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20 Packaging Design Tips For Your Business

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Packaging

Packaging Design

Last updated on January 20th, 2023

Packaging deals with covering a product properly from the viewpoints of safety and ease of handling. It means packing products in tins, bottles, bags, boxes, cans, and so forth, of convenient sizes to help buyers handle the products easily and effectively. A packaging design is very important from the viewpoint of selling goods in safe, secure, and handy packages to consumers.

But, how can we know which product is the best? The answer lies with the packaging. The package not only gives protection to the product, but also gives a glimpse of the product inside.

A neat and presentable packaging will be more attractive to customers than an ugly packaging even if the product inside is just the same. Packaging design affects the sale of a product simply because better design equals better sale as it catches more eyes.

Good product with awful packaging design create a bad impression and people won’t think of buying a product. The color and design of packaging can have a noticeable effect on customers as different colors have different effects on the eyes of people depending on what product you are selling.

Here Are 20 Tips For Creating A Stunning Packaging Design That Can Influence The Market

01. Packaging Materials

You need to take extra precautions while opting for packaging material so that it allows for maximum product freshness, protection as well as attract customers.

Packaging Materials

02. Packaging Construction

Chose a flexible and rigid construction design that supports your product and take proper care of the space you need for putting up a message or use for product promotion?

Packaging Construction

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03. Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging is the outer packing of material for transportation and storage purpose. Choose your Packaging design according to the ease of which it can be packed into outer containers.

Secondary Packaging

This would ensure that the shape or size of your Packaging design doesn’t prevent you from easily shipping your product to retailers. If your Packaging construction is not in accordance with Secondary Packaging it -can lead to increase in transportation and storage cost.

04. Ease Of Storage And Distribution

The cost of secondary packaging and transportation to get it to the retailer should be minimal otherwise your profits will suffer.

The product will be stored for a period of time before going on display so packing should be in a manner such that it support easy storage and distribution.

Ease Of Storage

05. Shelf Life Extension Through Packaging

How long might your product sit on the shelf before the client consumes it? Well, that depends on several factors and no one can be entirely sure of the same.

But, as a precautionary measure one should always have product packaging in a way that neither the packaging nor the design on it fades away anytime soon.

product packaging

06. Convey Information

Convey accurate and reliable information on your package regarding the product, its ingredients, Manufacturing date, etc. This would help in building trust among the consumers for your product and tempt them to buy it.

Convey Information

07. Know Your Brand Identity

Your packaging design should be in a way that it portrays your product positioning in the market .Your packaging is the first point-of-contact of consumers with your product.

You must have a clear understanding of your brand to get packaging design ideas for the same. Who is your potential target customer? What is your brand’s philosophy?

Brand Identity

Packaging plays very important role in differentiating your product from similar products in the market. Ensure that your package design is consistent with your brand identity. The color, size, shape, and materials used in your packaging must be in accordance with your brand’s identity.

08. Design With Form And Function

A packaging designer creates a proper balance between the shelf appeal with a creative packaging design as well as keeping the functional aspect of safety and protection of the product on the store shelf.

When you transport your product to a retailer, it must arrive in the same condition as it left your factory else the retailers will deduct the cost of damaged product from your invoice .

creative packaging design

In case of food packaging has to carry a clear message of features and benefits that are easy to see and understand. The Food and Drug Administration Guides numerous aspects of food packaging design.

09. Clarity And Simplicity

New product launch requires that your company name, company’s logo and your brand messages are strong and clearly communicated on the packaging so that the consumer will dedicate it to your product on the shelf.

packaging design ideas

10. Combine Photography With Minimal Styles

Packaging trends may go out of trend, but one thing that is always in flux is appropriate graphics that catches customer’s attention.

Combining photography with minimal graphic style looks relevant and stylish when designed in a perfect manner, so that it catches people’s attention. Graphic designers always try to convey as much information as possible through minimal design elements.

graphic designer

11. Honesty

Packaging designers often strive to depict the product in the most perfect way imaginable. They’ll show rich, fresh cherries on fruit yogurt with little fruit content. For high sales and good brand image depict the product exactly the way it is on your packaging design.

label design

By depicting a product ten times better than it actually is, you’re misleading the consumer who have made a huge expectation from your product. This would ultimately lead to customer disappointment followed by poor sales performance and very bad brand image.

Honesty is the best policy. Today’s consumer isn’t easily fooled, for one. And even if you do manage to fool them, your brand image will ultimately pay the price. Therefore, we would suggest you to provide only genuine information on your product label design.

12. Authenticity

The only way to set your brand apart from hundreds of products out there in the market seeking consumer attention is to be authentic and different. Originality and authenticity along with memorability are the key element s of a great packaging design.


13. Shelf Impact

Creating shelf impact is truly a matter of creativity and exploration and it makes a huge difference in product sales.

Viewing a product at a distance from shelves forms a shopper’s point of view as we might have experienced ourselves as to how certain products attracts our attention such that we decide to take a closer look?

It is the distinctiveness and appeal of the product when placed on shelf is something retailers call shelf impact.

Shelf Impact

14. Extensibility

A packaging design concept should allow for an easy introduction of a new extension line in case of product variation or a sub-brand. Like if you’re creating a packaging for new brand of pasta.


You along with your client had opted for a certain packaging design, featuring different varieties of pasta but after few months the client decides to launch a peri-peri flavor under the same brand name.

15. Think About Longevity

Sleek and beautiful labels are a smart way to navigate package design such that it doesn’t go out of styles.

Here Are Few Points Given Below To Maintain Your Brand’s Longevity:

i. Take Proper Care While Choosing The Color

Carefully consider your target consumers and pick the colors of your food packaging design accordingly and don’t forget to keep your product in mind for example salad, it looks tastier in a yellow box than it does in a brown one.

navigate package design

ii. Make It Easy To Carry

Customers are always on the go, so try to make your packaging easy to carry and resealable. Make sure it allows instant usage. You can take inspiration from small business packaging ideas to finalize an efficient packaging for your products.

iii. Opt For A Sustainable Food Packaging Design

Modern consumers have a strong preference for sustainable packaging that is eco-friendly. So, incorporate recyclable materials into your packaging design and mention it on your packaging to influence your potential client with an initiative to contribute a bit to environment.

16. Practicality

Not just the label or wrap, Practicality deals with the actual shape, size and functionality of the food container. The more practical is your product, the more sales it gets. Practicality alone can solve many of the packaging design challenges.


17. Dare To Be Different

Most of the food packaging designers get influenced by a generic design just because everyone else in the market is settling for drab. Be different, design different. Is everybody in your competition opting for white as a main colour? You might want to go for a black background instead!

food packaging designers

18. Appeal Visually

One of the most effective ways to appeal to your customers is by catching their attention visually.

By designing a great label with high definition images and a well-placed logo on your packaging will draw your consumer’s attention towards your product over other products.

At Designhill, our designers graphic design jobs aim to create packaging designs that have a visual appeal to the audience as well as convey the product information.

Appeal Visually

19. Inform Your Consumers

It is very important to include your product’s name and secondary description on your product packaging.

According to the type of product mention things like a UPC code or QR code, who manufactured or distributed the product, safe handling instructions, if it requires refrigeration or not, and usage tips can all be included as well.

Make sure that the graphic design elements your designer puts, conveys information about your product.

graphic design

20. Let Your Typography Sell The Product

Typography is one of the most revolutionary technique of graphic design. Use a modern slab type to appeal to younger, fashion-conscious consumers, choose a classic serif and create an inspirational product, or go for a pared-back sans serif instead.

Sell The Product

Now, you’re pitching a product that’s suddenly cool and trendy. Packaging of food products provide some great examples of the power of typography to sell a product to a particular market.

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Good packaging design captivates the eyes of people and attracts them to try a product and hence good design brings more sales. Creative packaging attracts the consumers because people prefer buying things that look good to their eyes so try to keep your packaging simple and beautiful because packaging of your product gives the first impression of your product that always matter.

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