Things To Consider For Veterinary Clinic Logo Design

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Things To Consider For Veterinary Clinic Logo Design

Last updated on February 11th, 2019

Are you planning to start veterinarian business? If it is so then one of the first things you will desperately require is a logo design. There are many vets operating in the same market area and you must keep an identity for your clinic by creating a logo so that your customers can recognize your quality services.

Points to ponder on when you create a veterinary clinic logo.

Your veterinary clinic logo must send out a message to the customers. To ensure this, the logo should be projecting an image that shows your values about animals’ health, care, treatment and well being. Make sure that your logo clarifies the veterinary niche you specialize in and design the logo to reach out the specific group of customers.
While most of the veterinary clinic logos have a plain text related to their business name, others use an image of animal to grab the viewers attention. Some vets use veterinarian’s caduceus as symbol in logo design to give a professional touch to the business and logo. Many vets also use green cross or red cross into their logo design, though these signs are sometime little misleading.

A common feature of veterinary clinic logos is having image of relevant animal in animated style and making it a clinic mascot. Similarly, a paw print also is commonly used image for such logos.

When it comes to incorporating colors in the logo design for veterinary clinic, note that most of the clinics use conservative colors. The logos usually are designed in navy blue and black when the intention is to give an impression of seriousness in the vets business.

So, get down with a professional logo designer to discuss your profession and your aspiration from the business. The animals you treat and the customers you want to attract to your clinic play a role in your logo design that will enhance your brand identity of business.

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