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10 Spectacular Father’s Day T-Shirts Your Dad Would Love

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Father’s Day is a special occasion for sons and daughters. For them, it’s the day to show respect and appreciation for their fathers (and father figures). Since t-shirts are amongst the most popular casual men’s wear, your father will surely love to get them as a gift on this occasion. Just make sure that the tee has an excellent illustration to convey your love for your father for the occasion.

As Father’s Day is approaching fast, you must be planning to please your father with a memorable gift to express your gratitude. So, how about buying a t-shirt for your father with a quotation or any other statement to show your love for your dad?

Well, no gift will be better suited than offering him father’s day t shirts. He will be wearing that tee the whole day and then for many more days, announcing your love for him. But make sure that the illustration work on the tee is impressive. So, first, compare many father’s day t-shirt ideas and see what your t-shirt should look like.

Here Are Top Father’s Day T-Shirts Ideas You Can Think Of For The Occasion

01. “I Tell Dad Jokes Periodically” Men’s Premium T-Shirt

This T-shirt design takes inspiration from chemistry’s periodic tables to announce that a child tries to keep their daddy happy. The illustrator used big letters to make an impact on the viewers. Yellow and white are the main color scheme, with red and green being an addition for variety.

T-shirt design

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02. “Dad Protect Like A Bodyguard” Men’s Premium T-Shirt

Fathers are also the protectors of their children, and this t-shirt illustration impressively highlights that. The green, red, and orange make this a unique work of art. The dad is represented by the figure of a muscular man in green, showing his strength.

Father’s Day T-Shirts

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03. “A Girl First True Love Is Her Father” Men’s Premium T-Shirt

A girl’s first true love is her father is the motivational slogan of this artwork on the t-shirt. The designer used a green and pink color scheme to make the illustration, and such custom clothes are unique and impressive.

Father's Day

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04. FD1 Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

This illustration depicts a father just playing with his daughter and holding her hanging on his arm muscle. It is an excellent depiction of a bond between father and daughter. The artist used multiple colors. It is undoubtedly of the best dad t-shirts.

best dad t-shirts

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05. “READY DADDY GO!” Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt

This t-shirt illustration shows a slogan in wordplay, replacing ready with daddy, who is always ready to entertain his children. The artist illustrated a dad and child figure in the middle with the colors of happiness and brightness.

t-shirt illustration

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06. “I’M A Dad Grandpa And A Veteran Nothing Scares Me” Men’s Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

‘I’m a dad, grandpa, and a veteran; nothing scares me’ is the inspirational slogan for fathers in these custom t-shirts. Here, the artist used red to catch the attention, while blue is the main color scheme. It is simple work but looks impressive.

inspirational slogan for fathers

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07. “Coolest Dad” Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

This illustration depends on the classical handwritten style of a letter to look unique. A contrast of grey and red makes this work stand out from other Father’s Day cool t-shirts for men. The entire appearance of the illustration is that of classic art to make the message even more elegant and profound.

cool t-shirts

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08. “MY DAD IS MY BEST BUDDY” Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

‘My dad is my best buddy’ is the motivational slogan of this t-shirt illustration. The artist incorporated some classic handwriting styles in white to look different. Here, the artists used some flourishes to drive viewers’ attention to the message.

motivational slogan t-shirts

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09. Daddy Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This ‘you are awesome dad’ t-shirt is a short illustration with the wise use of typography. The word DAD in large letters drives our attention to the illustration, which is the purpose of this t-shirt artwork. Just wear the tee on the day to tell your father how much you love him.

Daddy Youth

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10. “Happy Father’s Day” Design Men’s Premium T-Shirt

The illustration of an umbrella in yellow stands for giving protection and nourishing his children. This artwork incorporates dark yellow and light yellow colors to convey the message of happiness involved with the protection and guidance from the father.

Happy Father's Day Design

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These are some of the most impressive Father’s Day t-shirts with incredible artwork. If you’re also an artist, you would like to create unique t-shirts or make your own sweatshirt to showcase and sell your artworks printed on t-shirts.

You can also create and sell your artworks, such as illustrations, by opening an online store on PrintShop by Designhill — a leading print-on-demand platform. Start posting your artworks, and the PrintShop will print those works on t-shirts, and other men’s and women’s fashion wears as per your customers’ demands. In addition, this platform gives you the freedom to set your price on your own.

Wrapping Up

T-shirts are a great visual promotion for any occasion, including Father’s Day. These t-shirts are amongst the best artworks from different artists printed on the shirts. With the right colors, lettering, and other elements, the t-shirts speak a lot about fathers’ contribution to making their children happy.

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