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Best 11 At Designhill – September

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

Hello Creative Souls! The countdown is over. It’s time to announce the Winner of ‘Designhill’s Best 11 for September. And the winner is Bathtime Salts. Congratulations Mohammed Foysol Hoque! You have won a grand chance to feature on our blog and other exclusive social media platforms. Apart from this, you have also won 150k + followers who will definitely help you enhance your value in the designer as well as client community.

Here Is The Winning Design Created By Mohammed Foysol Hoque!

01. Bathtime Salts

The client wanted a logo design for a new product launch. Bathtime products are for the whole family, and they are targeting the audience who do not think twice about spending a little more on sustainable and natural products. While posting the contest, the client mentioned that since the product will be sold in compostable packaging (which is in light tan color) with compostable labeling, therefore, the logo should be in a single color.

Bathtime Salts

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Mohammed Foysol Hoque ]

The client received 215 entries for the contest, and all the designers came up with great designs. But it was Mohammed Foysol Hoque who took home the winner award. The design created by the winning designer is simple and clean, making it stand apart from competitors.

Here Are The Rest Of “Best 11 Designs At Designhill” For The Month Of September


In the Persian language, ASHPAZ means a chef. This logo has been created for a brand of rice that caters Arabian, Persian, and South Asian cuisines to restaurants. Keeping this in mind, the winning designer has used an image of a Persian chef who is holding a plate cloche dome tray.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Mark Smith ]

The brand’s slogan ‘Chefs Brand’ has been positioned below the brand name. The client received 170 design entries for the contest, out of which this design was chosen as the winner.

03. Teer Training Development Academy

Teer Training is a football training academy that is run solely by the owner. The trainer (owner) travels the entire state of Marine and works with players from 4th grade to college.

Teer Training

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Nosha Business Solution ]

Keeping in mind the nature of the business, the winning designer has come up with a design that features an image of a football along with the outline of the state of Marine. Since it’s an academy, the designer has created a logo in an emblem shape. Overall, the design depicts the nature of the business perfectly.

04. Oblivious Monkey Games

Oblivious Monkey Games (OMG) is a game store that caters to player experience. The winning designer has used an image of a monkey in the logo design. The brand name has been placed just below the image.

Oblivious Monkey Games

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Logoattack ]

To make it unique, the designer has used the image of dice to create the eyes of the monkey and the letter ‘O’ in the brand name. The design looks great on a business card. What do you think?

05. New Zealand Purist

New Zealand Purist is a luxurious skincare brand that manufactures 100% natural and organic rare glacial clay face masks. The client launched the contest for a logo design that needs to be imprinted onto the metallic gold lid of the product jar.

New Zealand Purist

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Rahayu__art ]

The winning designer has created a geometrical shaped logo for the brand. The gold color used in the design gives this logo a luxurious, classy, and high-end look. There were 240 designs from different graphic designers, but Rahayu_art stood as the winner and took home the award.

06. Stealth Apparel

Stealth is a fitness-inspired apparel company that aims to sell high-quality and unique-styled products. The designer has used the initials of the brand name to create a logo.

Stealth Apparel

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Design007 ]

If you look into the design closely, you will find that the empty space in the icon is forming the shape of the alphabet H, which is setting a perfect example of negative space. Out of 264 entries, the client chose this design as the winning one, and we chose this as one of the ‘Best 11 at Designhill’ for September.

07. 3000 BC

3000 BC is a luxury retail brand that focuses on producing candles and fine gold jewelry. The client wanted to have a bold, authentic, and timeless logo. The designer has created a crowned, emblem-shaped logo that has two roaring lions on both sides, depicting the fact that the brand is a leader in its industry.

3000 BC

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Ayu Brigytha Disni ]

The gold color used in the design gives this logo a luxurious, classy, and high-end look. The creative touch given to the logo makes the brand stand apart from its competitors.

08. Junk Busters

Junk Busters is a business that provides services of removing junk and cleaning gutters. Keeping in mind the nature of this business, the winning designer has created a cartoonized, badass veteran icon who is holding a cleaning tool.

Junk Busters

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Conrad Dsouza ]

The brand name and its slogan ‘Who’s Gonna Haul It’ have been placed below the icon. Overall, the design is impressive and will look great on van wrap advertising, and this was exactly what the client wanted.

09. La Distillerie du Sud

La Distillerie du Sud are Vodka producers. The client launched the contest for label design. The label is for Piste Noire vodka (name of the product). Since the product gets produced in Ariège, South France at the foothills of Pyrenees, the designer has created an image of hills in the design.

Label Design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Teo405 ]

The name of the product is placed above the image. The label also contains all the other necessary information which was provided by the client. Teo405 beats all the entries, taking home the winner award.

10. ROSITA’S Mexicatessen

ROSITA’S Mexicatessen is a Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos. While posting the contest, the client mentioned that they want a logo that evokes memories of the past. They wanted a logo that looks like it was designed during the 20’s.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Hopedesign ]

The winning designer followed all the instructions and came up with a design that features an image of a rose. The fonts used in the design perfectly matches the typography of the 20s era.

11. Donna P’s Tinfoil Sandwiches

Donna P’s Tinfoil Sandwiches is a food cart business that specializes in selling their grandmother’s secret recipe sandwiches. To convey a sense of honor, the client wanted an image of their grandmother in the logo design. The winning designer has created a circular shaped design, in the center of which, they have incorporated the face of the client’s grandmother.

Donna P's Tinfoil Sandwiches

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill] [ Newhope ]

The first half of the brand name is written on the top of the image, and the second half is written at the bottom of the image. To give a vintage look, the designer has mentioned ‘EST. 2019’ on both sides of the design. Newhope beat 146 entries and took home the winner award.


To those who missed out on this opportunity, don’t worry! We’ll be back with the best 11 designs at Designhill for the month of October soon. Till then keep visiting our Designhill blog and stay updated with the recent developments in the world of business. Create contests if you have graphic design requirements.

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