Longevity of a Good Logo Design Crucial to Your Business

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Last updated on January 18th, 2018

When designing your company logo, its longevity must be considered as a crucial factor in retaining your customers with your business. This has to be emphasized since many companies have opted for redesigning of existing logo and they ended up in going back to the original design due to the customers’ dislike for the new logo.

Here are some great example of such good logo design.

A good logo design must be good enough to last at least 15 years without any changes made. It takes decades for promoting your business and establishing it in the memory of your loyal customers. Logo is the marketing tool that helps customers in keeping your business and products or services in memory. Frequent changes in logo should be avoided and must remember the elements of what makes a good logo.

So, when you hire a logo designer, ask for creating an emblem that lasts for decades. Note that designing techniques and use of elements will be different for a logo that is intended to stay intact for at least fifteen years. The designer will be studying your business and research your customers extensively. Your business prospects for decades to come will also be kept in mind by the designer.

There are many global companies whose logos remained unchanged for many decades. Most of such good logo design are type-based. A famous example of such logo is of IBM logo. Though the company offers a large variety of services including design and consulting and research, still their unchanged logo has been successfully communicating the message.

One of the advantages of a long-lasting logo design is that you will retain your customers. They establish some relationship with your company logo and many of them are emotionally attached with the symbol. Some logos even become part of culture which immensely helps a business.

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