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5 Best Logo Design Apps For Android

by Designhill Tweet - in Mobile Apps Design

Logo Design Apps

Last updated on December 19th, 2022

Someone once rightly quoted “At the core of every business is its logo design”.
Small business owners do not have big finances to hire expensive professional designers. But logo design apps can help them create logos without outside help and with not much cost involved. If some design rules are followed, the apps deliver impressive and customized design solutions.

Whether you manage an e-commerce startup or own a brick and mortar business, you’ll need to ensure a great logo design to attract sales and get your business off the ground and market your product and services.

In order to get a great logo design for your business, you’ll need to hire a freelance graphic designer. But in case you have a creative mind and an eye for design, then you can try your hands at designing your own business logo.

Fear not, as there are plenty of online resources and apps available for that. Well, i am sure one question must be crossing your mind right now such as:

“How do I find such apps that can help me create amazing logos for my business?”

Well, today I’m going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is, spare a few minutes and install one of these 5 best android apps that will help you to design your own logo within minutes and without ripping your budget apart.

But before I get you acquainted with these amazing apps, it’s important to understand why you should consider using these Android apps.

Importance Of Android Powered Logo Design Apps

Logo design apps offer an optimal solution to businesses, especially startups and small businesses. It’s a wonderfully low-risk alternative that promises high gains.

Here are just some of the many points illustrating how businesses can take advantage of such logo design apps.

a. Quick Results- When you work with a freelance graphic designer or an agency, your deadlines may take as long as weeks. On the other hand, when you use logo design apps for android powered smartphones or iPhones, you get results almost instantly.

b. Relatively Lower Cost- Hiring a freelance graphic designer or a design agency often proves to be a costly proposition.

But with logo design apps, you can easily create a DIY logo design for an amount significantly lower than what freelance graphic designers and design agencies charge. If you’ve got a small budget for your design needs, then this solution fits the bill perfectly.

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c. No Experience Needed- With so many design ideas, inspirations and templates available at your disposal, you really don’t need any technical experience or designing skills to design your own logo design when using a logo design app.

5 Logo Design Apps for Android Powered Smartphones Or Mobile Devices

Now that you know how logo design apps for Android and iOS platforms can help you create an amazing logo for your business without having to spend big money, it’s time to get acquainted with 5 best logo design apps for Android.

01. Logo Maker & Logo Creator

  • Of Installs: 100,000 – 500,000
  • Overall Rating: 7 by 2024 users
  • Developed by: XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Logo creator

This is an amazing app that helps you create professional logo designs for your business in a matter of minutes!

This amazing logo design app for Android packs in a huge bunch of preloaded fonts and graphics that you can use to easily create an amazing logo for your business. The app is of great help to create logos for the digital era.

Not only that, this amazing app can also help you create smaller projects such as stickers. The app also features a handy search tool to find unique and creative graphics that you can use in your logos.

But what makes this app really interesting is its feature to easily resize everything, from text to finished product.

Logo Maker


02. Logo Maker

  • Of Installs: 10,000 – 50,000
  • Overall Rating: 5 by 721 users
  • Developed by: Laughingbird Software
  • Logo Maker

Widely considered to be one of the best logo design apps for Android powered devices, Logo Maker is perhaps the easiest way to create logos for your business in no time.

What makes this logo design app rather special is that it provides users the option to choose from a wide range of logo design templates.

professional logo

Just select the template you like. Simply add your business name, save and export the file in a few minutes or modify the elements, objects, characters, in the template to give your logo a more personal touch.

Just drag and drop, pinch or spin elements into the template to modify the template. But make sure that you choose typeface and colors that your website design has already used. This ensures brand consistency across your design items.

Logo Maker


03. LogoFactoryApp Logo Maker

  • Of Installs: 500,000 – 1,000,000
  • Overall Rating: 2 by 3716 users
  • Developed by: Logofactory Development Team
  • LogoFactory App Logo Maker

Yet another popular logo design app for android powered devices, LogoFactoryApp is a professional logo design maker.

It is rated alongside the best apps for those looking to create a DIY logo for their business! This app is also a great resource when you want to create a versatile business logo.

The apps’ simple and Intuitive interface makes it easy to create a professional logo design in just a few seconds. This is one of the best apps even for those don’t have a keen eye for design.

App’s exhaustive gallery features a large number of images from which you can choose the one that fits your business the most and many types of Fonts to personalize the logo.



04. Logo Creator

  • Of Installs: 100,000 – 500,000
  • Overall Rating: 8 by 2229 users
  • Developed by: Tanem Apps
  • Tanem Apps

Here is a logo design apps for Android that consistently tops all popularity charts – Logo Creator! This app makes it easy to create amazing logos even on the go.

With ready to use templates, this app makes it easy to choose the kind of logo you’re looking for your business. With the help of the app, you can create a logo as per new design trends.

The app’s user-friendliness makes it useful for all age groups. All you need to do is to input characters and push ‘Create’ button to instantly create amazing logos.

Not only can you create amazing logos, you can post them directly to Twitter or other social media sites and save them to your SD card.

Logo Creator


05. Quick Logo Design +

  • Of Installs: 100,000 – 500,000
  • Overall Rating: 1 by 638 users
  • Developed by: FSD Solutions LLC.
  • Quick Logo Design App

Another best logo design app for Android powered devices that are popular with logo designers from across the globe is Quick Logo Design+.

It provides the user with access to multiple templates to choose from and also helps users customize them with fonts and color. The right use of these elements is a key to design a perfect logo for your business.

This app allows designers to instantly download the logo designs that they create. This is one of the best apps to create professionally designed business logos within minutes without much efforts.

Quick Logo Design


Now It’s Your Turn!

So, these are 5 of the best logo design apps for android powered smartphone and devices.
Now, if you want to design your own business logo. Something that’ll give your brand the boost it needs. Install one of these 5 best logo design apps for Android!

As an effective alternative to logo design apps, you can also use Designhill as your source of a memorable logo for your business.

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Logo design apps help you to create a logo as per your design needs without the help of a professional designer. So, these apps are cost-effective solutions for startups with little financial resources.

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