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How To Design A PR Logo That Sends Out the Right Message

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Design a PR Logo

Last updated on April 28th, 2020

“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company”—Saul Bass

Have you ever experienced a company operating without a logo? Hopefully not! A logo plays as the face of the company and hence every business, irrespective of their size, requires a logo. The visual identity is needed for a business for establishing its brand. The magnitude of the public relations industry shows how vital the persuasion is for shaping public opinion up. The first way to promote a business is to design a PR logo that has the right tone or style.

Today, the business world has become so competitive that it’s not easy to win the hearts of the audience and succeed in the industry. If you are a newcomer, the first thing that will make your business stand out from the crowd is an artistically crafted unique logo design. Undoubtedly, your product quality and services play a vital role too. But if your opponents also have the same quality, then standing out in the competition can be quite challenging.

Importance Of Logo For Businesses

Many entrepreneurs devote their efforts and time in generating a business name. It may be because they believe that a unique name will help them in grabbing the attention of the target audience. Yes, there is no doubt that the perfect company name can make you get noticed. But that doesn’t mean one should ignore how important it is to have a brand logo design.

People usually misunderstand logo designing. They think designing a logo is all about sketching a circle and placing company name or graphics in it. But it’s not true! It is more than that. That is why the demand for graphic designers has been growing tremendously. According to Statista, the graphic design revenue collection in the U.S. alone is expected to cross $11.4 billion by 2022.

If you are a designer who is new in the industry and have taken up the project of creating a logo for any of the client, then here are a few tips you should know before going ahead with the project.

Tips To Design A PR Logo That Sends Out The Right Message

01. Design Brief

The first and foremost thing is to gather all the information from the client that will be required in the logo design process. Ask the client to you a document describing their business.

Design Brief

Generally, there are three essential questions your client should answer:

i. What distinguishes its brand from competitors?

ii. What are their business values and goals?

iii. What message do they want to communicate through their brand logo design?

Keep in mind, the more you know about the brand, the greater the design you can come up with. If the company name is too unique, you can ask the meaning of it from the client.

02. Conduct Market Research

Every business wants to build a brand image that can appeal to their target audience effectively. Therefore, after getting the brief on the design, the next step is to do thorough research on the industry, its history, competitors, and audience. Although, clients do sometimes give details about the competitors and the target audience in the design brief, still conducting market research will provide you with more clarity on what exactly you need to come up with.

Conduct Market Research

During your research, you can study the logo history of few top brands and figure out how they have conveyed their business values and goals. Create a separate folder for all your research and try to find out what you liked the most in the particular design.

03. Where To Use

Think about all the possible places where the logo can be used while designing it. You can also ask the client about what all platforms they are planning to use the logo. Are they only planning to use their PR logo digitally or they want to use it to printing marketing materials as well?

Where To Use

Currently, we have variable environments; which means, we not only have different sizes of screens but print as well. A good-sized logo should work fine everywhere, be it web page design, billboards, business cards, etc.

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04. Choose A Design Type

There are basically seven types of logos, each of them serving a different purpose. The style that worked best for other company may not work for you. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the type of logo you want to go with will help you in coming up with great logo design. Let’s get into the details of the logotypes so that you choose the best for your brand.

a. Monogram Or Lettermark Logos:

These are logos that use the initials of the brand. For example, HP, HBO, IBM, etc. In such type of logos, typography plays an important role.

b. Wordmark:

These logos are created by using the full name of the brand. For example, Google, FedEx, Visa, etc. Again in such types of logos, typography plays an important role.

c. Pictorial Marks:

In such logo type, a symbol is used to represent the brand. Twitter, Apple, Target are some of the examples of such logotype.

d. Abstract Logo Marks:

This logotype is used when a brand wants to use an image but do not want to be inhibited by a literal representation. A few famous examples of such logotypes are Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, etc.

e. Mascots:

These logos usually have an illustrated character that represents the brand. The classic example of such logotype is KFC.

f. Combination Mark:

This logo type is a combination of wordmark, pictorial, abstract, or mascot logotype. Some of the popular combination mark logos include Lacoste, Burger King, Dove, etc.

g. The Emblem:

These are such type of logos that includes the name of the brand inside any symbol or icon, such as Harley-Davidson, Star Bucks, etc.

05. Create A Visual Brief

After choosing the type of logo you want to go with, the next step is to sketch your ideas. Take paper and pencil, and let the ideas come out. If you don’t get success in your initial few sketches, don’t get irritated! Keep it up with your efforts to improve your drawing. Try to keep the design simple while drawing.

Create A Visual Brief

If you can sketch the representative components within ten seconds, it means you are going in the right direction. Try not to use any symbol or artwork that is common. The more creative you are at this step, the better will be the result. Want to design a logo within minutes? Use our AI-powered logo maker tool.

06. Make A Color Selection

When it comes to making an impact on the behavior and emotions of the audience, colors play an essential role. It communicates with people at the sub-conscious level. Each color has different implications and can bring deviation to the message.

Make A Color Selection

Being a newbie, coming up with the right color for the logo, can be a little tricky. That is why is it vital to know the color psychology before choosing the final color.

Here Is A Quick Breakdown:

a. Red: Passion, Love, Anger, Desire, Determination

b. Blue: Professionalism, Dependable, Power & Authority, Trust

c. Black: Power, Sophistication, Evil, Mystery

d. Green: New beginnings, Natural, Healthy, Growth

e. White: Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue

f. Yellow: Happiness, Innovation, Caution, Fun & Friendly

g. Orange: Creativity, Energy, Happiness, Fun

07. Decide On Your Font Style

Typography is a skill of organizing types. Similar to colors, it too has a significant impact on the behavior and emotions of the audience. Selecting the incorrect typeface can spoil the design. Thus, it is important to have a fundamental knowledge of how fonts should be paired.

Decide On Your Font Style

Apart from that, you need to investigate what are the current trends and what opponents are following. The correct font type not only makes the text more understandable but also helps the company in communicating the message in the right manner.

08. Make It Timeless

No matter which project you are working on. Being a graphic designer, you must be aware of the fact that you must follow the latest design trends. But when it comes to designing a logo, one should not make changes too often in the design. It may adversely affect the brand identity.

Make It Timeless

Just like a brand, the audience also ages with it. They may establish an emotional connection with the brand. Changing the brand identity too often will not only confuse them but irritate them as well. Therefore, it is essential to design a PR logo that successfully stood the test of times with minimal changes to the original design.

Here Are A Few Tips For Creating A Timeless Logo:

i. Keep it simple yet powerful.

ii. Stick to the classic fonts.

iii. Use only two to three colors.

iv. Make it robust for all the platforms.

09. Use A Vector Format

Being a professional graphic designer, you must know the importance of designing in vector format. These are the flexible files that allow generating a new file whenever rescaling the design. And the great thing is it doesn’t turn down the quality of the image. These files can easily be converted in PNG and JPG formats.

Use A Vector Format

10. Presentation

Once you have come up with the final design, it’s the time to present your design to the client. If you want your design to get approved in the first meeting, it’s essential to come up with the logo presentation that can justify why your PR logo design is appropriate for the company.



Though logos are a small image, they have great potential to make any business flourished or wither. It is because people get attracted to visuals naturally, and based on that, they build perceptions. If a logo is poorly designed, it may give a wrong impression about the company it represents. A properly designed logo can help the company in communicating its objectives, goals, products, and services. If you want to earn money by selling your designs online, then PrintShop by Designhill is a great platform. The platform allows all its users to sell their artworks, designs, photographs at their own set royalty rates.

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