye-catching vivid colors combined with a minimal clean look, make it an effective design.

What works for the design is the absence of any imagery or long, confusing text, thus helping the consumer’s focus on the star of the show – their Tea!

62. Royal Nut Co. – The Butter Of Designers

When Royal Nut Co. wanted to move to reposition in a more premium space in the retail market with their various kinds of nut butter, an Australian agency Swear Words created the clean and minimalist design for their jars of nut butter, Swear Words.

The simple design in bright and cheerful colors attract the customer’s attention while giving the typography room to breathe. Simplicity and effectiveness of this design make it a favorite amongst the designers as well.

63. Shopping List

Everyone creates a shopping list, and this design showcases this commonly used practice instead of any logos or artwork to grab the consumers’ attention. This simple yet effective use of everyday essentials such as a shopping list presents a refreshing change in the supermarket aisles.

64. Cord Packaging Which Can Be Torn To Create Cord Ties

Packaging that can be can be repurposed and reused proves to be beneficial for the environment.

The unique design at the same time makes a significant impact on the minds of potential customers. This cord packaging can be torn off and used as a cord tie. It’s a simple contraption that can help prevent your cord from getting tangled.

65. A Peanut Bag With Separate Compartment For The Peanut Shells

Peanuts are one of the handy and healthy snacks favored by many. The main drawback that discourages users is disposing of off the shells when they are out in the park or traveling.

This simple yet splendid brown paper bag design has dual compartments. While you can carry peanuts in one, the other serves as a peanut bell receptacle. So yes to peanuts from now and no to littering!

66. The Bacao Packaging Project

Fast food packaging is versatile, and a spectacular combination of functionality and whimsy weaved into one.

The Bacao Packaging is created by Laia Aviñoa using a composite made of seed’s paper and PLA (biodegradable plastic) which makes this functional design, eco-friendly. The project consists of design for a Salad Box, Burger Box, Fries Box, and a Holder Design.

These innovative designs are designed keeping in mind the user’s convenience. The burger box opens up in a V-shape so that the one half can serve as a holder for the burger.

Similarly, the salad box opens up in an accordion style for a more area to mix it. The fries box has a compartment to tuck the ketchup container. Such designs make you stand out from the crowd and enhance the whole user experience.

67. The Lego Playbox Bag Design

Lego has some iconic designs which can are easily recognized. Designed by the Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi, the playful take on their shopping bag makes it look like the well-known lego hands are holding the bag. A fun design for a fun bag!

However, even to create such fun designs, you need to hire a freelance graphic designer or in-house designers to avail their expertise in packaging designing.

68. 3m Earplugs

These 3M Earplugs come in a quaint bottle with a simple design. Scholz & Friends Berlin GmbH created this design. The creative use of elements here is the cap shaped like a volume knob. With the 3M earplugs, now you can turn down the volume with the twist of a knob(cap).

69. Q-Tips

Over the years, Q-Tips have become synonymous with cotton swabs. As the majority of the cotton swabs packaging for various brands is similar, this clean and simple design was created to provide an edge over others.

The user is presented with the ability to rip off and open the entire package from the side, or they can simply use the dispenser.

This innovative dispenser helps users collect one or two swabs at a time without touching the complete pack. This is an easy pull-out system for the cotton swabs that helps to maintain hygiene.

70. Peet’s Cold Brew Packaging

Cold brew is a welcome drink by coffee lovers as the temperature rises. Most beverage brands focus on their bottle packaging design. But Peet’s Cold brew went with a different approach altogether.

Pavement designed the packaging for their new line of ready-to-drink cold brew coffee Pavement. The coffee came in an easy to open tetra pack, suitable for on the go users.

This packing was designed keeping in mind the millennial to attract new age customers while displaying their authentic brand aesthetic.

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