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Dunkin Donuts New Logo: Dunkin Donuts Rebrand And Redesign Their Name And Logo

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design

Dunkin' Donuts New Logo

Last updated on November 11th, 2021

The delicious, sugary, sickly pastry is no more an integral part of world-renowned Dunkin’ Donuts brand name. Yes, they are embracing a rebranding strategy and dropping “Donuts” from their brand name! The 68-year old international coffee chain will continue to sell donuts though. However, the major overhaul of Dunkin Donuts new logo will take place in early 2019.

This change comes twelve years after the brand began showing ads with the tagline— America Runs on Dunkin. The renowned Frankfurter lettering and the staple pink and orange imagery will remain untouched. However, the new logo design will start appearing on its website, advertising, social media handles and packaging. The new logo has gone through the testing phase and will be rolled out on all remodeled and new stores in the USA and all around the world.

Is The Change Meant For Rebuilding Brand Identity or Expansion?

According to Dave Hoffman, CEO of Dunkin’ this changes doesn’t come just for the sake of change. Their new branding strategy is a clear sign that there is something new, something refreshing at Dunkin’. The change indicates their dynamic trait while sticking to their great heritage. The possibility of simplicity lies in just Dunkin’ is sure to resonate with people.

And, the Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin’— Tony Weisman also says that the new name is shorter, simpler and modern.

Brand Identity

The strategy is focused on breaking the only “doughnuts” brand identity. It also includes rebranding and emerging as a brew-led chain. And, there is no doubt to find out that it will be extending its menu with teas, coffees and quick service foods.

This move comes as the company kicks off its expansion plan to open about 1,000 new stores in the US by 2020. It’s, of course, a well-planned strategy to transform its customer experience.

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The change doesn’t come all of a sudden. But the brand seems following the footsteps of brands like—

  • Weight Watchers that became just WW
  • Walmart Inc. that lately ditched its pesky hyphen
  • IHOb, technically IHOP that rebranded this year to emphasize its burgers
  • Starbucks that changed its name in 2011 by removing the word “coffee” from its logo
  • Taco Bell‘s new logo is yet another example of rebranding. The brand removed its iconic bold and bright blue shade and included magenta and yellow shades for the minimalist approach.

And, besides brewery and coffee-chains, there was Mozilla that later in July announced the same. The company announced to redesign logo to showcase its diverse products. Instead of going directly to a logo designer, they asked users about their feedback and opinions. These recent moves show that how businesses are increasingly opting for a new logo design and focusing on a shorter and snappier version.

What’s New In Dunkin’ Logo?

Unlike its old business logo design, the new Dunkin’ logo features only a hint of pink or orange. The design is much more minimalistic.

Its identifiable Frankfurter font remains the same with the use of orange and pink shades. However, the Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman says that the presentation of the logo will be freshened up. He gives a hint of creating a playful and fresh logo design with a touch of minimalism.

New Dunkin logo

The two of the earliest revamps can be seen on the Dunkin’ iced coffee cups and its packaging for new Donut fries. As far as brand identity is concerned, the company is putting a more contemporary spin while keeping the traditional pink and orange combination preserved with a bit of change.

Dunkin’ New Package Design

Talk about their new packaging design, and it looks brighter and more playful than ever! Their summer cups have the repeating phrase “beat the heat” with another recurring “iced” in bold and bright colors. Their brand canvas includes distinctive colors and typography that they want to make even more attention-grabbing. However, they will roll out more new looks later this year.

Package Design

Dunkin’ branding history timeline

  • The Frankfurter font is an integral part of its branding strategy since the 1970s
  • The orange and pink have prominently featured since the 1980s
  • In 2006, a coffee cup was added next to its name
  • In 2006, the brand started using the tagline— America Runs on Dunkin

However, things haven’t changed much since its beginning. The company is looking to popularize itself in its bid to emerge as “America’s most famous yet most-loved beverage-led and on-the-go brand.” Well, it has already simplified its menu and now revamping the look of its nationwide stores.

professional logo

What Rebranding Has To Do With Growth?

Rebranding is the latest marketing buzz. It’s one of those many efforts to appear new, fresh and significant to today’s consumers. While Starbucks by removing “Coffee” from its name broadened its appeal in 2011, Dunkin’ missed this opportunity despite its famous ad campaign “America Runs on Dunkin’” in 2006.

It didn’t follow through its full rebranding campaign and failed to capitalize on consumers’ changing preferences. On the contrary, Starbucks with its renaming broadened its offerings with sandwiches, coffee goods, and many more beverages. It spiked their sales growth! However, Dunkin’ sales growth has slowed down for years.

Rebranding Strategy

While Starbucks since 2014 has been moving along with 5 to 7% comparable sales growth at its US stores, Dunkin’ has managed just about 1.5% yearly over the same phase.

This new branding strategy is one segment of Dunkin’ many-sided blueprint for expansion and growth. It’s a plan well-designed to transform the brand from only a doughnut-dominated brand to a beverage-led brand.

The same can be seen in their simplified menu lately. They have given importance to beverages like Nitro Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee, Original Blend Coffee, Green Tea, Dark Roast Coffee, Decaf, and Iced Teas with the introduction of new menu additions like Donut Fries. They are also focusing on On-the-Go mobile ordering and next-generation design concepts that would resonate with millennials.

Specially designed to meet the needs and demands of today’s on-the-go consumer, the next generation store design offers new and innovative elements to make running on Dunkin’ faster and more convenient than ever before.

Rebranding Has

Their key-store highlights feature an eight-headed tap system. It’s for cold beverages that crew members would be serving like bartenders. The store also provides a glass bakery case to display donuts that will be within an arm’s reach. It also has separate mobile-order pickup sections and mobile order drive-thru lane to let customers speed past the queue.

Well, rebranding is more than just redesigning a logo and announcing it on any given day. And Dunkin’ understands it pretty well. That’s why it’s buckled-up to helping its brand name, capitalizing it and enhancing customer experience. This move shows how it aligns with the original values that it presents to its consumers every day.

Also, it’s not possible to do in a single day. Hiring a professional graphic designer and changing the typography or design of your logo isn’t just the only part, but one of the many parts. It takes proper planning, market research, understanding of consumer market and a lot more. And the donut company, after considering each element, is all set for the major overhaul.

Rebranding Strategy

Identifying why a company needs to rebrand is the first requisite. It will help decide the type of rebrand strategy it needs, and that will work best to achieve its goals. It can redefine the brand identity, graphic design services or present it with a fresh approach.

There are many reasons for which companies take the route of rebranding. It may include the brand’s goals moving toward a new direction, merger or acquisition, trying to be noticeable in a crowded market, or modernizing a brand that no longer resonates with the target audience.

Rebranding Strategy

Depending On The Message A Brand Would Like To Convey, The Rebranding Strategy Falls Into Two Categories:

a) Total Rebrand — This is required in the situation where an entirely new identity is compulsory. This is often seen in cases where two companies merge and undergo necessary changes. The changes could include different focus or new goals. The total rebrand typically involves a new messaging, new name, and a fresh logo or imagery.

b) Partial Rebrand — This strategy is for brands that are well-established, yet they want to update their services or refresh their identity or marketplace. This version involves tweaking certain parts of the brand to reflect a new offering or a new look. Yes, Dunkin’ has decided to undergo a partial rebranding strategy.

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