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10 Tips To Great Home Improvement Logo Design

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Home Improvement Logo Design

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Home improvement has been turning into a thriving business today. Any given city or market has many established and upcoming names providing a wide range of services in this field. The ever-increasing competition in the field has made logo design an important aspect. Designers need to create such a home improvement logo design that can successfully get maximum eyeballs and help businesses to stand out from the crowd. It must be unique, simple, and memorable in many ways.

In the U.S, the market for home improvement is consistently increasing at a steady pace. The total sales of home improvement retailers in the U.S are estimated around $ 391.2 billion in 2018. But at the same time, many more companies are entering the fray. Some are even offering to create interior design logos online. So, when you start a small home improvement business, you should be prepared to face the competition.

When dealing with the competition, your marketing strategy plays a leading role. You have to chalk out a unique plan that helps you attract your target customers’ attention towards your small business. It is really hard to divert people’s attention from big companies to your startup. Here, your home improvement logo design becomes a marketing tool.

Your logo serves many purposes. It is a symbol and face of your small business. Whenever people will see the logo anywhere in market, advertisements, etc, they will recall your business. They come to know that there exists a small company of yours in their vicinity. But that is a primary purpose of a logo.

An impressive home improvement logo design will help you build a brand identity. This is because a professionally designed logo conveys a brand message. This message could be about your serious way of doing business, trust, strength, high quality of your services, etc. A logo conveys such messages by evoking the intended emotions through the planned use of colors, fonts, and other elements such as shapes, lines, symbols etc.

So, what does a remarkable logo looks like? If you take a look at global business logos, you will notice that all of them are simple designs. They are lettermark logos or wordmark logos that use the company name as a major element of design. So such logos depend on the skilful use of fonts to make an impression on viewers.

Other logos use symbols to convey a message in a simple way and Apple’s logo is one of them. There are combination logos that have a combined use of symbol and company name. But simplicity is the key to the success of all such business logos.

Besides simplicity, a logo must also be a unique and memorable design that people can find interesting and engaging. Only such logos stand out in the markets. They look different from their competitors’ logos. Another quality of great logos is that they all are scalable and versatile designs. You can blow them up to larger sizes such as on billboards. You can also scale them down to the postcard sizes and still their details are visible clearly.

Another desirable quality of your home improvement logo is that it should look impressive in black and white also. It may be an outstanding logo in colors. But when printed on stationery, newspaper ads, fax documents, etc, it will mostly appear in black and white. Your audience should find the colorless version of your logo exciting.

Here Are Some Key Tips To Create Great Home Improvement Logo Design

01. Know The Company

The home improvement business is very widespread. There are many sects and sub-sects in this business and the industry overall. For example, some companies are specialized only in kitchen improvement, while others leave it out and do rest of the home improvement jobs. In fact, every firm in this business claims some kind of specialization.

Company Logo

They don’t want to leave any stone unturned to step ahead of the competitors. Therefore, they focus on a certain section of the improvement business and graphic design services. This way, they can attract more clients. This necessitates you as a designer to know more and more about the specific job of your clients’ company.

You should have some insight into what the company does and who its ideal customers are. Find out the customers that the company wishes to target. Are they affluent people? Is the company targeting middle class only who goes for the improvement jobs once in decades? Such details will help you a lot in picking the right design elements for the company logo.

02. Find Out The Brand Message

Every focused company has a brand message for its target customers. In fact, a clear message for the audience is a key to doing business successfully in a competitive market.

Brand Message

[Source: Image]

What has your client’s home improvement business to convey to the clients? Get this message in a precise language and write that down on a piece of paper. What is the personality of the business? Find that out for yourself so that you can create a logo that suits your client’s specific business needs.

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03. Get Inspiration

Inspiration is a critical component of creativity. While designing your home improvement logo, do not just rush to the drawing board with any random concept. Your design concept must be unique that people have not seen before. At the same time, it must hold some substance; means there should be a purpose of it.

Logo Design

Sometimes, there is an overwhelming urge to create a new design that surprises by its challenging concept. You can draw some quick sketches on a piece of paper to find inspiration from some of the surprisingly impressive sketches. You can then develop one of the sketches into your logo design.

There are many sources of inspiration. You can visit your own collection of great logo designs from the masters. A look at those creative and legendary designs is sometimes challenging and you want to come out with a unique concept.

04. Create A Simple Logo

Simplicity is a key element of any graphic design including a logo. A simple logo has the ability to convey its message to the audience. Usually, people like logos that successfully convey the brand message. In fact, most of the aesthetic works from legendary logo designers are simple.

Simple Logo

There should not be the use of multiple colors, complex shapes, lines, and multiple fonts etc. Too many design elements will make a logo less acceptable amongst the target audience. Such a logo may dampen the image of the company rather than promoting them. So pick a concept that people can relate to and design it with minimalistic principles.

05. Avoid A Trendy Design

While a graphic designer is supposed to be aware of the latest design trends, these are not binding when creating something unique. Most of the designers make the mistake of following the most fashionable way of using colors, fonts, and such other elements.

When you follow a trend, you are creating a logo that lasts only for a year or so. When the trend is no more in circulation, the logo also has to be redesigned. This creates problems for the client. Such a logo needs redesigning more often.

Trendy Design

So, make sure that while you know the trends, do not necessarily follow them. You can borrow some creative tips from the trends but come out with your own set of rules for creating your home improvement logo design. Make sure that you design a logo that does not need any major redesigning for decades.

06. Pick The Right Colour Scheme

The success of your home improvement logo design depends a lot on the use of colors. Remember that colors evoke emotions. If you use red, it will generate the feelings of love, passion, energy, aggression, etc. Yellow will evoke the feelings of hope, sunshine, socialization, etc. So, choose your color scheme carefully after evaluating your client’s brand.

Website Design

When incorporating a particular set of colors, keep your client’s brand message in mind. The emotions you evoke from the logo will be the message of your brand to your target audience. So, be careful in selecting a right color scheme. You can visit the client’s website design to find out the colors already used by the business. You can then use those colors in the logo as well.

07. Use Fonts Strategically

If your client wants to include home improvement firm’s name in the logo, then you will probably use fonts in a unique way. You can use the firm’s full name or only its initials in the logo. In other words, you will be creating a wordmark or a lettermark logo. In that case, you will depend solely on the creative use of fonts to make an impact of the logo on the audience.

Fonts Logo

Another thing to remember about the use of fonts is that they have a distinct personality. They can give a logo its much-needed personality. For example, a bold font can convey that your company is strong. But a thinner font may convey that your company’s approach to doing business is professional. So, use fonts carefully.

08. Design A Scalable Logo

Your home improvement logo design must be scalable as well. It means that when the logo is scaled up to great sizes such as on billboards, it must not look odd. It should become part of the billboard design.

Scalable Logo

Similarly, when the need is to scale it down to postcard size, its all fine details should be visible clearly. Remember that you will be marketing your business aggressively across all platforms. This means that scalability of your logo will count a lot in its success.

09. It Must Look Impressive In Black And White

There are many platforms where logos are printed without colors. For example, many newspapers publish ads in black and white only. Your logo will also appear in its colorless version on your stationery, fax documents, copies of original documents, leaflets, and some advertisement designs.

Impressive Logo Design

To create impressive black and white logos, make sure that the logo looks impressive in its initial stage. When you draw sketches of a logo, finalize it only when its pencil sketches are impressive and approved by your client. Once you are satisfied with the sketches, then develop it further and fill it with your colour scheme.

10. Get Feedback

You may be a professional designer but that should not keep you away from any meaningful suggestions. After all, you create a logo for your client and not for your viewing pleasure. So, get feedback from wherever you can get.


It would be good that you post your logo design on your social media page. Then, request your followers and experts to give their opinion on the logos. Some of them may come out with some really useful improvements in your logo. So, make sure that you get an opinion.

These tips will surely help you create a nice home improvement logo design for your small firm. If you need a remarkable logo for your home improvement business, you can crowdsource it to Designhill. This is a leading platform for providing design solutions to business owners.

Just launch your logo design contest and you get a winning logo at an affordable price from the platform. Designhill will return your entire money to its 100% Money Back Guarantee policy if you are not satisfied with the designs. So your money is safe with the site.

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When designing your home improvement logo, make sure that it is a simple concept. Check out for some logo ideas & inspiration. Its design must be simple so that everyone can get the brand message of the business. The use of fonts, colours, and other elements should be based on the type of home improvement services you offer. Make the logo scalable and versatile.

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