Tips To Effectively Present Your Logo Design To A Client

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Last updated on June 14th, 2018

After you have finished sketching part of your logo design, it is necessary for you to show it to the client for approval. You can proceed to professionally create the design on the drawing board only after getting the client’s nod. Generally, a professional designer will take 3-4 sketches or design concepts for approval. One of them catches the client’s eye and then you can go on filling the colors and other element in the design to complete the logo for use.

But convincing the business owners is never easy. They are typically unaware of the aesthetic and other aspects of logo design and hence they are unlikely to appreciate a great design right away. As a designer, it is part of your profession that you convince them about the usefulness of the logo for business.

Five Tip For Logo Design Presentation

Here are some useful tips to convince the logo design clients.

Take your best sketches only

This is a crucial tip. Since you are a creative designer, you are likely to draw dozens of sketches randomly on paper. These sketches are in fact an easy way to have varied logo design concepts quickly or you can elaborate further on a particular concept that you liked. However, not all of them may be equally impressive. So, take only selected few sketches to the client. Moreover, if you show many logo sketches, that will only confuse the client and he may delay the approval.

Discuss the design

If you are taking a finished logo design to the client, be prepared for a discussion. Take a brief summary telling how the logo was created and include a brief report also. You should also explain why you chose that design. Tell about the purpose of the design. You should tell if the design was for sending a message or to enhance brand awareness. Discuss how the client’s target audience will identify with the logo. Once the client has understood the purpose, getting the approval becomes much easier.

Display the design in decent way

Make sure that the client gets a good impression about you as a person and graphic designer. Your way of presenting a design must be such that it creates a good impression about you as a professional. Present your logo design on a clean cardboard standby for a neat and professional look.

In case of a digital presentation, make sure to send the files in an acceptable format that allows the client for easy reading of the content. A PDF file, for instance, is much easier to handle and your client will be happy to receive the design in this file.

Display different versions

Your client would like to see how the logo design appears on different media. So, you should take different copies of such displays. You can display how the logo looks on website, business card, brochures, stationery, T-shirts, pens, black and white surroundings and colors. Note that a hallmark of well crafted logo design is that it looks good on every media.

Sell your idea

Sell Your Logo Design Idea

Sometimes, the clients do not accept the logo designs shown to them. In such a circumstance, typically, the clients have some other design in mind and let the designer know it. If you encounter such a client, a trick to solve the situation in your favor is to compare the client’s design idea with yours. You need to sell your idea by rating it higher by listing out its advantages for the client’s business.

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