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Top 15 Tips for Online T-Shirt Printing on the Same Day

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Online T-Shirt Printing

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022

T-shirts are a cost-effective means of marketing. Business owners can enhance their reach amid their target audience using T-shirts. But along with the planning, timely execution of the strategy also is a must. For that, businesses sometimes look for services of same-day online T-shirt printing professionals. The same day printing services come handy for promoting a brand urgently on the sidelines of an event. In fact, many such occasions prompt businesses and individuals to look for fast printing services online.

There are surely some occasions when you wish a custom T-shirt that could be printed immediately. For example, if you need to organize a business party for fun right away, can you get a funny t shirt for the occasion printed? There are, in fact, many personal and commercial occasions that prompt for the ordering of t-shirt printing on the same day.

Once it was unthinkable due to the lengthy shirt printing process. But thanks to modern printing techniques, it is now a possibility. In fact, many individuals and business owners get their T-shirts hurriedly printed for an event. Moreover, online T-shirt printing has further made same day printing easier.

Easy Process

Many people do not believe that same day online T shirt printing is possible. But it is a fact now. Many such online sites do exist. One of the conditions to get the shirts printed so quickly is that you need to place the printing order before 12 pm on a business day.

New techniques have made the printing a quick process. Normally, the process of screen printing takes little time. It takes only a few minutes to set the printing equipment in place.

In most of the cases, the time taken for layout artwork is around 15 minutes for a simple design. Then, cleaning screen degreasing, screen coating, and then, setting it up on the press may take 30 minutes. But when it comes to implementing the technique in practice, it may take hours.

However, normally, the entire printing process is finished in the same day. But when ordering for online printing of your T-shirts, you must be particular about certain things. Consider these key tips when you need online T-shirt printing on the same day.

Quick Online T-Shirt Printing: Few Crucial Tips

01. Opt For Minimal Colors

Before placing an order with a site for Online T-shirt printing, avoid multiple colors in your graphic design ideas. The printer will take more time to set multiple colors, which becomes a lengthy process. Only a high-quality method, that consumes a lot of time, is generally in use for shirt printing if many colors are involved.

Opt For Minimal Colors

Therefore, keep the use of colors simple. Do not use more than two colors. If there is only a text to print, the process will become further easier to ensure timely delivery of the shirts.

02. Use Free T-Shirt Designing Tools

Since you need T-shirts or custom hoodies in the same day, make sure that you can quickly create the design. It is better to use free designing tools. Many such tools are available online. You can create a design on a DIY basis because of the drag and drop features of the tools. Note that if you hire a graphic designer, you are likely to get the design after a few days only. This is because professional designers are busy people and you need to place an order with them many days in advance.

Use Free T-Shirt Designing Tools

Use a t shirt maker tool that has many ready-made icons, symbols, typefaces styles, etc. That will help you may correct choices of colors, text, etc. quickly to create your own T-shirt. Know that the designing part is the most important as it will create the desired impression. So, find out some crucial tips for designing your t-shirt before you send it to a printer site.

T-Shirt Printing

03. Check Errors

Before sending the design for printing, ensure that you have fully checked it for any spelling and grammatical errors. Your company name, slogan, etc must be perfect as you want it on the custom shirt. If the printer spots the mistakes, it will take more time to correct it. So, double check prior to sending the shirt for print.

Check Errors

04. Choose Your Material Carefully

If you need online T-shirt printing quickly on the same day, the choice of fabric matters. A rule of thumb here is that cotton is the best material for absorbing the print ink. The more cotton a piece of fabric has the better it is for printing purposes. If you do not use 100% cotton, then use a blend of cotton.

Choose Your Material Carefully

The fabric can be a blend of cotton with some other material. But the quality of printing will be better if the percentage of cotton is more. Cotton makes the material thicker, which is fine for maintaining a good printing quality.

Looking for a T-Shirt Printing?

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05. Know The Printing Methods

Before sending your order for online T-shirt printing, make sure that you have some insight about different printing techniques. There are mainly 5 such techniques. These are Silk Screen Printing, DTG Printing & Embroidery, Dye Sublimation Printing, and Heat Transfer Printing.

Know The Printing Methods

Each printing method has its own merits and demerits. So, know about the pros and cons to make a wise printing decision. It is, therefore, prudent to thoroughly research your printing options before settling for one particular technology.

06. Choose The Right Method For White T-Shirts

If you want to print something on white T-shirts or custom sweatshirts, then it is better to opt for the Dye Sublimation printing technique. This is ideal for printing colorful designs on t-shirts at a lower cost.

Choose The Right Method

07. DTG Printing For Cotton Materials

In case you choose cotton as the main fabric for online T-shirt printing, then prefer, DTG printing. This is a useful technique especially if your cotton fabric is black or darker. However, it is a bit expensive.

Printing For Cotton Materials

One of the main advantages of this method is that you get full-color printing. It also supports one-off designs, and the cost of printing is low. Moreover, you get a soft and professional finish.

08. Think Of Heat Transfer For Colorful Designs

When multiple colors are the chief features of your t-shirt ideas, then you should prefer Heat Transfer printing. You will have these designs on your t-shirt on a thin sticker layer. It is a less expensive technique.

Transfer For Colorful Designs

This technique is fairly straightforward and easy to use. It supports full-color printing and it can produce the sophisticated quality of designs.

09. Opt For Silk Screen Printing For One Color

If your t-shirt or custom hoodies design has just one color, then it would be good to choose the Silk Screen Printing. It is not only long lasting but economical also when you choose to print in larger quantities.

Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is known for its great printing quality. With this method, you can print multiple colors with assured great quality. When it comes to mass production, this printing technique is generally preferred over the others. So, if you want just one-off shirt design or fewer shirts, then avoid this option.

10. Find The Right T-Shirt Printing Platform

Finding out the right platform for t-shirt printing is also equally important. Many such platforms exist today. You can search for them online and offline. When looking for an online t-shirt printing platform, make sure that they have some key qualities. Choose the one that does not lay the condition of minimums for custom shirts. So, if you need to print only two to three t-shirts, the platform should do the job for you.

T-Shirt Printing Platform

Such platforms should also allow you to use tshirt design tools. This way, you can design your t-shirt right on the same platform and then place the order to print. Then, ensure that it gives you multiple options for ordering your t-shirts. If you want to sell t-shirts, then the platform should give that option also.

T-Shirt Maker

11. Follow Best Design Practices

Before you place an order for online t-shirt printing, you should have a good look at the design. You should follow the best design practices. These include choosing the right t-shirt color as well as ink color combinations. You should pick the right font. Both the colors and fonts are dominating elements of a design.

Best Design Practices

When you create your own T-shirt and make it look unique, use typography that stands out and colors that draw the viewers’ attention. How about using stylized graphics? Make some drafts of your design and see what improvements you can make before sending it to a printing platform.

12. Avoid Inflating The Cost

When it comes to setting an overall cost of Online T-shirt printing, a lot goes into it. The cost depends on a lot of factors. The number of shirts to print will increase the cost. The size of the T-shirt also will be calculated into the amount. In addition to that, shipping cost and shipping duration are also big cost factors.

Inflating The Cost

If cost is your prime concern, then choose the printing platform that offers free shipping on a certain number of shirts. You should calculate the overall cost well in advance and opt for a platform that gives you the printed custom sweatshirts within your budget.

Custom T-Shirt

13. Find Out Higher Quality At Competitive Prices

We all tend to think that if the prices are high, it automatically means the quality too is high. But that is not the case always. In this competitive age, first, you should spot quality products and then compare various sites for competitive prices. The same is true when shopping for quality online T-shirt printing options.

Higher Quality At Competitive Prices

Know that most professional silk screen printing process is the same everywhere. But some printers charge higher prices because they have many overhead expenses to meet. Mostly, professional online printers offer competitive prices and their overall costs for customers are lower.

14. Opt For Transparent Pricing

When comparing various sites for prices, opt for the one with a transparent approach. A professionally conducted site will give you a complete list of prices to choose from. The nontransparent sites require you to send an email. They will then send you their price quote. They do not explain their pricing clearly. However, they may quote different prices to different customers. Avoid these sites.

Transparent Pricing

A transparent site is the one that has prices mentioned clearly on its online site. Most such sites try to make the calculation of the prices easier by providing some cost calculation bar. You can adjust the bar by moving it forward or backward for the number of shirts you want to print. The total prices are automatically shown to the customers. This allows for knowing the printing cost well in advance.

15. Pay Only When You Receive Your Products

Many customers suffer because they receive inferior products from online selling sites. They pay the full price of the products in advance. When they get a defective piece, returning the product and getting refunds becomes a lengthy and time-consuming process. To avoid this experience, place your order with the site that has its returning policy clearly mentioned on the site pages.

Receive Your Products

Moreover, do not pay the entire cost in advance. Pay only in part and rest of the amount when the received printed shirt is satisfactory.

These tips are useful and have worked for many. Pay attention to each of these points and tick all the boxes before placing your order with a trustworthy site.

When it comes to the designing part, you can outsource it to Designhill, which is a leading marketplace. At this site, many talented designers will work on your brief for designing a T-shirt as per your requirements of colors, typefaces, symbols, etc at your set price.

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Wrapping Up…

Online T-shirt printing is a lengthy process but many platforms are willing to deliver you the printed shirts urgently on the same day. However, make it certain that you place your order with a trustworthy printing platform. Your T-shirt design should be minimalistic with one or two colors and typefaces. Also, have some details about different printing techniques and compare prices too.

Print Your T-Shirt Now

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