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How To Use Facebook To Drive Traffic To Your Business

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Social Media

How To Use Facebook

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

Facebook is not just a popular social channel where people interact with the world and engage like-minded people. For businesses, this is a huge platform to build a solid customer base. In fact, most brands today have their own strategies on how to use Facebook to drive customers. A new enterprise, in particular, can benefit from the channel’s various features that help in brand promotion.

Social media has grown up fast as an effective way to reach out to a community of general public. People are expressing their opinions on different issues on various social channels.

But of all such channels, Facebook is unique for its ability to let people have their say in the greater text along with visual content. So, they can post a lengthy text as well as supportive videos and images.

Consequently, the number of people using Facebook is snowballing. According to the surveys, around 68% of Americans use Facebook, which is only next to YouTube, which 73% use.

They spend approximately 58 minutes on Facebook daily. The channel has 80 million business pages from small and medium companies. Also, nearly 78% of American consumers saw products on Facebook before buying.

These are enticing statistics from a business point of view. New or established companies love to explore the sources from where they can drive customers to their businesses.

For them, Facebook is a significant channel, as is clear from the above stats. After all, who would not like to manipulate a channel that is being used by a majority of people for interaction? But not all the businesses know how to use this channel to their advantage.

Key Tips On How To Drive Traffic To Your Website From Facebook

01. Provide Links To Your Site

Links are vital to driving traffic. Any visitor coming to a web page or a social media page clicking on a link goes to the intended site.

Therefore, it makes sense to provide links to your business website on Facebook page. This is a common search engine optimization (SEO) practice. Note that a Facebook page has ‘About’ tab that lets you include your website’s link.

But what many businesses miss is the numerous linking opportunities available on this channel. You should put your business website’s links in the Personal Information and the Biography sections of the page.

On these pages, you can tell potential customers about any special offer you make along with a link to your home or landing page of the website. This is how to get followers on Facebook.

Provide Link To Site

Another place on Facebook to create links is the Milestones page. You are allowed to create milestones of your business with a title, date, image, and description of what you want to achieve.

So, whenever people click on your links on the ‘About’ page, they will see your milestones along with your links. You can alter milestones whenever you want.

02. Deliver What Your Audience Wants

Your audience is a critical factor in driving traffic from Facebook. Who is the ideal customer that is likely to buy your product or service?

You must identify that section of the population by researching different backgrounds of the customer. Once you know the audience well, you should then deliver what they want.

But find out if visitors like the content. For that, Facebook Insights is your tool to let you know your page’s performance. This tool gives you the data regarding the content people are responding best to on your page.

You have access to the data regarding how many visitors actually say your posts and how many of them clicked, shared, and commented on the posts.

Such information helps in making timely changes and creating the type of content people are liking. This is the way to increase traffic from your Facebook page.

What Your Audience Wants

But focus on the data regarding the clicks. The clicks show how many people are clicking on your website’s links. You will also come to know about those posts that compelled people to click on your links.

To get more clicks on links, make sure that your post topics are attractive and enticing. The length of your description should be short.

There should also be some visuals like an image or video included in your post. But make sure that you post at the right time. According to HubSpot, the best time to post your content is Thursday to Sunday at 9 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

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03. Use Optimization Tactics For Improved Page Performance

How about learning the page optimization tricks from Facebook itself? Many businesses do not use this tool. But they should explore useful tips from Facebook on how to explore online communities to engage people with brands.

Use Optimization Tactics

Then, use a tool such as Likealyzer that helps you analyze your Facebook page and offers you recommendations to make your content user-friendly and more visible. The tool will also let you know about where your page stands as compared to your competitors’ niche.

04. Install A Like Popup

Another tactic for how to drive traffic to a website from Facebook is to make good use of ‘Like’ popup. Such popups request visitors to like the page and encourage them to click on the ‘Like’ button on your page.

But the popup design should not be such that it annoys visitors. The design and wording on the popup are crucial to entice visitors into liking the page after they absorb your content.

The button appears just at the right time when visitors are ready to take action. Make the popup box appear only when visitors are about to leave your page or site.

Like Popup

You have plenty of alternatives to explore when creating your Facebook like popup plugins. Some of them are useful for necessary popups while others for advanced ones. But have some insight into how to create a custom popup for your Facebook page.

05. Post Interactive Content

There is no adequate substitute for interactive content when it comes to driving engagement on Facebook. This content type is known for users’ involvement in an issue discussed or presented to them.

A static or conventional content flows one way with only the content creator saying something to the users. But interactive content encourages users to take an active part in creating the content.

When using interactive content to drive traffic to your business, think of quizzes and contests. People take active participation in creating these contents.

With a quiz embed on your Facebook page, visitors will share it with peers, dimariving more traffic. Moreover, you will collect a list of email addresses from quiz users.

Interactive Content

Similarly, use Facebook contest is another effective way to engage people with your brand. You can ask people to comment on your post or like your page as a condition to enter the contest.

This is a smart way to build your audience. You can also use your blog to run the contest and then ask people to share it on Facebook.

You may need the services of a professional graphic designer to create your pages that are user-friendly and help in driving traffic.

06. Drive Traffic With Live Video

Think of videos when thinking about how to get followers on Facebook. Video marketing is a potent tool for driving brand awareness. Now, Facebook Live is a new fad for brand marketing.

This latest trend is your new tool to get a massive amount of traffic from Facebook. When you go live on Facebook, you are attracting an enormous number of people who are watching an event when it is actually happening.

Drive Traffic

Surveys have revealed that more people are searching for Facebook live streamings.

Note also as compared to the non-video posts, Facebook Live videos invite 10 times more comments from people. But you should invite people to join your broadcast and use it also to promote your business website.

Make sure that your logo design of business appears prominently in your live videos. People can identify your business instantly with your logo.

07. Include A CTA To Your Posts

A Call to Action button is a must for any post if it wishes people to take a buying or any other desired action. You should add the CTA button on your page and content at the right place.

Include A CTA To Your Posts

When you share content, use the CTA to request visitors to like your page or visit your business site. The call to action can also be present on an image that you share. Your cover image on the Facebook page can also have a call to action.

08. Create And Share Evergreen Content

Another Facebook traffic-building opportunity not to miss is about sharing your evergreen content. Such content holds information that mostly deals with the basics of an issue.

Therefore, people want to keep and share such blogs or other posts. If you have not created such posts so far, start writing something that people can find useful all the time.

Create And Share Evergreen Content

Then, share that content more often and not just for once. There are tools such as Missinglettr that automatically create a sharing campaign for your blog. Many such software post a content 9 times throughout the year.

09. Work In Partnership To Promote Content

In your business, there may be a complimentary niche. Those businesses are not your direct competitors, but you share a similar audience with them. One of the ways to drive traffic to the website of your business from your Facebook page is to use the niche to your advantage.

Work In Partnership To Promote Content

All you need to do is to start promoting their content on your facebook page. When they find their content on your page, they will be willing to post your content on their page too.

This is a proven method to take advantage of the following of other business owners’ pages. You can request them to become partners in promoting each other’s content.

If you have a business and want to know what your competitors or other businesses are uploading that’s getting viral, you can use the Facebook image search feature that gets you the best images and you can thus co create similar images to give organic visibility to your Facebook business page.

10. Install Facebook Touch

Keeping in view the ever-increasing number of users accessing the Internet, especially social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc., on touchscreen devices, H5 developed Facebook Touch — highly sophisticated software that enhances the user’s experience.

The app functions similarly to the previous app of Facebook but with improved visuals. Although the standard Facebook Touch may function a little slower on the iPhone, users will access Facebook even with a slower Internet connection. So users with Facebook Touch installed on their devices will have a far better experience.

That’s it! Consider these tips for driving more traffic to the main business website from your Facebook page.

But you will need different visual identities such as a logo, website, business card, etc. for business promotion.

Designhill can help you create such visuals with creative ideas. Launch your design contest at this leading marketplace and get dozens of new ideas from as many creative designers.

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Wrapping Up

When pondering on how to use Facebook to drive traffic to your business site, pay heed to some crucial tips. First, know your target audience inside out so that you can generate content, especially targeting them. Add links to your post wherever possible. Then, use popups and call- to-action to request people to like your page. Create interactive content and use the power of live videos to engage people. Create and share evergreen content and work in partnership for content promotion.

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