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How To Generate The Business Name Ideas For Food And Beverage Business

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Food And Beverage Business

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

Food and beverage business names hold significance for new companies that intend to drive customers. The name should stand out and tell the customers what type of food and beverage the enterprise sells. Coming up with a captivating name is not easy as most names are already taken up.

Your food and beverage brand is new in the market. It has to carve out a customer base for its steady growth. That is a difficult target to achieve since many customers typically like to buy food from the same brand. So, you should try out every trick of the trade to get started on a positive note.

Choosing an appropriate but unique business name is the first thing to pay attention to when starting your food and beverage business. But picking the name is undoubtedly a tough task. Note that the name will be your brand’s identity. So, decide with utmost care.

These days, some name generator software is available to all for free. But are they good enough and can you depend on them? The answer is that there is no harm in using the software as it may generate some exciting names.

However, each new business is unique, and it needs a name that the customers can relate to easily. Many name generators come out with strange and even weird names that you cannot use.

So, while using the business name generator that churns out the names, make sure that you pick a name that is unique, simple, and easy to pronounce. Use the software only as just one part of the process.

Here is a list of Food & Beverage Business Name Ideas for your new startup.

Food & Beverage Business Name Ideas

  1. Sequoia
  2. TopSecret Foods
  3. Thunderbolt
  4. Gecko Food & Beverages
  5. Natura Corporation
  6. Delight Drinks
  7. SmartChoice
  8. Sun Star International
  9. iLike Food & Beverages
  10. Alpine International

Here Is What You Need To Consider When Picking A Name For Your Food And Beverage Business

01. Outline The Guidelines

First, write down some guidelines for picking your business name. The instructions will set some restrictions which you would not like to cross. You will be telling at the outset that the name should be something like this or that.

For example, you can make it a rule that the name must not be abstract or unfamiliar to the people. You can set the guidelines on the basis of what you have in mind at present.

Outline The Guidelines

02. Start A Brainstorming Session

After you have set the outlines, it is time for brainstorming. This will help you in coming up with some creative ideas. However, when keeping the draft in mind, let your imagination and creative powers of the team members flow frequently.

Brainstorming Session

The more ideas you have, the more it is helpful in arriving at an exciting name. The outlines will still be in mind of the team members. You may also like to have a series of brainstorming sessions.

During the brainstorming, you can ask the members to make a list, map the names in mind, and try word association.

03. Pick A Clear And Simple Name

The name you select should have a feel for your food and beverage business. The customers should know about the brand from its very name. For example, if you sell pizza and nothing else, a good company name will let customers know that you specialize in selling this fast food.

Simple Name

If you sell a mix of food and soft drink items, then pick a name that encourages people to consume those foods. If someone wants to buy dryfruits online, the consumer will look for the name that defines the same. A simple name will also fit well in your food company logo, which is the face of your business.

Choose a name that encourages people to consume the foods and beverages that you serve. The name that is complex and difficult to pronounce or sounds weird, people usually ignore.

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04. Make It Memorable

Human brain stores name in its short-term memory, which is the working memory. This is the reason that we tend to forget names so often. You would never like people to forget the name of your new company easily. Therefore, the name should be unique and memorable.

A tactic to pick one such name is to associate your brand name with some emotions and feelings or attitude. The idea here is that the name should stimulate people’s emotional memory and physical sensation. This will make their brain remember the name. So, make the name unique, short, and familiar.


One of the reasons why we remember the names of the companies like Uber, Apple, Buffer, and IBM so quickly is that they all are short, simple, and fluid.

Another thing to note here is that if the name itself is unique and memorable, it inspires your professional graphic designer. The designer will come out with graphic design services something exciting when creating your logo, food menu, and signage, etc.

05. Think Of A Trendy Name

If a food and beverage business name has some trendy vibe in it, the chances are that people will connect with your company. However, a trendy name has its disadvantages. The trend may fade away tomorrow, and you will then opt for a new name.

Trendy Name

When thinking of a popular company name, strike a balance. You should pick a name that people can spell out easily, and, at the same time, it is unique. When such memorable name is included in your food & drink logo design , it will help in driving customers to your business.

food and Drink logo

06. It Must Be Unique

Your brand name should be unique if it has to stick well in the people’s memory. However, that is not the sole reason.

Remember that your startup has to compete with hundreds of similar new and renowned brands whose familiar names occupy the mind sphere of people already. Your company’s name should, therefore, be able to catch their attention.

Be Unique

In the digital marketing space also, a unique name helps in creating a unique brand identity of your food and beverage business. A unique name can also be found by search engines so that people can see your new company name at the top of search results.

07. Consider Your Target Audience

Your target audience matters the most for the success of your food and beverage startup. Not only the name but every marketing material such as drinks & beverage logos, business cards, websites, etc should be created keeping the target customer in mind. This means the business name should appeal to the audience.

Target Audience

You should consider who all your ideal customers are. Mostly, young people are the primary consumers of fast food and beverage.

So, find out their preferences in life, their style, age, economic background, and education, etc. Find out if the customer is progressive, millennial, hipster or from a conservative society?

Once you find out who is the precisely the person you want to target, naming your business becomes a bit easier and focused. Then, decide on a name that reflects the aspirations of the target customer.

08. Chose A Long Lasting Name

Would you like to change your food and beverage business name after a few years? That would not be a wise decision unless some new development such as a merger with another company happens.

This is because people establish a close rapport with the names. They build some relationship even with the name of the company whose products they use regularly.

Long Lasting Name

So, choose a name that outlives the company’s owners. An ideal company name is the one that remains the same for generations. This means that it is better not to tie the name to an individual, though some companies such as Walt Disney are named after their owners.

You must also keep in mind that the name will be included in the logo. So, you must have a few food & drink business logo ideas before you finalize the company name.

Also, note that your various graphic design ideas such as business cards, websites, logos, etc. will be weaved around your business name. In this way, the name will have some indirect influence over how the designs will appear to the audience.

09. It Should Be Available As A Domain Name

In this digital age, no business can do well without putting its products or services online. Every brand has a website and a remarkable web page design that projects the business uniquely. But the site is possible only when you have a domain available especially for your business.

Domain Name

Therefore, while you have found a memorable and simple name for your food and beverage company, know if it is available as a domain name or not.

To check the domain name availability, visit the sites of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, known as ICANN. This site deals with the Internet Names for Assigned Names. If the domain name is available, register it with the domain name registrar.

10. Consider The Legal Aspect

While you have picked a simple and memorable food and beverage business name, you may not be allowed to use it legally. This is because some federal trademark laws may not permit you to use the name.

Legal Aspect

So, check the name with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. At its site, you can apply for a company name that you want for your business.

This will keep you away from any legal trademark issues. Remember that the name may be appearing on your business logo design, and both of them make your trademark of the company.

11. Run A Poll

Sometimes people also can suggest an exciting business. After all, an idea can come from anywhere.

So, how about selecting four to five names that you think are appropriate and put them on your social media page of Twitter and Facebook, etc. Ask your followers to give their views and which of the names they like the most.

This way, you can get a people’s perspective about the name. You have some idea of which name the audience will respond to most.

Run A Poll

So, consider these fundamental aspects when you need to pick a suitable business name for your upcoming food and beverage business. The naming is a lengthy process that takes time to complete. So, have some patience until the time you finally have a fascinating name.

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For an upcoming food and beverage business, its name matters a lot to convey its brand message. The name should be simple, unique, and memorable that people can pronounce easily. But pick a name that spells out what your business does explicitly. Make sure that the name is available to you as a domain name also as you will be putting your company’s business online.

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