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7 Reasons You Should Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

Last updated on October 20th, 2022

Graphic Designers are creative persons who combine their artistic skills with their knowledge of technology to make your brand stand out in the crowd. A freelance graphic designer grabs the visual attention of your potential clients and introduces them with your expertise and credibility. Your brand logos, package design of your product and website layout, are the visuals that build your company’s and product’s image even before you reach your potential customer. These visuals are one of the most potent marketing tools for any business in today’s economy.

Graphic Designs are no doubt an essential marketing tool, but at the same time, they are risky too. If a good graphic design can make your reputation, the bad one will break it. The money paid, to an individual or an organisation, for availing their graphic design services is an investment for your business. So, like any other investment, you must think well and take an informed decision as where to invest your money.

Big companies have their in-house graphic designers who are continuously working according to the company’s marketing strategies. But, small businesses who don’t have well-defined marketing and advertising departments, outsource designers as per their need. When you plan to outsource graphic designers, you have the option of either choosing an agency or hiring an individual graphic designer.

Here We Are Giving You 7 Reasons That Make Freelance Graphic Designers The Better Choice

01. Freelancers Are Cost-Effective

As a logical business person, the first thing that would come to your mind while hiring any help will undoubtedly be the ‘cost’. And, there’s no second opinion to the fact that freelancers are the most cost-effective choice. It is worth noting that the low budget of hiring a freelance graphic designer does not come at the cost of sub-standardization of the services.

As freelancers are individual contractors, they don’t need to maintain an office or pay staff as is the case with marketing agencies. Even if a freelancer has set-up his office, it would be much smaller than marketing agencies. Further tax liabilities and other government-imposed obligations of an individual too are negligible as compared to well-established business agencies.

Freelancers Graphic Designer

In simple terms, we can say, the operating expenses of individuals are less as compared to business agencies. This cost-effectiveness of operation ultimately passes to the clients in the form of reduced service charge for the same work.

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02. Experiences And Skills Shown By Freelancers Are More Reliable

List of experiences, recommendation letters from previous clients, LinkedIn testimonials, etc. are much more reliable in case of freelancers. There’s no risk in assuming these things as a proof of their skills and the level of their service delivery. All these credibilities have been earned by the graphic designers themselves.

Although ratings and feedbacks give an idea about the agencies, you cannot take them to be accurate. You don’t know if the designer who earned the organization that 5-star rating has left or still working with them. And many a time the agencies too, hire freelancers to get their projects done.

graphic designers

Freelance graphic designers with the level of skills and experience desired by you are the best choice because they are the sole owners of their credibility, unlike any marketing agencies.

03. The Communication With A Freelancer Is More Effective

A graphic designer needs to understand your expectations, your vision and your mission to portray the design reflecting your company’s soul. You can communicate your message more effectively to a freelance graphic designer as it would be one-to-one communication.

When you hire an agency for your company’s requirement, your communication is mostly with the person responsible for managing relationships with clients rather than the graphic designer himself. Whatever you communicate travels through a channel to the graphic designer. Some valuable message can get lost or distorted in the whole process.

graphic designers

There’s no such problem when you hire a freelancer. Both of you can understand each other’s point of view quickly. Suggesting some changes becomes a smooth and efficient process.

04. Freelancers Have More Flexible Working Hours

At times you may need some graphic design jobs to be done urgently. If you are ever stuck in such a situation; no one but a freelancer can come to your rescue. The flexible working hours are not only a luxury for freelancers themselves; the flexibility may sometimes prove a boon to the clients too.

Like any other company or organization, marketing agencies also have proper office culture with fixed working hours. It would be tough for them to entertain you when you approach them with an urgent project on weekends or odd hours.

Flexible Working Hours

These agencies would not be able to help you unless they have some freelancers in their pipeline. And, even if they have contracts with some freelancers they won’t be able to give you instant assurance.

As freelancers are their own boss, the chances are high that they would adjust their personal routine to make a place for your urgent requirement. They would put their efforts to make you happy because their success depends on your progress.


05. With Freelancers, You Can Be Sure Of Faster Delivery

Hiring freelancers are not only cost-effective but time-effective too. Due to the absence of middle-men, the work cycle runs faster with a freelance graphic designer.

The procedure of completion of a task becomes unnecessarily elongated in marketing agencies because of the chain of people involved. Your requirement is not communicated directly to the designer nor is the completed design passed to you directly.

Fast Work

If you want some rectifications in the design, your request will again go in the long chain of process. Although the procedure is followed for your better experience, this delays the task unnecessarily.

With a freelancer, you get your designs as soon as the designer finalizes them. There’s no time lag between completion of design and its delivery. And you can also give your comment instantly and get the design rectified faster.

06. You Can Expect Personal Attention Only With A Freelancer

Everything related to your company is significant for you. It is natural for you to expect personal attention on your project. And you can expect this personal attention on your project only from a freelancer, especially when you have a low budget.

Attention crisis is the most common problem faced by clients with low-budget. Any marketing agency has more numbers of clients as compared to an independent graphic designer. Due to a large number of clients, these organizations cannot give personal attention to each client. Their attention hinges typically on the higher paying clients.

independent graphic designer

Agencies tend to accept as many projects as they can. If the workload is higher than their in-house designers can handle, then they would hire freelancers, but won’t let the project go.

The independent designers are one man army and are well aware of their capacity to work. So, no good freelancer accepts projects more than he can handle himself. This assures that you’ll get personal attention if a freelancer has taken your work.

07. Freelance Graphic Designers Are Known For Their High-Quality Work

Graphic designers with great designing skills and creativity like to work independently rather than in bondage of employment. These highly-skilled professionals take the challenge of freelancing as they are confident enough to make a mark in the industry with their skills.

So, when you are hiring an independent graphic designer, you are engaging more skilled and confident professionals.

High-Quality Work

As per market analysis, more competent professionals are migrating towards freelancing because it is much more rewarding than traditional jobs. Low-skilled professionals on the other hand typically like to be in employment for job-security.

It is quite evident that if you choose any marketing agency, you are handling your project to a comparatively low-skilled designer at a higher rate.

If you want to be sure of high-quality graphic designs for your company you should invest in a freelance graphic designer. Combine this benefit with the benefit explained in point 1… By hiring an independent professional, you assure yourself for high-quality graphic designs at a lower price.

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Do you need any more reasons to convince yourself that independent designers are the best choice when you need to outsource? So what are you thinking about? Hire a graphic designer that matches your preference and let his/her creativity do wonders for establishing your brand name in the market. Are you thinking where to find these independent highly-skilled professionals? The one word answer to your query is Designhill! This is a platform where you can find independent graphic designers from all over the world.

Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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