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9 Creative Tips To Design Education Logo

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Education Logo

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Education is a competitive business these days. The market is crowded with numerous new and established institutions.Your education startup can survive the competition if its marketing plan is solid and effective. One of the key elements to take your education business to the people is its logo. Your education logo must be a memorable design so that it can successfully convey the message and help build a brand identity of your institute.

You should never ignore the significance of your education logo. It is the face of your institution.Your potential student or customers will form an opinion about your business once they see its logo. Do not forget that the logo will appear in a variety of media as part of your promotional campaign. So, a memorable and innovative logo will help create a good first impression about your institution.

But many designers do not pay attention to the basics of logo design.They often repeat the mistakes that others have done in the past and end up creating a purposeless logo. In Spite of benefitting, such logos harm to businesses. This is because a carelessly drawn logo creates a bad impression on viewers.This, in turn,creates a bad impression about your business.

Here Are Some Creative Tips To Design Your Education Logo

01. Know The Brand

Before starting work on your education logo design, have some details of the institution. It may be a school, college, or an university. It may be a coaching center or any other startup that your client wants to take to new heights in the future. You must be aware of the institution’s business goals. You must gather as much information as you can as it will help you pick a unique design concept.


If the client did not give a detailed design brief, arrange for a personal meeting or get the details through email. Send a questionnaire to the client regarding the business ambition, target students or customers, target market, future plans, institution’s history, and so on. Such details are extremely crucial when you plan the logo design.

02. Keep The Design Simple

One of the key things to note is that your education logo should be a simple design. Note that your logo design is for the institution and not for serving your personal creative ego. So, read the design brief of the client. Create a logo that the client will like. If the logo is a complex design, the client will reject it. This is because most clients do not understand the designs that involve lots of colors, lines, shapes and fonts. Similarly, people also have no time to scrutinize a logo for its real meaning.

logo design

Therefore, it is always advisable to create a simple logo. When we talk of a simple logo design, it implies that there are only few lines or a symbol. If colors are used, keep them to the minium. A surefire way to design such a logo is to follow minimalistic design principle. Under this design trend, the designers try to convey a brand message using only a few elements. There are no additional elements used in such designs.

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03. Make It Unique And Memorable

There are already many simple education logos in the markets. So, if your logo is a simple design, that is not going to attract the audience. Then, the logo should be simple as well as unique and memorable. A unique logo is the one that people have not seen before. To create one such logo, its design idea should be unique. Get some inspiration from around or visiting your graphic design album.

Memorable logo

You can draw some sketches on paper to get some unique design concepts. Then, pick one of the sketches to develop it into a full blown drawing. But study the competitors’ logos as well, so that you can draw a logo design that stand out. Only such logos are memorable and people can recall them easily in a busy market. A new education symbol can also make a memorable logo. You can also experiment with a combination logo that mixes a symbol and text brilliantly.

04. Use Strategic Colors

The success of a logo largely depends on a purposeful use of colors. One of the powers of colors is that they can evoke feelings and emotions. When we see a color, we are charged up to an extent with some emotions. For example, when we see red color, it may arise a set of emotions such as passion, aggressiveness, energy, and love. Similarly, on seeing yellow, we generally are filled with hope and positivity of life, as it is a sunshine color.

Logo Colors

So, which colors can be associated with education? Since education is related to information and use of brains in gaining knowledge, blue is mostly the color for this field. Most of education logos have blue in them. But if the logo is for a children’s school, multiple colors will be an ideal choice. You can also think of taking the colors from client’s website design and other graphic design items.


05. Select Fonts Carefully

Another key thing to consider when designing a creative education logo is that it should have fonts that can give it a personality. If the logo design is based on the institution’s name, then the importance of fonts is clear even more. Fortunately, for the designers, many quality fonts are accessible free to them only. So, there is a wide variety of fonts for logo designs available from the web.

Logo Fonts

A common practice in selecting the fonts for education logos is to use sans serif fonts. These type of fonts give a logo a friendly personality. Most of the logos have large fonts to attract viewers attention.

06. Make Good Use Of White Space

White space is a design element that help create designs that stand out. There is an element of surprise for the viewers in such logos. A famous example is the FedEx logo. This logo has a vacant space between the letters “E” and “X”.


The designer used this space to give us the impression of an arrow, which is the sign of progress and speedy delivery of the courier services. In education logos also such use of white space will ensure innovative logo designs.

07. Use Design Grids

Design grids are useful in many ways for a graphic designer. One of the key benefits of the grids is that they help in keeping all the design elements in the right proportion. Because of the grids, your education logo will look like an aesthetic design. It will appear as a symmetrical design that is much more appealing.

Graphic designer

Moreover, when a logo is scaled up or reduced its size, it will not lose its sense of proportion if it is designed on a grid. So, make sure to use design grids. There are many grids available free online. Just pick the one that you can handle easily.

08. It Must Be A Versatile Design

For a logo, it is essential that it always appears as an impressive design on a variety of media and platform. For example, a logo printed on a business card should also look great on a website. Your education logo will be a part of your marketing campaign. This means that your logo should not look odd on your newspaper ad design.

Versatile Design

Similarly, your logo should be easily scalable to larger surfaces such as billboard ads. It should also be clearly visible when printed on small surfaces of a pen or on such other promotional products. Moreover, it is important that the logo looks great also in black and white. This is because many stationery items, photocopies, faxed documents etc. have logos in colorless versions.

09. Get Feedback

Although a logo is a creative work, still do not forget that it is designed for the people as they are the viewers and target audience. Your personal opinion and appreciation of your own logo design does not matter much. So, get opinion of people and experts as well. It would be good if you can run an opinion poll on your social media page to know what people think of the logo.


You should also take the logo to the client to get approval. It would be good if you can take the logo to the client at the early stage. If your client suggests some improvements or changes, do the needful.

These are some of the crucial aspects that you must abide by when designing a creative education logo. For the purpose, you can crowdsource a good graphic design services from platform like Designhill.

As you launch your logo design contest on this platform, you get dozens of new design entries. You can then pick one logo as worthy of being the face of your education institution. Designhill has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy, means you can get refunds if you do not like the designs.

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Education logos can build a nice image of your institution. But the logo design must be a creative piece of work. Make sure that the logo concept is unique and memorable based on your well researched information about the institution. Choice of colors and fonts is important. But the logo must also be a versatile design.

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