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11 Tips To Grow Instagram Followers For Free: A Business Guide

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Success

Instagram Followers

Last updated on September 12th, 2023

With roughly 2.45 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among youths. This makes up over 28% of the world’s internet users. This figure gives business owners and marketers enough reason to pay attention to this growing platform for branding and driving website traffic.

Millions of individuals, as well as businesses, use Instagram to publish their stories, videos, and photographs every day. It is a rapidly developing platform that allows people and businesses to promote their brands. It has become a method for many companies to personalize their brand, display their products and create new revenue, especially for enterprises.

Instagram can be a highly efficient visual marketing tool for your brand and a way to establish a devoted following that grows alongside your company. But, unless you are famous, getting a large Instagram following is pretty challenging without putting in a lot of effort. Although many websites provide Instagram followers, it needs a little investment that may not be possible for businesses running on a shoestring budget.

But they, too, can grow their Instagram followers. In this post, we’ll discuss some proven tactics to grow your business on Instagram for free while building an extensive following of real fans.

Tips To Grow Instagram Followers For Free

Here are some tips to maximize audience interaction and develop your company’s organic Instagram following without breaking your bank.

01. Optimizing Your Profile Is the Key

Your Instagram profile is your company’s voice, and there’s a lot to achieve here. It is a great way to promote your work to the Instagram community and drive traffic to your business website. Your profile includes your bio, username, and the content you post on it, including photos, videos, and reels—all of which need to be optimized to make your content reach a vast audience and gain popularity.

Although you can use Instagram templates to make your profile engaging, making it visually pleasing is not enough. A strong Instagram bio conveys what your company offers in a few bullet points or brief phrases. For example, you may focus on your customers with a well-written bio, ensuring that any newcomers understand what your business is all about.

As a result, they’re more inclined to follow you when they like what they see. But this is not enough! Adding links, relevant keywords, email, and location tags in your bio will make it optimized and ready to impact your clients positively.

On the other hand, the caption for your Insta posts should include relevant keywords and hashtags to make it appear in other users’ feeds. That’s how your content will reach more people, and you will likely get more followers and, ultimately, clients for your business.

02. Make A Business Account

A business account is the most suitable option if you want to run a successful business on Instagram. It provides access to metrics that reveal who your followers are, what posts they like, and whether your followers are growing or declining. Moreover, strangers cannot tag your business account. It’s an easy way to stop any phony endorsements or people who could be using your brand’s name without your consent.

Furthermore, the “Contact” feature on your business account will boost your profile’s engagement and instagram followers. It will allow visitors to communicate and shop directly from your business account.

If you haven’t already switched your account, go to the menu in the top right corner of your bio, select settings, and switch to a business account. It is followed by choosing a category and providing your business information. Now, you are ready to begin!

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03. Use Your Personal Instagram Account To Promote Your Business

Expanding your account and establishing yourself as an influencer is another vital trick to quickly getting more Instagram followers if you don’t have enough budget or don’t want to spend money to buy USA Instagram followers. Use personal and corporate accounts to increase your brand’s followers, awareness, and revenue.

Using your personal Insta profile to promote your company may help you establish a strong business reputation, setting you apart from your competitors and broadening the influence of your advertising strategies. This tactic effectively helps build your audience, reach, and business naturally without spending a fortune on paid tools.

Many business people use their Instagram accounts to generate interaction and visibility, which is why they have gained more organic followers than others. Try not to forget this efficient way to boost your business account by promoting it through your profile.

04. Why not post user-generated content (UGC)?

Your Instagram post design tells much about you, but along with the design, diversity is also essential. Using different posts results in increased audience engagement and more exposure to your brand.

Out of various types of content, UGC is a great option. By leveraging a UGC Partnership, you can gather user-generated content from your followers or clients, such as images, videos, reviews, and more. It is an essential marketing strategy to grow your business’s Instagram following.

On the other hand, it is also an excellent experience for the clients because they become more cheerful when they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Instead of being a stranger, UGC enables them to actively participate in the company’s growth and helps them join a company’s community. This measure will surely help businesses help grow their Instagram followers and brand loyalty as well.

Your instagram followers enjoy their fame on your Insta feed and help grow your online sales if they get highlighted. Studies show that people are more inclined to purchase a product or service when they see them posted by customers who have already used them.

05. Generate A Consistent Brand Aesthetic

No one can deny the importance of a fantastic logo design that can be created using an Instagram logo maker or a logo creator. But, it is critical to have a uniform brand personality and image, no matter what you try to accomplish. A distinct and consistent Instagram style appeals to users, boosting brand awareness and financial success.

At a glance, your posts should be immediately identifiable. You can always use Instagram Stories if you want to post beyond your brand’s style. This will easily showcase stuff that doesn’t precisely match your regular feed’s aesthetic.

One way to make your posts stand out is to use templates to design them and have a consistent look across your feed. It will attract more users to visit your profile and increase followers. Your brand’s aesthetics can connect your brand with your target audience, generating recognition by providing a seamless style aligned with your core company values.

Moreover, you can excite people’s interest by demonstrating how your product is manufactured. Showing an aesthetic video of your product manufacturing will not only make users like the content but buy the product without thinking twice.

06. Pin Your Favorite Comments

One of Instagram’s lesser-known functionalities is the feature to pin up to three comments on each post. Using this unique feature in your Instagram marketing strategy might be a great move. Using pinned comments, you may extend your description beyond the restricted characters by advancing the narrative in the comments. It lets you better manage the tone of your post. You can even watch your saved videos later and post your comments. So, use an Instagram video downloader to watch them later offline, or share them.

Another alternative is to pin your favorite user comments, especially if they generate many interactions. This is followed by emphasizing positive answers and understating harsher and violent remarks that will appear below the pinned comments.

07. Take Care Of The Quality and Quantity

This strategy is not just for Instagram but for your complete social media marketing approach. The importance of great content is self-evident, but the importance of consistency is sometimes ignored. For instance, you have gotten a follow because of one fantastic post, and now you’re the center of attention. They’re viewing your stuff daily, but you’ll be unfollowed if you can’t keep providing what drew them in. This is a critical concern for your business’s ability to engage people with your content.

A high-end Insta post has to be helpful. It should be associated with your business to attract your target audience. It includes quality information, tips and tricks, news, and straightforward “How to” content. Your post should be thoughtful and reflect your ideals and personality. Also, it is an excellent idea to make your Instagram post size ideal for your profile to enhance the results.

Moreover, the content you post for your business should be enjoyable to follow. It might include actively using questions, polls, competitions, and live videos on your Insta Stories. It is necessary to have catchy content that holds the audience’s attention. Thus, it is an excellent approach to make your posts appealing while taking care of consistency.

08. Get Local

Your Instagram marketing technique should aim to get followers by posting content that appeals to your clients and the people in your local area. People are drawn to things they recognize right away, and they enjoy seeing aspects of their personality portrayed online. You can start with sharing local news or posting images and videos of your area. Participating in local activities can also help attract the audience from your local area, leading to increased followers and business growth.

This is not enough! You can increase your account’s engagement with other users by using local hashtags and interacting with the most recent local posts. Leaving an engaging comment about your business or liking the post may drive people to check out your business profile and what you offer. But avoid using bots to grow your followers or you may face Instagram ShadowBan, which will mean that those who are not your followers will not be able to see your new pictures on your Instagram account.

09. Assess Your Competitors

The world of digital marketing revolves around analytics. Although analytics involves reviewing your content, it also includes keeping an eye on your competitors. By assessing your business rivals and ideal brands, you can get inspiration. By doing a competitive study, you can find out what they publish and how frequently they post on social media. Pay close attention to them to see whether they apply any unique methods.

But a hindrance in audience’s trust on Instagram and other social media is that users often forget posting content. So, use a social media scheduler that posts your content automatically as per your schedule or reminds you of the time to post.

Thus, if you want to enhance the level of your Instagram marketing, you need to examine your competitors’ accounts. It will give you valuable information about what type of content works beautifully with your target audience.

Analyzing and evaluating this information helps you place your company to stand out from the competition. From marketing strategies to deals, keeping an eye on your competitors provides vital knowledge that will enable you to make more data-driven decisions, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Employing their tactics and using your creative strategies can help you attract a vast audience. This will make your Insta followers increase surprisingly.

10. Practice Your Photography Skills

On Instagram, the quality of your posts counts. A lousy photo on Instagram is a no-no! Especially your product should be displayed to your audience in high quality and vibrant style. To achieve this goal, you must familiarize yourself with photography techniques and the fundamentals of photo editing software so that you can edit Instagram photos with ease. This will help you successfully incorporate your business ideas into your posts and attract Instagram followers.

If you don’t have much to invest in, you can use your mobile phone with a handful of high-end editing software. Professional photography for your Instagram posts will raise your profile in no time. While clicking a photograph for your company, concentrate on a single theme at a time.

Try to seek unique viewpoints and keep an eye out for symmetry. Display your product aesthetically and make its features crystal clear in the image. Attention to these little things will make your project reach the top.

11. Spice Things Up With Video Content

You shouldn’t forget to incorporate video content on your Instagram business profile. On Instagram, video involvement is rising more rapidly than images. People can’t get enough of unique and engaging short clips. Because your eyes are drawn to movement, the activity created by videos automatically captures the viewers’ attention.

As video is simpler to interpret and catches more interest than text or static images, it boosts brand engagement, enhancing your followers. With so much information flooding Instagram daily, making it simple to convey your message with videos will set your company apart from others. Because your eyes are drawn to movement, your Instagram stories created through videos automatically capture the viewers’ attention.

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That’s how you can earn Instagram followers for free! The presence of millions of people on Instagram is substantial social evidence that the company has created a network that people genuinely enjoy. As a result, it’s attracting many companies and entrepreneurs who want to expand their reach and employ Instagram as a marketing channel.

Although standing out is more complicated than ever, I’m convinced that with these tips to grow Instagram followers for free, you’ll be ahead of the game in just a few days!

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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