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7 Ways To Rethink Nonprofit Design

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Nonprofit Design

Last updated on October 25th, 2021

While designing of logos, websites, etc. for commercial organizations aims at pleasing their target audience; nonprofits have no such targets as they work for the people’s welfare. The ultimate goal of commercial organizations is to drive customers to a company’s business and its products or services and thus making the business profitable. Since the purpose of a nonprofit organization varies from the enterprises for profit, the nonprofit design requires a different approach.

Nonprofit organizations also have a target audience, which is the recipient of their message. A social cause or a welfare program for people usually targets a more extensive section of people in many countries. Elsewhere a specific set of fewer people are the target, especially in the developed world.

The commercialism or the intention to make a profit is the main driving force behind creating graphic design products for businesses. For businesses, the designer will first have an insight into the market and target customers before thinking of the design. But the designers usually do not have to do in-depth research of a market and target audience when creating a nonprofit logo design.

Reasons That Compel Designers To Think Differently For Nonprofit Design

But one of the problems a designer encounters when working for a nonprofit organization is to decide on the way to handle the relationship. Other issues that a designer faces include determining the sort of hierarchy for a website and some social rules when working with people dedicated to a social cause.

For example, many designers cannot make a difference in designing a logo for businesses and a social purpose. Then, the designer needs to adjust his or her fees when creating a nonprofit design for people working for society.

Nonprofits have changed a lot over the years. Now, these organizations run more professionally. The future of nonprofits is in running them like an innovative business.

Therefore, it is now extremely crucial that their logos, websites, brochures, etc. nonprofit design products also reflect their professional approach to conducting a social cause.

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider While Rethinking A Nonprofit Design

01. Consider Your Business Plan

If you are creating a nonprofit design, keep this in that mind most of them do not have the budget to pay your full fees. You need to figure out how much you should charge to make yourself happy.

Consider Your Business Plan

A solution to this problem is that find out bigger organizations that can afford to pay you a little more. Many of them are willing to pay the fee you demand from them.

You should find out those who make millions in charity. But there are others who get smaller funds but do a lot of good social work. For such organizations, you can use WordPress to create a website at an affordable price.

02. Know And Feel The Cause

When working on a nonprofit design, it is essential that you have empathy for the social cause. Get a deeper understanding of the issue and the people you want to create a logo or some other design for.

Know And Feel The Cause

If possible, go to the field and talk to the people. You should make an effort to understand the desires of the people and what motivates them. One of the mistakes most nonprofits make in rethinking design is that they do not address their target audience.

Once you have the first-hand experience of the issue, you will know the audience inside out. It will help you in picking the right elements for designing a logo, website, etc. designs. Remember that a powerful design can even change people’s shift and opinion. It can encourage them to donate or involve personally to help a social cause.

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03. Add A Personal Touch

Make sure that whichever nonprofit design you are creating, it has some personal touch. If you are designing a website, include some real-life images concerning the social cause and community. The viewers should get a feel of the cause. Make them feel that they are part of the community.

Add A Personal Touch

Therefore, use color palettes, photos, illustration, and language that people can relate easily with. Overall, they should be encouraged to participate in finding out the solution.

04. Design Should Make An Impact

While you are sure who you are creating a logo design or a website, brochure, etc. for; also ensure that the design makes an impact. It should be able to connect people with the design and core issue. Its success is in interacting with people.

Design Should Make An Impact

Avoid designing for the sake of it. It is not about solving a problem. It is more about creating something for the end users. Remember that many people in developing countries do not have fast Internet connections and have an older PC connection. In that case, a heavy website design may not load quickly. You need to create for their old hardware and operating systems.

05. Work With A Firm You Trust

While rethinking a nonprofit design, it is equally essential that the firm you are working for is trustworthy. Research extensively about the organization to find out its core characteristics in solving social issues.

Work With A Firm You Trust

As a graphic design service provider, you will be devoting your time to delivering many design solutions for a social cause. So, you should be sure that the organization is credible.

If you cannot find culturally alien with a nonprofit, then designing for it will become a difficult job. You should also be able to build a close rapport with the firm before taking up its design job.

06. Tell Stories

Since nonprofits are involved in social causes, there is always a background of an issue they are raising. Each such issue has its own story that needs to be told through appropriate graphic design ideas. Any image, color, font, the chunk of text, etc. should give a clear picture of what the issue is all about.

Tell Stories

The challenge before them is to figure out the ways to weave the story with the design. They can imply the techniques to tell the story to evoke the emotions of the viewers. They should also ensure that a nonprofit design connects viewers with a story.

07. Highlight Nonprofit’s Works

When you rethink the nonprofit design, it should be able to tell what the organization’s background is. This is because people want to give their time and money only to a credible nonprofit for a social cause. The design should be able to how the nonprofit addresses the issue.

Highlight Nonprofit’s Works

So, it is not enough to focus on problems. The nonprofit design should show what the organization does to tackle the issue successfully. The donors must have the impression that their donations to the organization are helping improve the problem.

These are the key points to consider when you rethink the nonprofit design. The designers should pay heed to these basics to deliver impressive design solutions to the organizations working for a social cause.

If as a nonprofit organization, you find professional designers a bit expensive, then Designhill is the platform to source designs requirements such as logos, websites, brochures, and many others. You get many winning design ideas at an affordable cost from this marketplace.


To create designs for nonprofit organizations, consider some basics. You will be adjusting and reducing your fees for nonprofit design due to a lower budget of most of these organizations that work to help a social cause. But the design should highlight the issue and background of the help. So, get some insight into the issue and give a personal touch to the design.

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