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Top 35 Free Public Domain Image Websites

by Designhill Tweet - in Website Design - 13 min read

Top 35 free public domain image websites

Last updated on May 21st, 2018

If you have a business or a start-up, you will need visuals for creating an impact on your audience. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend a dollar for getting an image.

These days, there are various sites that one can use for getting freelance work, jobs or pictures. In fact, an article published in Format.com reveals that in America, 34% of the workforce consists of freelancers. There is an opportunity for everyone in almost all niches. For instance, if you are looking for good, quality images to use for business purpose’, there are sites for that as well! They are known as public domain images.

Right from photos to vectors, these pictures using for personal as well as commercial purposes as they don’t have a copyright. However, the images are only allowed to the public domain through a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Traditional stock photographs have released several online public domain images, which are available to the public easily. According to Designhill, it is important for an online businesses to have profile picture, background images and cover images in eye catching designs.

According to Entrepreneur, a huge portion of the stock photo market owns by professional companies like Shutterstock and 123RF, who charge $20 or more for a single photo.

To help you, we have made a list of top 35 free public domain image websites that you can trust! So, all you need to do is, visit these sites and select the images you like the most and use them.

1. Wikimedia Commons

Known as a biggest public domain image source, ”Wikimedia Commons” is created to offer you most of the pictures using freely. However, some of the photos have some limitations that you need to remember. Please keep in your mind that Wikimedia Commons does not give you guarantee the exactness of the licensing for each image. So, you make sure to stringently check the license tag for each and every individual image.

Wikimedia Commons(Image Source : Educational Equity Center)


2. Unsplash

”Unsplash” is one of the greatest public image websites, where all the images (personal and professional reasons) can be copied or modified by you without having to ask any permission. This site is made up of unified photographers under Creative Commons Zero license. As they (photographers) were passionate about traditional stock images, so they decided to create such website for providing the public with their high-resolution pictures at free of cost.


3. Flickr Commons

If you are searching to take free public domain photos then you are at the right place; ”Flickr Commons” is an ultimate source for finding free public domain images from all over the world. This is the site, where many more photographers, library partners are posting their public domain images. Keep a note that picture of Flickr Commons’ does not contain any known copyright restriction, but it does not give you guarantee as always. So you need to do through research before finding any picture from this website.

Flickr (Image Source : Mackey Creative Lab)

4. Public Domain Pictures

This site (”Public Domain Pictures”) is known as a central location, dedicated to storing different types of images. Here, you can download as well as upload any of your required images with free of cost. You can also browse seasonal pictures and professional photos through this page, which contains information about the camera to capture it, links to the image artists, etc. When images use commercially, some of them require any model release; however, it’s a standard requirement for pictures.

Public Domain Pictures(Image Source : Jo Barnes Online)

5. Magdeleine

”Magdeleine” is a source for free stock photographs; though they (photos) don’t look like stock types. This website offers both categories of pictures, i.e. public domain images and photos that require attribution. So before downloading any image, make sure that any photo you use from this site marks under public domain.

Magdeleine (Image Source : Hongkiat.com)

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6. Old Book Illustrations

”Old Book Illustrations” is an interesting site, which offers you thousands of public domain images from old books. You can modify these images as per your requirements; be it’s a personal project or commercial one.

Old Book (Image Source : Pinterest)

7. ISO Republic

”ISO Republic” is a free stock photos website, providing unique images. All the pictures on this site are available free for you to download or upload for your personal as well as commercial projects. All the high-resolution images of this website can be used by anyone, especially by creative professionals such as bloggers, social media personnel, and designers.

ISO Republic(Image Source : Noupe)

8. Public Domain Vectors

”Public Domain Vectors” is an excellent website, designed to provide you a varied range of vector graphics. You can use this site for all your design related requirements. We make sure that all the available vectors or images of this site licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). Further, you can download (AI, EPS & SVG formats) these pictures according to your needs.

Public Domain Vectors(Image Source : GraphicMama)

9. 1 Million Free Pictures

”1 Million Free Pictures” is a splendid source of hundred percent free images. You can find thousand of pictures that are beneficial for those professionals, who are searching for free pictures for their projects. All the photos on this website dedicated to public only, who does not require any registration fees for uploading any image.

1 Million (Image Source : Rock Solid Info)

10. Free Stock Photos

It’s not at all an easy task for searching free images on the internet. While you are finding any image, you must have realized that most of them are either blurry, uninspired or low-resolution quality. No worries !! Time has changed now.
A website called ”Free Stock Photos”, which dedicated to providing you with high-quality free photographs approved under CC0 license. Through this site, you can also use clip arts, vectors, etc. without paying any significant cost. Always make sure to test the license of every image before copying it because this particular site contains both public domain pictures and photos with other licenses.

Free Stock Photos(Image Source : Buffer Blog)

11. Jay Mantri

Jay Mantri uploads inspiring free public domain pictures on every Thursday. This website designed by a renowned designer of Southern California and images of this site are landscape or urban/retro themed. Even this site helps you to select different stunning photos for your desktop background or any social networking sites’ cover photos.

Jay Mantri(Image Source : Social Tools)

12. Realistic Shots

If you need new updated photos on a weekly basis then you are at right place. Check out a free public domain image website, i.e., ”Realistic Shots” that dedicated to adding seven new photos in every week. You can use its free stock images for your personal and commercial purposes.

Realistic Shots(Image Source : UPrinting Blog)

13. Startup Stock Photos

”Startup Stock Photos” is a perfect resource to find a wide gamut of stock images for start-ups and technology related businesses. All the pictures of this site are designed based on comfortable working environments, office workplaces, etc. Casual yet realistic images under the CC0 license are available on this site.

Startup Stock Photos(Image Source : startupstockphotos.com)

14. The British Library

People choose sites to use free public domain images for their personal and commercial purposes. And, ”The British Library” is one of those websites that provides you N number of public domain images for reuses and repurposes. This site is a great place for all the designers, who are looking for any vintage flourish. You can use all the pictures of this site, ranging from 17th century to 19th-century, on album covers, gift box tags, etc.

According to Openculture, The British Library puts over 1000000 images in the public domain.

The British Library(Image Source : SlideShare)

15. Public Domain Review

”Public Domain Review” is a fantastic website, which offers you with a broad range of public domain pictures, books, audios, and illustrations. You can use this site (having over a hundred collections of images) that directs to the subject of public domain only. Also, this site has now become a favorite place for history lovers.

Public Domain Review(Image Source : ZimBlog)

16. Vintage

If you are searching for free stock photos, then you may end-up your searching with a free public domain image website, i.e. ”Viintage”. By using this site, you can download plenty of vintage pictures, and most of their categories are botanical, scientific and naturalist. This particular site contains almost 27067 images that are searchable by keywords.

Vintage (Image Source : LizardThemes)

17. Public Domain Archive

”Public Domain Archive” is an excellent source of high-quality public domain images that consist of both vintage and contemporary collections. Every week, new pictures are added on this site that enables to keep its content unique. Moreover, this site manages by Matt Hobbs, who is a photographer as well as a web designer by his profession.

Public Domain Archive(Image Source : Design Instruct)


What are you waiting for? Start using JÉSHOOTS’ free stock images, if you are looking for photos of iPhones or any other Android devices. Founded by Jan Vašek, this is a very cool site which offers almost all free photos under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Images of this site are segregated into tech devices, nature beauties, and cities so that it can be easy for you to find exact one what you’re searching for.

JÉSHOOTS(Image Source : CSS-Tricks)

19. DesignerPics.com

”DesignerPics.com” is an awesome site that offers several free images for commercial use. Created by Jeshu John, an Indian photographer, this website offers you many stock images that are being added regularly. You can find both landscape and abstract pictures from this site and due to this reason, this particular website dominates other stock photo sites.

DesignerPics.com(Image Source : Public Domain Archive)

20. Pixabay

Pixabay is a largest free images site that offers an exclusive array of illustrations, vector arts and video clips to choose from. More than 450000 free images are added on this site under CC0 license. This means, all the free photos can be copied and distributed by public without asking any permission. This (Pixabay) is a right place to find the images what a designer and blogger is looking for.

Pixabay(Image Source : Kickstarter)

21. Every Stock Photo

”Every Stock Photo” is a search engine for finding free photographs. You can search these images from multiple sites such as Flickr, Wikimedia, SXU, Photi and NASA. You also can view stock photos’ license, their source and resolution quality by using this site. Membership of this site is completely free and you are allowed to collect, tag and comment on their (sites) photos.

According to Lifehacker, currently indexing over 220,000 photos, EveryStockPhoto’s sources include Flickr and morgueFile so far.

Every Stock(Image Source : Bloggingpro)

22. Negative Space

Negative Space is a great place for searching high-resolution images that are categorized into nature, work and technology. You can use the images for your personal and commercial purposes; especially when you make your website design.

Negative Space(Image Source : Marketing With Samuel)

23. Death To The Stock Photos

”Death To The Stock Photos” is a best resource, where you can get stock images with two options. First option is completely free plan, which offers many more photographs on monthly basis. Second option is a paid version that allows you to access to all the stock photos and for this you need to pay $15 per month.

Death To The Stock Photos(Image Source : Bannersnack)

24. SpaceX

”SpaceX” puts thousands of photographs in the public domain. All the images of SpaceX’s site can be copied and modified through a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license that allows you to use free images.

SpaceX(Image Source : Google+)

25. Foodies Feed

Are you searching for food images for your food magazine publication and food blog posts? If yes, then browse ”Foodies Feed” site, where you’ll find cent percent free food photos. Starting from breakfast to dinner food images, you’ll also may find even restaurants’ interior photos by accessing this website.

Foodies Feed(Image Source : Reyher Photo)

26. Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave is a trendy website which adds two new free photos every day. All the images available on this site are segregated into architecture, people, food and technology and are clicked by only professional photographers. You can use all these stock images at free of cost.

Fancy Crave(Image Source : Bluefaqs)

27. BlogPhoto.tv

”BlogPhoto.tv” is a public domain image site, which offers nice collection of free images for your personal as well as professional usage. This site also offers you access to even additional images but for this you need to get membership of $5 in every month.

BlogPhoto.tv(Image Source : Create My Therapist Website)

28. Gratisography

”Gratisography” is public domain website, which has excellent collection of high-resolution free images to use for. All the images visible on this site are captured by a graphic designer and a web designer, Ryan McGuire. You can find these free photos on this site, which are generally added on weekly basis.

Gratisography(Image Source : CSS-Tricks)

29. Pexels

”Pexels” is a user friendly free image directories with over 15000 free stock photos under CC0 license. This site adds at least 3000 images per month so that you’ll get new images with desired resolution on monthly basis. This site shares many handpicked photos from other sites and showcase all these under one roof.

Pexels(Image Source : Design Instruct)

30. Life Of Pix

An amazing site for passionate designers, ”Life Of Pix” adds quality yet new photographs in every week. Through accessing this site, you can find free photos and even videos for your personal website.

All the stock images available on this site are designed by an ad agency, located in Montreal, Canada.

Life Of Pix(Image Source : Lifeofpix.com)

31. Stokpic

”Stokpic” is an eye-catching site, which adds at least 10 hi-resolution photos in every two weeks. You can use all the images (from abstract to life events) for websites, blogs, advertisements and your own businesses. This particular site adds free photos under CC0 license that enables customers to use their preferred images for their personal as well as commercial use.

Stokpic(Image Source : Stokpic)

32. Raumrot

”Raumrot” has a selection of free stock images which you can use for your personal and commercial projects at absolutely free of cost. All the handpicked quality pictures are categorized into different areas so people can select the photos of their choices.

Raumrot(Image Source : Noupe)

33. Free Digital Photos

Need a stunning wallpaper for your desktop or an eye-catching photo for your commercial website design? Browse through the categories of ”Free Digital Photos”, where you can get high quality stock photos at free of cost. All the images added on this site are captured by professional photographers and digital illustrators.

Free Digital Photos

34. IM Free

”IM Free” is a great place that provides you huge collection of free images for your design related projects. You can just search for a keyword to find a photo what you are looking for. By using this site, you can also use free icons, free food & drink photos and free templates that are curated from varied sources.

IM Free(Image Source : Web Design Dev)

35. Stockvault

”Stockvault” is a free public domain stock photos website, where students, designers and photographer can share photos, image files with each other. They also can use their preferred images for personal and non-commercial project works. And for this (using free images), registration is not required.

Stockvault(Image Source : Media Militia)

Putting it all Together

These are some of the free public domain images sites using which you can get your graphic design jobs done. These sites are an awesome platform where you can find plenty of images for your own website and design project. Hope you are able to find some good images for your business, something that you always had in your mind.

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