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Top 10 Freelance Packaging Designers For Hire In 2021

Avatar by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Packaging - [wtr-time]

Freelance Packaging Designers

Last updated on January 8th, 2021

Over the last few decades, the packaging industry has grown a lot. The packaging is no longer merely a wrapping paper to protect the product. Rather it has become an experience today. In this modern world, the eating pattern of people has changed a lot. People are eating more food on-the-go. It is encouraging packaging designers to come up with the designs that not only make the product stand out on the shelf space but also allow consumers to take their food, drink, or any other item form one place to another conveniently.

Packaging design is one of the key elements in the success of the brand. It has the power to communicate the story of a brand. It is probably the first thing that draws the attention of the customers.

When it comes to creating a product, companies spend a lot of time and money. But very few companies give importance to the product packaging. They forget the fact that no matter how good their product is if the packaging is not good, they will fail to make more sales.

When it comes to packaging design, every year brings new alternatives to try out, both functionally and aesthetically. We are in the beginning of 2021 and the year has also come up with the new design trends.

So if you want to stay ahead in the competition, it’s time to follow those trends. Can’t afford to hire a full-time packaging designer? Don’t worry! Here are the ten best freelance packaging designers to hire in 2021.

Top 10 Freelance Packaging Designers For Hire In 2021

01. Zion Design

Zion Design was formerly a graphic artist at Alcon Printing Press in the Philippines. He is now a full-time freelance professional graphic designer who specializes in packaging design. The designer also loves to create web designing, logo designing, UI / UX designing, and label designing. The designer has been taking part in several design contests and won many of them. So far, he has 11 winning contest to his name.

Zion Design

02. Yonbr

Yonar is a passionate and dedicated graphic designer from Morocco who loves to do all form of designing but he is an expertise freelance packaging designer. He has been part of Designhill designers’ community for last three years and so far, he has won 11 design contests.


03. Nimendra

Nimendra is a Sri Lanka based experienced graphic designer and photographer. He has over four years of experience in both fields. Although he is an expert packaging designer, he has also experienced in creating corporate identity, digital illustration, and unique digital concepts. The designer became part of Designhill’s designers’ community a few months back, and within a short span of time, he has won four contests.


04. Vladislav Popov

Vladislav Popov is a Russian based freelance professional packaging designer who has the member of Designhill’s designers’ community for the last four years. The designer has worked with multiple clients, and every time he managed to get five stars rating for his work. So far, he has won four contests. Apart from expertise in packaging design, he also has the skills of a logo designer, web designer, and label designer.

Vladislav Popov

05. Joel Dolindo

This Philippines based professional freelance graphic designer becomes the part of Designhill’s a year back, and within a short span, he has managed to get 812th Rank among thousands of designers. So far, he has won four contests and got five stars rating from the clients. The designer also has experience in web designing, label designing, and illustration designing.

Joel Dolindo

06. Kamch Abdelkarim

Kamch Abdelkarim is a professional designer from Italy. His love for creating creative stuff motivated him to choose the field of graphic designing. Apart from packaging design, he also loves to create designs for website, apps, and mobile.

Kamch Abdelkarim

07. Parasina Dewandari

Parasina is a freelance graphic designer from Indonesia. Although he has expertise in packaging design, he is also well-known for logo designing, label designing, and merchandise designing. For him, customer satisfaction matters a lot. Clients can expect fast and quality work from him. So far, he has won two contests. If you look at his profile, you will find how he has come up with unique packaging design ideas.

Parasina Dewandari

08. Shamim

Shamin is a graphic designer from Bangladesh. He is three years of experience on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While he has an expertise in packaging design, but if you are looking for any kind stationary design, book cover design, business card design, t-shirt design, social media page design, or any other business or advertising design, then you can think of hiring him. So far, he has won two contests.


09. Vectorsoup

Vectorsoup is a Thailand based graphic designer who has won two contests so far. Apart from packaging design, the designer also loves to create label design.


10. Soula Vetter Graphics

Soula is a senior level graphic designer with 10+ years of experience in all types of graphic designing. The designer is located in Texas, United States. She is a great communicator and grasps the clients’ requirement quickly. She has been part of Designhill’s designers’ community from last one year. So far, she has won one contest.

Soula Vetter Graphics

Reasons To Hire A Freelance Packaging Designer

01. High-Quality Work

People with excellent abilities are more likely to work alone rather than an employment relationship. These people love to take the challenge of freelancing as they are positive enough with the fact that they will be able to succeed in the industry. That is why, when companies hire freelancers for their work, they are getting engaged with confident and high skilled professionals.

High-Quality Work

Full-time freelancers are sole owners of their work. This type of work is their bread and butter. That is why, when you hire a freelance graphic designer, they are more likely to concentrate on your work only. They cannot think of delivering low-quality work. Because in the end, they want good reviews for their work, which can help them in getting more clients.

02. Cost Savings

Every company has a fixed budget. Before hiring any professional (whether full-time or freelancer), they consider the cost. As compared to any agency or full-time graphic designer, freelancers are more cost-effective. Like agencies and full-time employees, they don’t enjoy the benefits like overhead, health insurance, monthly leaves, retirement, etc. They get paid only for their services. And even if you do not have any budget constraint, its best to hire freelance packaging designers because the amount you save will help you in putting back into your business.

Cost Savings

03. Flexible

There are times when you may need to get your graphics done on urgent basis. No one can rescue you from the situation than a freelance graphic designer. The flexible working hours are not only a luxury for them, but it can sometimes be advantageous for their clients as well. Companies and agencies have fixed working hours.


If you approach an agency or your own full-time graphic designer for any urgent requirement, they may not help you in such situations. By hiring a freelancer, you can get your urgent work done within a few hours or a day. Reports have shown that by 2020, 50% of the Americans will switch to full-time freelancing job.

04. Effective Communication

In every type of work, good communication is very important. Poor communication leads to a decrease in productivity, which ultimately can generate a lot of problems for both parties. When it comes to graphic design, communication plays an important role because it’s not easy to convert someone else’s vision and expectations into an impressive design. Working with a freelancer gives an opportunity to communicate the message more effectively as it would be one-to-one communication.

Effective Communication

When you hire an agency, your communication is more with the relationship manager rather than a designer who would be working for your project. And you may know that where there is an intermediary, there is always a chance that some of the valuable information may get filtered or lost. Here we are not saying that they do this intentionally. It’s a natural thing. So, if you want that you get the exact design the way you have thought, it’s better to communicate directly with the designer.

05. Faster Delivery

Hiring freelance graphic designers are not only helps in saving the cost but time too. It is because, there is no intermediary. Therefore the cycle for completing the project runs faster. Also freelancers are always enthused to perform excellent as we discussed above also, for them reviews plays an important role in getting more projects.

Faster Delivery

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The world of business has changed a lot. Today, they are not restricted to have a team of experts working for them within the physical office space. They can hire freelance experts from around the globe. All thanks to an online marketplace like Designhill. It is the World’s No.1 freelance graphic design platform that lets its users to get connected with professional designers from all over the world. So what are you waiting for? Hire a freelance packaging designer now!

Find a Packaging Designer


Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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