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10 Best Freelance Sites To Hire NFT Logo Designers & Artists In 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Artist

NFT Logo Designers

Last updated on November 26th, 2022

Are you planning to start creating and selling your art through NFT marketplaces? If so, the first thing you need is a logo to project your art and business amongst your target audiences. Your NFT logo will appear on the marketplaces, social media, and in all of your activities to promote your art and business. This should prompt you to hire qualified NFT logo designers who have the experience and skillsets to do the job well. You will find in this blog the best freelance sites to look for professionals to create your logo.

Non-Fungible Tokens [NFTs] have opened new opportunities for artists and business owners as platforms. This technology has liberated them from the conventional shackles of reaching out to the market and building trust.

A chief reason for the NFTs becoming so popular amongst digital artists is that this technique best secures ownership of artworks. It helps build a scarcity factor so that prices of artworks can go higher.

But your NFT logo must be an impressive design that can reflect your NFT niche and drive potential customers to your unique artwork. If you’re not a designer, you’ll have to hire an NFT logo designer who can do the job perfectly.

What Sites Are Ideal To Hire NFT Logo Designers?

While there are hundreds of new and old graphic design marketplaces, not all are made the same. Therefore, you should first pick the right platforms to hire logo designers.

Here Are Some Of The Points To Consider:

  • Filtering System: Make sure that the site has an easy filtering system. Hundreds of freelance designers are active on marketplaces. But with the right filtering system, you can quickly find out which NFT freelancers are perfect for your project.
  • Portfolios: A helpful site allows freelancers to upload their samples of past works so that you can know which designer can do justice to your NFT logo.
  • Different Art Styles: Ensure that the marketplace gives you a wide range of different design styles for comparison.
  • Legal Rights: An ideal freelance graphic design site will guarantee your legal intellectual property rights over the design that you get. The site will automatically transfer the legal ownership of the design from the designer to you, making you the legitimate owner of your NFT logo.

However, with plenty of graphic design marketplaces available today, choosing the right one to hire a freelance NFT logo designer becomes harder.

Here Is The Select List Of The Resources To Find A Logo Designer For Your NFT Project

01. Designhill

Designhill is the world’s leading creative marketplace for graphic designers and artists. You can hire a logo designer of your choice to work on your NFT project. This allows you to closely discuss your requirements with the designer to develop a unique logo design idea.

The marketplace is also an ideal site to launch your logo design contest and your brief for the designers. You choose specific colors, fonts, images, and other design elements to create a precise brief. That helps designers understand your NFT logo design requirements the best.


Designhill has over 227,000 designers from an incredible global community looking for design gigs. To hire them to work one-to-one on your NFT project, you need to take just three simple steps.

  • Create A Job Post – First login/sign up to the Designhill website and post your logo job. The marketplace will display the job that thousands of designers worldwide will go through. You can also add pricing and timeline to the brief. You can post as many jobs as you want for free at this stage.
  • Invite A Designer – Next, invite the best designers to work on your NFT project. You can invite top talents with no restrictions.
  • Collaborate Quickly and Securely – Designhill marketplace has the tools to help you and designers get feedback quickly for timely response to design work. You get various tools for process and a secure environment for collaboration.

02. Upwork

Upwork is amongst the most popular freelance sites where thousands of freelancers in every field, including graphic design, look for gigs. It is also an accessible platform for business owners to look for freelancers.

At Upwork, when you are searching for professional logo designers, all you need to do is scan the designers’ profiles. You can search through the directory of the NFT professionals to see who has the attributes that fit your design requirements.


The search results will develop those critical attributes for a quick comparison of the designers. You can also invite freelancers to work on your NFT art projects and save time on a vast comparison of freelancers’ profiles.

So, you will have your logo created with ease. Then, Upwork will transfer the intellectual property rights of the logo design to you once the designer gets paid.

03. Fiverr

Fiverr is a unique platform to find freelancers willing to work on a project at minimum costs for business owners. So, if you have merely a few bucks and still want a great NFT logo, Fiverr is the site you should explore to find the designers. Most freelancers do jobs for five dollars or the minimum possible cost at this site.

This site has hundreds of NFT designers and businesses posting NFT-specific gigs. So, you can quickly locate a suitable freelancer to design your logo. So, while the NFT industry is still at the first phase of its evolution, Fiverr can help you find a designer.


Since most NFT professionals agree to work at a smaller fee of $5, you get a logo within your moderate budget. You can filter the designers’ profiles to find the one that suits your NFT design requirements.

Also, Fiverr guarantees your legal rights on your logo created by the designers on this platform. So, you do not have to go through all the legal jargon to get ownership over the logo.

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04. Toptal

Toptal is the platform for building a long-lasting relationship between business owners and designers. They have a wide range of skill sets and experience. So, your chances of locating NFT designers at Toptal are higher. Designers must deposit $500, which gets returned on their first invoice. This relationship will be great.


The site offers you features that allow for extensive screening and testing measures so that you hire only the best designer for your NFT project. Once you have hired a designer, you can continue to work with the professional if you need to. But you must decide to continue the designer’s work in two weeks.

05. is a directory of freelancers from the world over. Many graphic designers are present at this site, and you can instantly message them regarding your project work. After scanning and comparing many designers’ portfolios, you can directly hire a freelance NFT logo designer from this site. In this way, you can approach a graphic designer directly.

Alternatively, you also have access to their Recruiter Service that gives you a select number of qualified designers for your specific NFT project. If necessary, you can also have the services of a project manager who will handle your freelancers on your behalf.

Do not worry about the legalities since uses an Intellectual Property Handover Contract on jobs, including your NFT jobs. This means the site will automatically hand over all your rights after completing the logo project.

06. Dribbble

Dribbble is a popular platform to build communities, and it is open to all users. Designers can post their portfolios at this site, meet fellow designers and potential clients, and share ideas. They can find a community of their choice.


It has a job board to hire a logo designer who can meet your NFT logo design requirements. You can directly invite logo designers using the job board to work on your NFT projects.

It also features a Talent Partner solution that is a great help for you in picking the right designer. You will also compare the designers’ fee and experience levels, enabling you to select an affordable designer.

07. Working Not Working (WNW)

Working Not Working [WNW] should be on your list to locate the right freelancer for your NFT logo jobs. This platform provides you with an interactive experience. Designers can give more information about themselves than just about their design skills.

Working Not Working

So, you can find a designer whose interest in the NFT field is genuine and whose design experiences are of different levels. WNW is also ideal for hiring a designer for extended work relations for future NFT projects.

08. Behance

Behance is yet another quality site to locate freelance designers. It is a more accessible platform for searching for designers using the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can scan the portfolio setting feature that the designers use to see the works, but you need to sign up with a monthly membership to reach out to the designers.


After getting your membership, you can compare different portfolios and post your job. You have access to numerous logo designers at this site, and many of them have experience in the NFT field.

09. PeoplePerHour

People Per Hour is a good site, especially for small businesses with a tiny budget to design their digital logo. With this site, you pay for your NFT logo on an hourly-rate basis, which means you pay only for hours the designer spent on designing your logo. This helps in lowering your design costs.


You need to scan the designers’ profiles to hire a qualified designer for your project. PeoplePerHour is also useful to keep a tab on the hired designers through a project management tool.

10. FLD [Freelance Logo Design]

Like many other typical logo design marketplaces, FLD comes in a contest-based format but with a difference. Only three freelancers are allowed access rather than hundreds of designers submitting their logo ideas in response to a design brief. Each of them can submit two design ideas.

Freelance Logo Design

This approach has its advantage. Since only three freelancers submit proposals, that is an incentive for them to invest more time into your design project. Also, they have only two other designers to compete, which increases the chances of winning that contest.

You can pick a design if you like it or pay an additional fee to move forward with unlimited designers. So, visit this site to get your NFT logo designed quickly. The process is straightforward.

So, these are the 10 best freelancer sites that you can explore while thinking of hiring NFT logo designers and artists. Make sure that you compare the sites extensively for their unique feature.

Wrapping Up

If you are an NFT art maker, you will first need an NFT logo to aggressively promote your art and business. There are many freelance sites where you can find logo designers to hire to work on your logo design or create new startup logos. But not all of them are equally suited. The websites mentioned above are best to consider while hiring a freelancer to create your logo for an NFT business.

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