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Last updated on February 11th, 2019

Are you planning to run a pet store as your business? There is surely a good scope of earning money since people like to have pet animals in homes as part of their family. But there are already many competitive pet stores opened in your city. So, attracting the potential customers is a hard task. A pet logo design therefore becomes essential marketing tool for your business.

To create a pet logo that brings customers, you must incorporate image of related animals that you sell. Though text logos also work but images based logos are draw the customers’ attention quickly. An animal image also quickly let the customers know about the store and what animals it sells.

  • What images should you be selecting while creating the pet logo?

    There are some obvious images such as paw prints, a leash, a kennel and a dog’s bone. You can also Google for more images and select one of them for your animal logo. If you can come out with a unique image, that will be more attractive for the customers. Make sure that you know what other pet shops logos have animal images in their logos.

  • Which colors & fonts are more suitable for your pet logo?

    Create a pet logo with the help of not more than two to three colors. Minimal color usage makes it easier when you need to print, fax and photocopy your logo. When selecting fonts for your pet logo design, you can depend on playful and fun related fonts. These types of fonts are good to convey the message that animals are lively and fun to have them in your home. But conservative and serious types of fonts can also work depending on your niche.

Hire a custom pet logo store’s designer who understands your business and give necessary details about your business to get a logo that can proudly represent your business.

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